SNAP Mock Test 2023

Mock Test For SNAP - Latest Pattern

Take the updated mocks according to the SNAP 2023 exam pattern. The SNAP exam duration is 1 hour with 60 MCQ (no special) questions as per the latest pattern. Candidates can attempt the SNAP exam for maximum two times (and the best one will be considered).

Taking SNAP mocks that mimic the pattern of the actual exam is crucial to scoring well. A best SNAP mock test should be representative of the actual exam and should be a mixture of easy and difficult questions.

Best SNAP 2023 Mock Test Series

Each SNAP mock will provide detailed solutions and analysis. The solutions will help you to learn the best method to answer a particular problem. The performance analysis and percentile will help you to identify where you stand among the other serious aspirants and work on your weak spots. Taking SNAP online practice tests will improve your speed & accuracy and helps to discover your strengths & weaknesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SNAP mock test?

A mock test is one which mimics the actual exam in terms of pattern, syllabus, difficulity level, questions and interface. A SNAP mock is a computer test which will be most similar to the actual SNAP exam.

Where can I get free SNAP mock test?

Cracku offers a free mock test for SNAP 2023 in the latest pattern with detailed solutions, analysis and all-India percentile.

Which mocks are better for SNAP?

Cracku SNAP Mocks are closest to the actual SNAP exam. They involve a good variety of questions from the important topics and mimic the real exam experience. Many students who enrolled for the Cracku SNAP Mock series scored well in the actual SNAP exam.

Is SNAP easier than the CAT exam?

The SNAP exam is considered easier compared to other MBA exams such as CAT, XAT etc. Although the questions are relatively easy, the time available is very limited, as SNAP is a one-hour paper, which makes it a speed-based test. Thus, it’s imperative to take timed tests and more mock tests.

What is a good score in the SNAP?

A good score in the SNAP Exam depends on many factors such as the difficulty level of the exam that year, your target MBA college, etc. If you’re targeting the top MBA colleges accepting SNAP scores (such as SIBM Pune, SCMHRD Pune, etc.) you need to achieve 97+ percentile in the SNAP, to be on the safe side.

Is SNAP MCQ based?

Yes, the SNAP entrance exam is an MCQ based online exam. There will be 4 options for each question, and there will be a negative marking of 0.25 marks per question.

Which app is best for SNAP mock tests?

Cracku MBA exam app is one of the best apps for taking the SNAP exam mock test. Students can take the exam in the latest exam pattern.


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