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Data Interpretation BasicsData Interpretation
Data Interpretation Approximation Techniques 1Data Interpretation
Seating Arrangement 1Logical Reasoning
Seating Arrangement -2Logical Reasoning
Square Seating ArrangementLogical Reasoning
Seating Arrangement- People facing different directionsLogical Reasoning
Permutations and Combinations - BasicsProbability, Combinatorics
Inclusion Exclusion PrincipleProbability, Combinatorics
Identifying Components in Critical ReasoningCritical Reasoning
Divisibility RulesNumber Systems
HCF and LCMNumber Systems
Number when divided by 3 numbersNumber Systems
Factors - 1Number Systems
Cyclicity of FactorsNumber Systems
Highest Power of a Number in a FactorialNumber Systems
Base SystemsNumber Systems
Number of trailing zeroes in different basesNumber Systems
Number of Integral SolutionsNumber Systems
Non-zero Last digit of a FactorialNumber Systems
Facts, Inferences and JudgmentsMiscellaneous
Introduction to Time, Speed, DistanceTime, Distance and Work
Parallel Lines and Triangles BasicsGeometry
Triangles 2Geometry
Congruency and Similarity of trianglesGeometry
Internal and External Angle Bisector TheoremGeometry
Alternate Segment TheoremGeometry
Apollonius TheoremGeometry
Number of Triangles, given a perimeterGeometry
Altitudes, Inradius and CircumradiusGeometry
Pie ChartsData Interpretation
Phrasal VerbsVocabulary
Approach to Para CompletionPara Completion and Summary
Approach To Para JumblesPara Jumbles
Introduction to Profit, Loss and DiscountProfit, Loss and Interest
Introduction to Quadratic EquationsQuadratic Equations
Quadratic Equations - Relations between equationsQuadratic Equations
Parts of SpeechGrammar and Sentence Correction
Relative VelocityTime, Distance and Work
Arrangement with AttributesLogical Reasoning
Identifying Links using Transition WordsPara Jumbles
Basics of TensesGrammar and Sentence Correction
DI - Bar And Line ChartsData Interpretation
Chords and TangentsGeometry
Properties of Circles 2Geometry
Integral Points inside a CircleGeometry
Ptolemy's TheoremGeometry
Selection and Arrangement with RepetitionProbability, Combinatorics
Identifying ConclusionsCritical Reasoning
Maxima and MinimaQuadratic Equations
Range of Possible Values of Quadratic CoeffcientsQuadratic Equations
Types of Para Completion QuestionsPara Completion and Summary
Fill In The BlanksVocabulary
Coordinate GeometryGeometry
Points of Intersection and bounded regionsGeometry
Races and HeadstartsTime, Distance and Work
Selection with ConditionsLogical Reasoning
Team Selection: AdvancedLogical Reasoning
PartitioningProbability, Combinatorics
Introduction to InterestProfit, Loss and Interest
Remainder Theorem BasicsNumber Systems
Fermat TheoremNumber Systems
Euler's TheoremNumber Systems
Wilson's TheoremNumber Systems
Chinese Remainder TheoremNumber Systems
Advanced Remainder TheoremNumber Systems
Remainders with a SeriesNumber Systems
Last 2 DigitsNumber Systems
Tense ConsistencyGrammar and Sentence Correction
TITA Para JumblesPara Jumbles
Subject Verb Agreement 1Grammar and Sentence Correction
Subject Verb Agreement 2Grammar and Sentence Correction
Circular ArrangementsProbability, Combinatorics
Games and TournamentsLogical Reasoning
Knock-out TournamentsLogical Reasoning
Multi-stage TournamentsLogical Reasoning
Area ChartData Interpretation
ArticlesGrammar and Sentence Correction
Out of ContextPara Jumbles
Roles of Bold-faced PortionsCritical Reasoning
Faulty Balances and MeasuresProfit, Loss and Interest
PunctuationGrammar and Sentence Correction
DerangementProbability, Combinatorics
Bubble ChartsData Interpretation
Einstein's PuzzleLogical Reasoning
Essay Writing - XATMiscellaneous
Idioms and PhrasesVocabulary
Para SummaryPara Completion and Summary
Mensuration of SolidsGeometry
Mensuration of Solids 2Geometry
Truth-Lie ConceptLogical Reasoning
Truth-Liar Seating ArrangementLogical Reasoning
Basics of TrigonometryGeometry
Applications of TrigonometryGeometry
Heights and DistancesGeometry
DI - Rate of GrowthData Interpretation
Preposition ErrorsGrammar and Sentence Correction
Number of integral solutionsProbability, Combinatorics
Probability 1Probability, Combinatorics
Advanced ProbabilityProbability, Combinatorics
Probability Based on DiceProbability, Combinatorics
Summary Option Elimination StrategyPara Completion and Summary
DI- Data over yearsData Interpretation
Stocks and SharesProfit, Loss and Interest
Finding AssumptionsCritical Reasoning
Routes and NetworksLogical Reasoning
DI - Tables with missing valuesData Interpretation
Verbs, Adverbs and Adverb PlacementGrammar and Sentence Correction
Bayes TheoremProbability, Combinatorics
Statements and AssumptionsCritical Reasoning
DI with Connecting Data SetsData Interpretation
Pronoun antecedent agreementGrammar and Sentence Correction
Strengthen or Weaken ConclusionCritical Reasoning
Cumulative DIData Interpretation
Modifiers: Dangling and MisplacedGrammar and Sentence Correction
4-Group Venn DiagramsData Interpretation
Flaw in ArgumentCritical Reasoning
ParallelismGrammar and Sentence Correction
Evaluating Extra InformationCritical Reasoning
Special ChartsData Interpretation
Common Grammar MistakesGrammar and Sentence Correction
Parallel ReasoningCritical Reasoning
Commonly Confused WordsGrammar and Sentence Correction
Introduction to FunctionsFunctions, Graphs and Statistics
Even and Odd FunctionsFunctions, Graphs and Statistics
Graphs and Shifting of GraphsFunctions, Graphs and Statistics
Factorizing PolynomialsFunctions, Graphs and Statistics
Functions- Maxima and MinimaFunctions, Graphs and Statistics
Cauchy's Functional EquationsFunctions, Graphs and Statistics
Modified Cauchy's EquationsFunctions, Graphs and Statistics
Approach to Reading ComprehensionReading Comprehension
Informative Reading ComprehensionsReading Comprehension
Scientific RCReading Comprehension
Poem RCReading Comprehension
Dialogue Based RCReading Comprehension
Satirical RCReading Comprehension
Persuasive Reading Comprehension PassageReading Comprehension
Identifying the Central Idea of the PassageReading Comprehension
Next topic if passage was to be continuedReading Comprehension
Tone of PassageReading Comprehension
RC's having close optionsReading Comprehension
Identify Title of PassageReading Comprehension
Boats and EscalatorsTime, Distance and Work
Inequalities BasicsInequalities
Circular TracksTime, Distance and Work
Inequalities with ModulusInequalities
ProgressionsProgressions and Series
Progressions 2Progressions and Series
Common terms in progressionsProgressions and Series
Author Agree or DisagreeReading Comprehension
AM, GM, HMProgressions and Series
Arithmetic-Geometric ProgressionProgressions and Series
Time and Work VideoTime, Distance and Work
Sum of Convergent SeriesProgressions and Series
Introduction to Data SufficiencyData Sufficiency
Data Sufficiency 2Data Sufficiency
Data Sufficiency 3Data Sufficiency
Linear Equations - 2 VariablesLinear Equations
DirectionsLogical Reasoning
Weights and BalancesLogical Reasoning
Profession of the authorReading Comprehension
Making InferencesReading Comprehension
Possible Source of PassageReading Comprehension
LR Based on Picking CoinsLogical Reasoning
Blood RelationsLogical Reasoning
Ratio and ProportionAverages, Ratio and Proportion
AveragesAverages, Ratio and Proportion
Table with incorrect valuesLogical Reasoning
Area enclosed by InequalitiesGeometry
Ratio of Areas of inscribed figuresGeometry
Reflection of a pointGeometry
Painted CubesGeometry
SchedulingLogical Reasoning
Mean, median, modeFunctions, Graphs and Statistics
Venn Diagrams BasicsVenn Diagrams
Venn Diagrams- Maxima-MinimaVenn Diagrams
4-Group Venn DiagramsVenn Diagrams
AlligationAverages, Ratio and Proportion
Alligation: 3 itemsAverages, Ratio and Proportion
Decision Making BasicsDecision Making
Decision Making AdvancedDecision Making
Erdos NumberLogical Reasoning
Successive Percentage ChangesAverages, Ratio and Proportion
Linear Equations in 3 VariablesLinear Equations
Pipes and CisternsTime, Distance and Work
Logarithms 1Logarithms, Surds and Indices
Logarithms AdvancedLogarithms, Surds and Indices
Number of digits using logLogarithms, Surds and Indices
Number of integral lattice pointsInequalities
CalendarsTime, Distance and Work
ClocksTime, Distance and Work
Surds and IndicesLogarithms, Surds and Indices
Surds Advanced (Rationalization)Logarithms, Surds and Indices
Special Linear EquationsLinear Equations
Determinant Method of Solving Linear EquationsLinear Equations

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