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Data Interpretation Basics Data Interpretation
Data Interpretation Approximation Techniques 1 Data Interpretation
Introduction to Time, Speed, Distance Time, Distance and Work
Facts, Inferences and Judgments Miscellaneous
Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary
Approach to Para Completion Para Completion and Summary
Approach To Para Jumbles Para Jumbles
Parts of Speech Grammar and Sentence Correction
Introduction to Profit, Loss and Discount Profit, Loss and Interest
Introduction to Quadratic Equations Quadratic Equations
Quadratic Equations - Relations between equations Quadratic Equations
Pie Charts Data Interpretation
Seating Arrangement 1 Logical Reasoning
Seating Arrangement -2 Logical Reasoning
Square Seating Arrangement Logical Reasoning
Seating Arrangement- People facing different directions Logical Reasoning
Divisibility Rules Number Systems
HCF and LCM Number Systems
Number when divided by 3 numbers Number Systems
Factors - 1 Number Systems
Cyclicity of Factors Number Systems
Highest Power of a Number in a Factorial Number Systems
Base Systems Number Systems
Number of trailing zeroes in different bases Number Systems
Number of Integral Solutions Number Systems
Non-zero Last digit of a Factorial Number Systems
Parallel Lines and Triangles Basics Geometry
Congruency and Similarity of triangles Geometry
Internal and External Angle Bisector Theorem Geometry
Apollonius Theorem Geometry
Number of Triangles, given a perimeter Geometry
Altitudes, Inradius and Circumradius Geometry
Permutations and Combinations - Basics Probability, Combinatorics
Inclusion Exclusion Principle Probability, Combinatorics
Identifying Components in Critical Reasoning Critical Reasoning
Relative Velocity Time, Distance and Work
Basics of Tenses Grammar and Sentence Correction
Chords and Tangents Geometry
Properties of Circles 2 Geometry
Alternate Segment Theorem Geometry
Integral Points inside a Circle Geometry
Ptolemy's Theorem Geometry
Selection and Arrangement with Repetition Probability, Combinatorics
DI - Bar And Line Charts Data Interpretation
Identifying Links using Transition Words Para Jumbles
Arrangement with Attributes Logical Reasoning
Coordinate Geometry Geometry
Points of Intersection and bounded regions Geometry
Remainder Theorem Basics Number Systems
Fermat Theorem Number Systems
Euler's Theorem Number Systems
Wilson's Theorem Number Systems
Chinese Remainder Theorem Number Systems
Advanced Remainder Theorem Number Systems
Remainders with a Series Number Systems
Last 2 Digits Number Systems
Selection with Conditions Logical Reasoning
Team Selection: Advanced Logical Reasoning
Maxima and Minima Quadratic Equations
Range of Possible Values of Quadratic Coeffcients Quadratic Equations
Races and Headstarts Time, Distance and Work
Introduction to Interest Profit, Loss and Interest
Partitioning Probability, Combinatorics
Tense Consistency Grammar and Sentence Correction
TITA Para Jumbles Para Jumbles
Types of Para Completion Questions Para Completion and Summary
Fill In The Blanks Vocabulary
Analogies Miscellaneous
Identifying Conclusions Critical Reasoning
Subject Verb Agreement 1 Grammar and Sentence Correction
Subject Verb Agreement 2 Grammar and Sentence Correction
Articles Grammar and Sentence Correction
Area Chart Data Interpretation
Quadrilaterals Geometry
Polygons Geometry
Games and Tournaments Logical Reasoning
Knock-out Tournaments Logical Reasoning
Multi-stage Tournaments Logical Reasoning
Circular Arrangements Probability, Combinatorics
Out of Context Para Jumbles
Mensuration of Solids Geometry
Mensuration of Solids 2 Geometry
Idioms and Phrases Vocabulary
Roles of Bold-faced Portions Critical Reasoning
Derangement Probability, Combinatorics
Para Summary Para Completion and Summary
Essay Writing - XAT Miscellaneous
Punctuation Grammar and Sentence Correction
Einstein's Puzzle Logical Reasoning
Bubble Charts Data Interpretation
Faulty Balances and Measures Profit, Loss and Interest
Preposition Errors Grammar and Sentence Correction
Number of integral solutions Probability, Combinatorics
Basics of Trigonometry Geometry
Applications of Trigonometry Geometry
Heights and Distances Geometry
DI - Rate of Growth Data Interpretation
Truth-Lie Concept Logical Reasoning
Truth-Liar Seating Arrangement Logical Reasoning
Finding Assumptions Critical Reasoning
Probability 1 Probability, Combinatorics
Advanced Probability Probability, Combinatorics
Probability Based on Dice Probability, Combinatorics
Routes and Networks Logical Reasoning
Stocks and Shares Profit, Loss and Interest
Syllogisms Miscellaneous
DI- Data over years Data Interpretation
Summary Option Elimination Strategy Para Completion and Summary
Bayes Theorem Probability, Combinatorics
DI - Tables with missing values Data Interpretation
Verbs, Adverbs and Adverb Placement Grammar and Sentence Correction
Pronoun antecedent agreement Grammar and Sentence Correction
Statements and Assumptions Critical Reasoning
DI with Connecting Data Sets Data Interpretation
Strengthen or Weaken Conclusion Critical Reasoning
Cumulative DI Data Interpretation
Modifiers: Dangling and Misplaced Grammar and Sentence Correction
4-Group Venn Diagrams Data Interpretation
Parallelism Grammar and Sentence Correction
Flaw in Argument Critical Reasoning
Special Charts Data Interpretation
Evaluating Extra Information Critical Reasoning
Parallel Reasoning Critical Reasoning
Common Grammar Mistakes Grammar and Sentence Correction
Commonly Confused Words Grammar and Sentence Correction
Introduction to Functions Functions, Graphs and Statistics
Even and Odd Functions Functions, Graphs and Statistics
Graphs and Shifting of Graphs Functions, Graphs and Statistics
Factorizing Polynomials Functions, Graphs and Statistics
Functions- Maxima and Minima Functions, Graphs and Statistics
Cauchy's Functional Equations Functions, Graphs and Statistics
Modified Cauchy's Equations Functions, Graphs and Statistics
Approach to Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension
Informative Reading Comprehensions Reading Comprehension
Scientific RC Reading Comprehension
Poem RC Reading Comprehension
Dialogue Based RC Reading Comprehension
Satirical RC Reading Comprehension
Persuasive Reading Comprehension Passage Reading Comprehension
Identifying the Central Idea of the Passage Reading Comprehension
Next topic if passage was to be continued Reading Comprehension
Tone of Passage Reading Comprehension
RC's having close options Reading Comprehension
Inequalities Basics Inequalities
Boats and Escalators Time, Distance and Work
Identify Title of Passage Reading Comprehension
Inequalities with Modulus Inequalities
Circular Tracks Time, Distance and Work
Progressions Progressions and Series
Progressions 2 Progressions and Series
Common terms in progressions Progressions and Series
AM, GM, HM Progressions and Series
Arithmetic-Geometric Progression Progressions and Series
Author Agree or Disagree Reading Comprehension
Time and Work Video Time, Distance and Work
Sum of Convergent Series Progressions and Series
Number of integral lattice points Inequalities
Surds and Indices Logarithms, Surds and Indices
Surds Advanced (Rationalization) Logarithms, Surds and Indices
Logarithms 1 Logarithms, Surds and Indices
Logarithms Advanced Logarithms, Surds and Indices
Number of digits using log Logarithms, Surds and Indices
Erdos Number Logical Reasoning
Calendars Time, Distance and Work
Clocks Time, Distance and Work
Decision Making Basics Decision Making
Decision Making Advanced Decision Making
Ratio and Proportion Averages, Ratio and Proportion
Successive Percentage Changes Averages, Ratio and Proportion
Mixtures and Solutions Averages, Ratio and Proportion
Alligation: 3 items Averages, Ratio and Proportion
Pipes and Cisterns Time, Distance and Work
Averages Averages, Ratio and Proportion
Profession of the author Reading Comprehension
Making Inferences Reading Comprehension
Possible Source of Passage Reading Comprehension
Scheduling Logical Reasoning
LR Based on Picking Coins Logical Reasoning
Introduction to Data Sufficiency Data Sufficiency
Data Sufficiency 2 Data Sufficiency
Data Sufficiency 3 Data Sufficiency
Special Linear Equations Linear Equations
Determinant Method of Solving Linear Equations Linear Equations
Ratio of Areas of inscribed figures Geometry
Reflection of a point Geometry
Painted Cubes Geometry
Table with incorrect values Logical Reasoning
Linear Equations in 3 Variables Linear Equations
Linear Equations - 2 Variables Linear Equations
Area enclosed by Inequalities Geometry
Triangles 2 Geometry
Blood Relations Logical Reasoning
Mean, median, mode Functions, Graphs and Statistics
Weights and Balances Logical Reasoning
Venn Diagrams Basics Venn Diagrams
Venn Diagrams- Maxima-Minima Venn Diagrams
4-Group Venn Diagrams Venn Diagrams
Directions Logical Reasoning

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