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SNAP Full Length Mock Tests

  1. SNAP Mock Test 1
    Start Date: 22/07/2024

  2. SNAP Mock Test 2
    Start Date: 22/07/2024

  3. SNAP Mock Test 3
    Start Date: 22/07/2024

  4. SNAP Mock Test 4
    Start Date: 29/07/2024

  5. SNAP Mock Test 5
    Start Date: 29/07/2024

  6. SNAP Mock Test 6
    Start Date: 05/08/2024

  7. SNAP Mock Test 7
    Start Date: 05/08/2024

  8. SNAP Mock Test 8
    Start Date: 05/08/2024

  9. SNAP Mock Test 9
    Start Date: 12/08/2024

  10. SNAP Mock Test 10
    Start Date: 12/08/2024

Free SNAP Mock Test 2024, Practice SNAP Test Series

As the SNAP 2024 exam date approaches, taking Cracku's practice tests designed to replicate the actual exam format becomes a crucial element of successful preparation. High-quality SNAP mock tests 2024 should accurately reflect the real exam, offering a balanced mix of easy and challenging questions. By engaging with SNAP online practice tests, you can significantly improve your time management skills, boost your accuracy, and gain valuable insights into your areas of strength and weakness. This comprehensive approach will empower you to perform confidently on the SNAP 2024 exam day.

SNAP Mock Test Series

Each SNAP 2024 mock test goes beyond just providing answers. Each test offer in-depth explanations to help you truly understand the concepts tested. Additionally, a detailed performance analysis, including estimated percentile and All India Rank (AIR), allows you to gauge your standing compared to other serious contenders. With this valuable insight, you can pinpoint your weaker areas and focus your study efforts strategically.

About SNAP Exam 2024

The Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) 2024 is expected to be conducted in December 2024 (official date yet to be announced). This national-level MBA entrance exam is administered by Symbiosis International (deemed) University (SIU) for admissions to various MBA programs across its esteemed Symbiosis Institutes.

The exam will likely be held in a computer-based test (CBT) format across various test centers in India. The exact list of centers will be available on the official SNAP website closer to the registration date.

Particulars Details
SNAP Full Form Symbiosis National Aptitude Test
Conducting Body SIU ((Symbiosis International University)
Exam Level National Level
Exam Frequency Thrice a year
SNAP 2024 Dates 10th,18th, and 23rd December (Expected)
SNAP Exam Mode Online
Duration 1 hour
Application Fees INR 2250 per attempt
Maximum Age Limit No Limit
No. of Test Cities 100+
Official Website
Number Of Test Takers 75,000+

Importance Of SNAP Mock Tests 2024

Actual Exam Experience: SNAP test series provide candidates with a similar kind of exam environment to practice for the actual test, including time limits and question difficulty.

Performance Evaluation: Mock tests for SNAP allow candidates to evaluate their performance and adjust their test-taking strategies. Reviewing their answers helps them identify mistakes and areas for improvement.

Time Management Skills: Mock tests are important for time management in competitive exams like SNAP, as they help candidates practice allocating time for each section and prioritize questions based on difficulty and importance.

Understanding the Exam Pattern: SNAP Practice tests help candidates prepare for the exam by knowing them with its structure and format, which will help them to do good in actual SNAP Exam

Knowing Strengths and Weaknesses: Using SNAP mock tests can help candidates to know their strengths and weaknesses which helps them to prepare more effectively for the exam's syllabus topics.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Taking SNAP Tests Series

To improve performance in SNAP 2024 mock tests, it is important to avoid common mistakes that many students make. Below mentioned are five mistakes to students should must remember before giving mock tests:-

Lack of Time Management: Allocating time slots for each section and practising timed mock tests can prevent getting stressed due to lack of time during the actual exam.

Neglecting the Syllabus: Creating a study plan that covers all syllabus sections is crucial for being prepared for any question on the exam.

Overlooking Instructions: Candidates should carefully read the instructions for the SNAP mock test, which provide important information about question format, marking scheme, and guidelines. Ignoring the instructions can lead to unnecessary mistakes.

Not Analysing Mistakes: Reviewing mock test mistakes is very important for checking your current  progress and improving performance by avoiding similar kind of mistakes in the future.



SNAP 2023 - 99.14%ile

I just took mocks. They were really helpful and pretty detailed report is given after mock, thank you so much Cracku.

Vivek Kurisetti

SNAP 2023 - 99.69%ile

The difficulty level of mocks was as accurate as the main exam! Would have been better if video solutions were given for every solution of the mock exams!!


Riddho Ghosh

SNAP 2023 - 98.94%ile

SNAP is a purely speed based exam. Thus, aggressive attempt strategy is required with effective time management and high accuracy. Cracku SNAP mock series, at par with the actual SNAP paper; helped me identify my strengths and assisted me to carve out a score maximizer strategy to ace the exam.


Shivam Singh

SNAP 2023 - 99.8849%ile

Mocks were like real exam. It has provided me the opportunity to know the exam better and finally I ended up getting 99.8849%ile .

Agniva Mitra

SNAP 2023 - 98.83%ile

The mocks were very helpful. The questions were on par with CAT. Some tests were a little more difficult while some were a little easier, giving us a true picture of the fluctuations in different slots of SNAP.

Ayush Maheshwari

SNAP 2023 - 97.53%ile

The level of mock really matched with snap exam. The interface was quite smooth and very much interactive. The price for the mock is quite reasonable.


Asad Hamid

SNAP 2023 - 99.85%ile

They were up to the mark (a little on the tougher side). But, it helped me to prepare for tougher circumstances. Overall I scored more than I scored in the mocks. Also, I found the price to be very reasonable.


Aryan Singla

SNAP 2023 - 99.85%ile

It was really helpful. The mocks were perfectly according to the pattern. I have recommended this website to various peers of mine. Thank you Cracku


SNAP 2023 - 99.14%ile

I just took mocks. They were really helpful and pretty detailed report is given after mock, thank you so much Cracku.

Nainika Gulla

SNAP 2023 - 99.7797%ile

I have taken the mocks course. It was a really good practice before the exam, which was just a few days after CAT. After my CAT preparation, I practised only the mocks by Cracku and a few topics like clocks and Calendars which come exclusively in exams like SNAP. Really appreciate the variety of questions in the mocks and the timed analysis of each question, these helped me in my exam.


Sthitapragyan Pati

SNAP 2023 - 99.6008%ile

The post mock test analysis tab helped me analyse and figure out my strong and weak chapters. Once I identified those, I started working on the potential weak chapters that I can improve my hold upon. This made sure that I attempt a higher number of questions with better accuracy.

Vidit Jain

SNAP 2023 - 99.01%ile

Mocks helped me to get an idea if the snap exam as it isn’t that easy to adjust to this exam after CAT.

Bhargav Patel

SNAP 2023 - 98.73%ile

The Cracku SNAP Mock Series is the reason that I'm here. This series gave me complete package of Tests, Analysis, Improvements, etc. I practiced and analysed every mock and it gave me much confidence on my D-Day.


Gursimar Singh

SNAP 2023 - 99.6008%ile

Amazing Snap mocks, perfectly according to exam pattern, helped me alot in my Snap prep. These were my go to mocks.

Paluk Shukla

SNAP 2023 - 99.54%ile

The mocks were at par with the actual paper level. Also the analysis provided me with my accuracy rate section wise which help me improve.

Ashish Kunvar

SNAP 2023 - 99.4856%ile

SNAP mocks were very accurate and I got exactly similar score in main exam as I used to get during mocks.



SNAP 2023 - 99.44%ile

It helped me prepare for the paper pattern. Also I gave few mocks, the mocks were pretty similar to that of actual paper. After CAT, the video lectures gave me enough learning needed for me to crack the exam.


Abhishek Bose

SNAP 2023 - 99.393%ile

Cracku snap mocks are very relevant especially the LR and VA sections. QA is on a bit easier side but helps you covering all the aspects of the QA syllabus. Considering the price it's a no brainer to opt for.

Ashwin Felix

SNAP 2023 - 99.393%ile

The mocks were truly helpful. Almost the same level of SNAP. The additional lectures in SNAP were also helpful to a great extent.

Aoushnik Upadhyay

SNAP 2023 - 99.39%ile

Those mock test were really upto the mark and closest to the actual exam.It really helped me to get a hold of things and build my strategy.

Animesh Agarwal

SNAP 2023 - 99.3417%ile

Cracku mocks were the best among all the mocks I took. I would deeply thank Cracku for helping me scoring this much in SNAP examination.

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