CAT Previous Year Papers With Video Solutions (2023-1990)

CAT question papers are essential for preparing and understanding for CAT 2024. For cracking CAT exam, you must look at how the exam has changed over the years, the different kinds of questions asked, and changes in each section across the years. For that you can download the questions in PDF, practice them as mock tests, or view them directly.

Every question comes with a video and a text solution. If you have any questions, you can clarify for free in our Telegram group. Take a look at the CAT syllabus for a better understanding.

Practice CAT 2023 Question Paper, CAT 2022 Question Paper, etc. in both PDF and test format. You can also order CAT Previous Papers Book here.

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CAT Topic-wise Previous Questions

CAT Topic-wise Questions from Previous Papers

Go through the topic-wise questions from all available past CAT papers conducted by IIMs. All these questions are included with detailed solutions and can be attempted in CAT year-wise questions format.

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)

The most important topic in CAT VARC section is Reading Comprehension, followed by Parajumbles, Odd one Out and Para summary. Direct questions based on grammar and vocabulary didn't appear in CAT from many years.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)

CAT exam has moved from traditional calculative intensive DI sets to the more logical ones. Many candidates do feel DILR as the toughest section in their previous CAT attempts. Key in DILR section is solving as many sets as possible.

Data Interpretation

Logical Reasoning

As only 40 mins are available for the entire DILR section, the DILR section can make or break section based on the sets chosen.

Quantitative Ability (QA)

Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Modern are the most important topics in CAT based on the latest CAT papers.

Score Vs Percentile In CAT 2023 Question Paper

Planning to score 99 percentile in CAT 2024? Check out last year's score vs percentile. CAT 2023 was conducted on 26th November, 2023 by IIM Lucknow for a total of 198 marks. CAT 2024 exam is expected to be conducted on 24th November 2024 by IIM Calcutta

Percentile Score
100 142.90
99.99 119.76
99.90 101.09
99 76.15
90 46.00

100 Percentile in CAT 2023 Previous Year Paper

14 candidates scored 100 percentile in CAT 2023 exam. Maruti sir is one of them, with a perfect score of 100 percentile in the quant section and 150.99 marks overall.

cat 2023 scorecard

100 Percentile in CAT 2022 Previous Year Paper

11 candidates scored 100 percentile in CAT 2022 exam. Maruti sir is one of them, with a perfect score of 66/66 in the quant section and 145 marks overall.

cat 2022 score card

100 Percentile in CAT 2021 Previous Year Paper

9 candidates scored 100 percentile in CAT 2021 exam. Maruti sir is one of them, with an impeccable 99.99%ile in both Quant and VARC sections and 161 marks (after scaling) overall.

cat 2021 scorecard

Listed below are the RCs that appeared in CAT 2023 papers in various slots along with the sources and the answers.

CAT 2023 Question Paper Slot-1 RC Sources

RC's Title Source Genre LOD
RC 1 Wolf The Economist Article Environment Easy
RC 2 Geographic
Journal Sociology Difficult
RC 3 Indian Ocean Writing Ocean Literature Difficult
RC 4 Sahini - Society O'reilly Articles Anthropology

CAT 2023 Question Paper Slot-2 RC Sources

RC's Title Source Genre LOD
RC 1 Second Hand September Prospect - Magazine Environment Moderate
RC 2 Netflix - Europe The Economist Article Culture Moderate
RC 3 Liberalism The Economist Article Political Science Difficult
RC 4 Historians - History Richmond Journal History Easy

CAT 2023 Question Paper Slot-3 RC Sources


Title Source Genre LOD
RC 1 Romantic 
Stanford - Encyclopedia Philosophy Difficult
RC 2 Archaeology - Patrimony LA Times - Article Archaeology Moderate
RC 3 Nutmeg The Third Pole - Scientific Review History - Literature Moderate
RC 4 Rational 
Thinking - Pinker
Washington Post - Article Literature Moderate

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CAT 2023 Previous Year Paper Analysis

The section-wise difficulty level of all the 3 CAT slots is given below

Section Slot-1 Slot-2 Slot-3
VARC Medium Medium-Difficult Medium
DILR Difficult - One-Two Doable Sets Medium - Two Doable Sets Medium - Two Doable Sets
Quant Hard Medium Medium - Difficult compared to other slots

Previous Year CAT Topic-wise Weightage

CAT 2023 VARC Analysis

The number of VARC questions asked per topic in CAT 2023 slot-1, slot-2 & slot-3 papers.

Topic Slot-1 Slot-2 Slot-3
Reading Comprehension (RC) 16 (4 sets with 4 questions each) 16 (4 sets with 4 questions each) 16 (4 sets with 4 questions each)
Para Jumbles (PJ) 2 2 2
Para Completion 2 2 2
Para Summary 2 2 2
Odd One Out 2 2 2

CAT 2023 DILR Analysis

The number of data interpretation & logical reasoning questions asked per topic in CAT 2023 slot-1, slot-2 & slot-3 papers are given below.

CAT 2023 Quant Analysis

The number of quantitative aptitude questions asked per topic in CAT 2023 slot-1, slot-2 & slot-3 papers.

Key Topics Sub-topics Slot-1 Slot-2 Slot-3
Arithmetic Averages, Ratio and Proportion 2 3 3
Profit, Loss and Interest 3 2 3
Time, Distance, Speed and Work 4 2 3
Geometry Geometry/Mensuration 3 3 3
Algebra Quadratic Equations 2 2 1
Progressions and Series 2 2 3
Linear Equations and Inequalities 3 3 4
Modern Math Logarithms, Surds and Indices 2 1 1
Functions and Graphs 0 1 1
Number System Number Systems 2 3 2

CAT 2023 Exam Pattern

CAT exam test duration is 2 hours.

Each correct answer is awarded three marks, and each wrong answer carries a penalty of -1 mark. Some questions are Type-in-the-answer (TITA - Fill in the blank) questions. The marking scheme for TITA questions is +3 marks for the correct answer and no negative marks for the wrong answer.

Sections will appear in the following order VARC, then DILR and Quant (switching between sections is not possible). Candidates should perform well in all the three sections as most institutes have sectional cut-offs along overall cut-offs.

The below table shows the CAT 2023 exam pattern:

Section Duration No. Of Questions
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)
40 min


Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) 40 min


Quantitative Ability (QA) 40 min


Total 120 min


Major Changes In CAT Exam

No major changes in the CAT exam pattern 2023
No major changes in the CAT exam pattern 2022
Further reduction in the number of questions to 66 from 76 2021
No. of exam slots changed to three from two. The total number of questions was decreased to 76 (from 100).
An on-screen calculator is introduced 2015

Sectional-time limit introduced. QA&DI, LR &VA were the two sections.

The CAT exam went online 2009

Year-wise CAT papers - IIM Conducted

CAT PapersConducted By
CAT 2023 Question Paper IIM Lucknow
CAT 2022 Question Paper IIM Bangalore
CAT 2021 Question Paper IIM Ahmedabad
CAT 2020 Question Paper IIM Indore
CAT 2019 Question PaperIIM Kozhikode
CAT 2018 Question Paper IIM Calcutta
CAT 2017 Question Paper IIM Lucknow
CAT 2016 Question Paper IIM Bangalore
CAT 2015 Question Paper IIM Ahmedabad
CAT 2014 Question Paper IIM Indore

CAT 2023 Score Vs Percentile














































How To Utilize CAT Previous Papers

These are a great reference to understand the kind of questions that can appear in the exam. CAT don't have defined syllabus, so going through the old quesion papers can give the candidates the topics tests and the difficulity level.

  • Take them as topic wise tests
  • Attempt them as sectional tests
  • Take full-length previous year mocks
  • Watch video solutions for difficult questions
  • Analyse mistakes and improve Concept & Practice Gaps

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it enough to solve previous CAT papers?

Solving previous CAT papers is very important for understanding the format of the exam and the type of questions asked. However, you should also know the concepts behind those questions and take mock tests to practice and develop a test-taking strategy. CAT is known to throw surprises every year, and taking mocks will help you tackle any surprises in the final exam.

How to download CAT previous year question papers?

You can easily download CAT previous papers with video solutions in PDF format in just one click. Click on the PDF button beside the CAT paper and open the file in Chrome or a PDF reader.

Do questions repeat in the CAT?

No, the same questions do not repeat in the CAT, but the concepts tested can be similar to previous asked questions for a section like quant. Also, though the exam is held in multiple slots, the questions are different across the slots.

Does CAT release previous year papers?

Yes, the IIMs/CAT convenor releases CAT papers for each slot every year. Our experts have added video and text solutions and provided them here for you to download the 2017-2023 CAT papers PDF.

Where can I get CAT previous year's papers?

Cracku's website contains all the past papers from 1990 to 2023 with detailed video and text solutions. You can download them in PDF format. Please note that CAT Question Papers 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 were never released by the IIMs. So, the ones available in other websites are just pattern-based.

How many papers does CAT have?

The CAT exam has only one paper, but the exam is conducted in multiple slots (so each slot has a separate CAT question paper). Each candidate will be allotted one slot. CAT 2023, CAT 2022, 2021, and 2020 were held in 3 slots. Before 2020, the exam was in 2 slots. The scores obtained will be scaled across the slots.

Can I take CAT Previous Papers as an actual test?

Yes, Cracku provides the option of taking the past papers in actual test format either as a full-length mock or individual sectional test. Click on the "Take test" option and start your test.

Is CAT easy to crack / Is CAT very difficult?

The difficulty level of CAT varies for each student. Cracking CAT is not a very tough job if you are well-versed in the basics of the topics tested (VARC, LRDI, and Quants). Starting your preparation early, having a proper study plan, and the right material makes CAT preparation feasible. Download the PDF of the detailed topic-wise CAT study plan here to start your preparation today.

Can a dull/average student crack CAT?

We have seen many students with average and even below average academics excelling in CAT with our courses. You can find the interview of the student who had 10 backlogs in graduation but was still able to score 99.51% in CAT through Cracku courses. You can crack CAT with dedication, the right approach, and Cracku's study material.

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