All Notes
Name Of Note Topic Done
Approximation Techniques Data Interpretation Basics
Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary
Para Jumbles Para Jumbles
Quadratic Equations 1 Quadratic Equations
Quadratic Equations 2 Quadratic Equations
Fact, Inference and Judgement Miscellaneous
Sequencing and Arrangement Arrangement
HCF and LCM Number Systems
Factors and Cyclicity Number Systems
Highest Power of a Number in a Factorial Number Systems
Base Systems Number Systems
Critical Reasoning Critical Reasoning
Triangles 1 Geometry
Rank of a word Probability, Combinatorics
Tenses Grammar and Sentence Correction
Circle Properties Geometry
Remainder Theorem Number Systems
Races, Trains and Headstarts Time, Distance and Work
Analogies Miscellaneous
Para Completion Para Completion and Summary
Subject Verb Agreement Grammar and Sentence Correction
Games and Tournaments Games and Tournamnents
Circular Arrangement Probability, Combinatorics
Mensuration of Solids Geometry
Derangement Probability, Combinatorics
Fraudulent Shopkeepers and Faulty Machines Profit, Loss and Interest
Integral Solutions Probability, Combinatorics
Syllogism Miscellaneous
Bayes Theorem and Binomial Distribution Probability, Combinatorics
Modifiers Grammar and Sentence Correction
Parallelism Grammar and Sentence Correction
Common Grammar Mistakes Grammar and Sentence Correction
Commonly Confused Words Grammar and Sentence Correction
Functions and Graphs Functions, Graphs and Statistics
Central Idea of the Passage Reading Comprehension
Tone of a Passage Reading Comprehension
Inequalities Inequalities
Ratio and Proportions Averages, Ratio and Proportion
Identify Title of a Passage Reading Comprehension
Escalators Time, Distance and Work
Circular Tracks Time, Distance and Work
Alligation Averages, Ratio and Proportion
Progressions Progressions and Series
Time and Work Time, Distance and Work
Commonly Confused Words Vocabulary
VA - Fill in the blanks Vocabulary
Data Sufficiency Data Sufficiency
Painted Cubes Geometry
Venn Diagrams Venn Diagrams
Painted Cubes 2D & 3D LR
Logarithms Logarithms, Surds and Indices
Special Linear Equations Linear Equations
Linear Equations Linear Equations
Parallelism Decision Making
Modifiers Decision Making
Common Grammar Mistakes Decision Making

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