All Notes
Name Of NoteTopicDone
Triangles 1Geometry
Phrasal VerbsVocabulary
Fact, Inference and JudgementMiscellaneous
Para JumblesPara Jumbles
HCF and LCMNumber Systems
Factors and CyclicityNumber Systems
Highest Power of a Number in a FactorialNumber Systems
Base SystemsNumber Systems
Quadratic Equations 1Quadratic Equations
Quadratic Equations 2Quadratic Equations
Critical ReasoningCritical Reasoning
Sequencing and ArrangementLogical Reasoning
Circle PropertiesGeometry
TensesGrammar and Sentence Correction
Approximation TechniquesData Interpretation
Rank of a wordProbability, Combinatorics
Races, Trains and HeadstartsTime, Distance and Work
Remainder TheoremNumber Systems
Para CompletionPara Completion and Summary
Subject Verb AgreementGrammar and Sentence Correction
Games and TournamentsLogical Reasoning
Circular ArrangementProbability, Combinatorics
Mensuration of SolidsGeometry
Fraudulent Shopkeepers and Faulty MachinesProfit, Loss and Interest
DerangementProbability, Combinatorics
Integral SolutionsProbability, Combinatorics
Bayes Theorem and Binomial DistributionProbability, Combinatorics
ModifiersGrammar and Sentence Correction
ParallelismGrammar and Sentence Correction
Common Grammar MistakesGrammar and Sentence Correction
Commonly Confused WordsGrammar and Sentence Correction
Functions and GraphsFunctions, Graphs and Statistics
Central Idea of the PassageReading Comprehension
Tone of a PassageReading Comprehension
EscalatorsTime, Distance and Work
Identifying Title of PassageReading Comprehension
Circular TracksTime, Distance and Work
ProgressionsProgressions and Series
Time and WorkTime, Distance and Work
AlligationAverages, Ratio and Proportion
LogarithmsLogarithms, Surds and Indices
Data SufficiencyData Sufficiency
Venn DiagramsVenn Diagrams
Ratio and ProportionsAverages, Ratio and Proportion
Special Linear EquationsLinear Equations
Linear EquationsLinear Equations
Painted CubesGeometry

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