To get into top b-schools like IIMs, aspirants must practice CAT Quant Questions that are very important for achieving a high percentile in the exam. Quantitative Aptitude essentially tests the conceptual clarity of the candidate. Some of the most important topics of this include Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Modern Maths. QA is also important for other examinations such as SNAP, NMAT, CMAT, XAT and IIFT. We advise you to check the entire list of CAT Quant questions with solutions PDF.

Want to check how much you have progressed in your preparation? Going through this series of questions on progressions and series can help.

Practising these questions on ratios, proportions, and averages will help you to be a part of the aspirants who are not average.

Learn how to solve questions on linear equations using various concepts such as introducing dummy variables by going through these questions.

Geometry is one of the most important topics for CAT. Solve these geometry questions to strengthen your understanding of triangles, circles, and polygons.

Solving these questions on permutations and combinations, and probability will significantly improve your chances of clearing CAT.

Go through this excellent collection of questions to know how to approach questions based on Venn diagrams.

Though this topic might seem irrational at first, you'll fall in love with these logarithms, surds, and indices questions once your base is strong.

Data sufficiency questions help to develop the ability to think critically. Go through these data sufficiency questions to cement your concepts in place.

Solve these functions, graphs,and statistics to learn about odd and even functions, cauchy's functions, and shifting of graphs.

Solving these quadratic equations questions without debating whether it is rational or irrational to do so will help to solve some real and complex issues.

Ever wondered how long will it take to master the concepts tested in CAT ? Solve these time, speed, distance and time, and work questions to know the answer.

Power through these profit, loss, and interest questions to ensure that you never lose interest in the preparation process.

Solve this incredible collection of number system questions to know how to understand the roots and address the factors of a problem.

Inequalities is a key topic in the Quant section of the CAT exam. It involves solving mathematical expressions using symbols like <, >, ≤, or ≥ to understand relationships between quantities.

Number series questions for CAT exam are mathematical puzzles that involve finding the missing number in a sequence. These sequences follow specific patterns or rules, requiring candidates to identify and apply the underlying logic to arrive at the correct answer.

Arithmetic questions in the CAT exam are formulated to evaluate your quantitative aptitude and problem-solving abilities. These questions usually require you to apply mathematical principles to practical situations, which makes them a vital component of the test.

In recent years, CAT examinations have consistently included approximately 10-12 questions on Algebra, with a focus on various fundamental areas such as equations, progressions, functions, maxima, minima, and logarithms.

Averages is one of the most important topics in the Quantitative Ability section of CAT. Practice a good number of questions on CAT Averages questions. These are a good source for practice average questions.

How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude Questions?

The aspirant needs to be consistent across the course of preparation. Our CAT toppers advise you to do the following:

Clear Your Basics First

CAT essentially tests the conceptual understanding of each chapter. The candidate must focus on getting his fundamentals right. He should also improve his calculation speed and use some of the tricks and techniques.

Maintain a Formula Book

You must have a separate book for formulae and all the concepts that you have across your preparation. These are very important as you should be revising these often across your entire preparation.

Practice is the Key

You must solve as many questions as you can. Solve all the questions from CAT Previous Papers where you’ll get a decent understanding of the type of questions that are being asked in the exam across years.

CAT Quant Topic-wise Weightage

The topics of Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry are consistent across all the slots of CAT 2023. Questions from Time, Speed and Distance, Time and Work, Ratio and Proportion, Averages are some of the most important topics from Arithmetic. Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Functions, Progressions and Series are some of the important topics of Algebra.

CAT Quant Questions Weightage CAT 2023 Slot 1 CAT 2023 Slot 2 CAT 2023 Slot 3
Arithmetic 9 9 8
Algebra  8 7 7
Geometry 3 3 3

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