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What Our Students Say

Cracku helped me a lot in my practice. The course structure was so good, particularly the post mock analysis helped me in knowing my weaknesses and strengths, so accordingly I changed my strategies. And the mocks are so close to the final cat examination, which is very important. I thank entire Cracku team who helped me to achieve my dream percentile.

Sriram Naveen
CAT 2017 - 99.87 %ile

It helped me adapt to the exam's environment with very optimal content structure. It was a one stop solution in my free time and during the working hours.

Aman Khatri
CAT 2017 - 99.69 %ile

Cracku's videos improved my conceptual understanding. Their question banks helped me to improve my speed and accuracy.

Thahir Shah
CAT 2017 - 99.68 %ile

The study materials were substantial and helped me a lot for daily practice. The quality of the mocks were good especially the verbal section, which tested us on levels which were a couple of notches higher than the actual CAT. The entire site interface was very user friendly ,and keeping a tab on my progress through the mocks and study materials was very easy, which I appreciated a lot.

Saiket Talukdar
CAT 2017 - 99.61 %ile

Cracku provided a huge number of questions from every topic imaginable for the CAT exam. The huge question bank and time limit on every set of question helped me improve my speed and also the leaders' table motivated me to improve my performance.

Madhumita Bose
CAT 2017 - 99.52 %ile

Cracku tests were really helpful, especially the verbal section. I used to score in single digit in this section. Cracku tests and analysis really helped me to overcome my fear of this section.

Deep Patel
CAT 2017 - 99.31 %ile

I was in search of a good collection of CAT level questions. Cracku helped me by providing the best questions from every topic. This helped me master individual topics and strengthen my weak topics. The videos were crisp and informative. The interface is very intuitive and clutter-free.

Vatsal Sharma
CAT 2017 - 98.78 %ile

Video lectures are to the point and very precise. If one takes the pain of making personalised notes while watching video lectures then, in my opinion, one is bound to get good scores.

Shashwat Srivastava
CAT 2017 - 98.7 %ile

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