CAT On-screen Calculator 2023

Since CAT 2015 an onscreen calculator is provided in the exam. A scientific calculator was provided in CAT 2015 and since CAT 2016, the onscreen calculator has some limited operations like addition subtraction, multiplication and division. It also has some functionalities like square root and reciprocal.

The onscreen calculator can also be moved around the screen and it can be closed and opened by clicking on the calculator button in the exam interface. You can see a replica of the calculator available in the exam below. Click on the View Calculator button to practice using the calculator in the exam.

You can also take a free mock to use the calculator in an exam environment to practice better

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is calculator allowed in the CAT exam?

An onscreen calculator is available during the CAT examination. So, you are not allowed to bring your own calculator to the exam hall. Only the onscreen calculator given on the test page has to be used.

How is the onscreen calculator in CAT exam?

You will be provided with a basic virtual calculator, depicted in the video above. Watch the video to learn & know everything about the CAT Exam Calculator. Find out some excellent tips and lesser-known functions of the onscreen calculator provided during the exam.

Can I download CAT onscreen calculator for PC?

No, you cannot download the CAT onscreen calculator for PC. You can practice using the onscreen calculator given above.

Last Updated: April 17, 2023
Published: April 16, 2023


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