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Last Updated: June 13, 2022 | Published: June 06, 2022

What Our Students Say

Ritwik Kanungo

CAT 2021 - 99.84%ILE

Cracku has been the most helpful tool for me while preparing for CAT and other exams. Helped me keep in touch with all sections, had properly categorised questions which made it easier to concentrate on specific subjects whenever required. The greater-than-usual difficulty level of mocks and sectionals, excellent quality of the explanatory videos and the differentiation of topics in the Daily Test Series have been the most helpful features for me. The mocks helped me get into the habit of sitting for exams, and the video solutions shaped the way I thought about many problems.


CAT 2021 - 99.70%ile

Study room is a unique feature provided by Cracku. It provided a personal touch to the prep and was very beneficial in improving some of my weaker sections. Video series is also very crisp and engaging. Thanks to the entire Cracku team!

S Chandra

CAT 2021 - 99.99%ile

I enrolled myself for Cracku mock test series. I was really happy with the quality of the questions in mocks as well as sectional tests. The questions and difficulty level of each mock were very well thought of. Thank you team for providing such content.

Debapratim Paul

CAT 2021 - 99.43%ile

Maruti Sir with his incredible LRDI sets and quants and the effortless way he explained them to us really stirred me from within. When a teacher gives efforts to build his material and conveys them to his/her students, its fully evident in the way he/she presents their thoughts and I got that vibe from Maruti Sir in every explanation video provided, be it mocks/sectionals/videos. Sayali Maam also helped a lot in the last leg to CAT and together both of them are an asset to the CAT community.

Aditya Mehra

CAT 2021 - 99.63%ile

Cracku has been an integral part of my preparation in CAT. I've been very active on Cracku's portal. Being a working professional with limited preparation time during the day, I used to solve the daily targets as they helped me revise a particular topic quickly. CRACKU provides excellent up-to-date material which helped me practice some good high-quality questions. The sectional tests are very well designed too. Thank you team CrackU for helping me with my CAT preparations. Cheers!

Sai Teja

CAT - 100%le

My initial preparation was solely based on taking mocks. Not preparing in a structured manner meant that there were glaring gaps in my understanding of a few concepts. So, I signed up for the Crash Course. The concise concept videos helped me fill these gaps in a short period of time. I also benefitted a lot from sectional tests which allowed me to try out different test-taking strategies. I appreciate the effort put in by your extremely self-driven and passionate team.

Arvind Malav

CAT - 99.82%le

Cracku was my one and only source of preparation. I didn't waste any time elsewhere looking for multiple videos on same topics or books for same. I also didn't go on a crusade to collect all possible testseries by all possible sources. Cracku fulfilled all my requirements at one place in terms of material, mocks and previous year papers. Cracku's daily targets and daily tasks helped me be that consistent. I religiously did all daily targets and mocks. My daily study time was very rarely above 3 hrs but the consistency in my preparation which Cracku provided me made a difference of day and night for me. Lastly, the doubts were also proactively answered by cracku guys within few days. One may at times differ to their provided answers but they never shied away from constructive discussion on the same. A very big heartily Thank you from my end to whole team of Cracku for their tireless efforts throughout the whole year.

Aravind Muralidharan

CAT - 99.87%le

Cracku is definitely one of the best when it comes to CAT. Maruti and Sayali have done a wonderful job with the video series and the DashCAT solutions are very well made. When it comes to preparation for Quant, I can safely say that Cracku is the most comprehensive and the best out there. Kudos for providing quality content at an affordable price-point.

Nikhil Jain

CAT 2021 - 99.46%ile

Cracku's concept videos have been instrumental in getting my concepts cleared and undoubtedly the mocks though tough helped a lot in understanding the weaknesses and key improvement areas. Also the sectional tests helped immensely in getting prepared for the exam. I cant thank Cracku enough for all the youtube streams and its daily target questions.

Ritik Gupta

CAT 2021 - 99.99%ile

Loved the quality and variety of questions in DASHCATS.


Cat 2021 - 99.97%ile

I had enrolled for the Cracku Dashcats and the CAT Daily Targets. The Daily targets were really useful and helped to refresh and practice questions from different modules in a timed environment. The Dashcats were also of really good quality. The audio and text solutions were also very useful and helped me greatly in analyzing my strengths and weaknesses. Thank you Cracku!

Vijay Chitlangia

CAT 2021 - 99.32%ile

Cracku helped me overall with my prep. The VARC videos of Sayali Mam and Shortcuts of Maruti Sir in Quants came handy during the exam. Thank you entire team for your efforts and constant support


CAT 2021 - 99.29%ile

Study room helped me immensely. I just studied from study room material and it helped me so much. The daily targets also helped me a lot. I really loved the variety of questions cracku had as it acquaints one with most of the question types.

Vaibhav Dixit

CAT 2021 - 99.94%ile

My preparation up until the final month had a lot of gaps. Using Cracku's mocks and sectionals, I was able to identify certain areas of weakness and work on them. The daily targets were also a great way to ensure I was able to dedicate at least some time every day towards preparation. The platform is gamified to quite an extent, and doesn't make studying seem like a chore.

Sayan Ganguly

CAT 2021 - 99.94%ile

The daily targets and CAT level MOCKS really helped with my preparation.

Ishita Mallick

CAT 2021 - 99.24%ile

I stumbled upon a Cracku video by accident while surfing through Youtube. It was a video of Sayali Ma'am explaining Games and Tournaments questions. Her teaching methods were easy for me to grasp, and so I invested in Cracku and it was a great decision. The quality of questions are great, but for me, what really stands out is the way the faculty approach the learning process and provide solutions, especially Maruti Sir.

Deepanshu Demla

CAT 2021 - 99.24%ile

Daily test are the one which makes this Institute stand out from others. It has helped me gain significant percentile in verbal from 38 to 98.11

Aravind DS

CAT 2021 - 99.93%ile

I purchased Cracku's study room and daily target at a time when I did not have a good, reliable source of questions to practice from. The sheer number and variety of questions meant that this quickly became the only source of practice I needed for my CAT preparation. The regular streams on YouTube were also a blessing as they helped keep me on track and gave me some much-needed direction. The cherry on top of the cake was the price, and I believe that this is the most affordable platform for mocks and practice questions as far as CAT and other MBA entrances are concerned. Thanks, team Cracku for putting this together!

Venkat Sai

CAT 2021 - 99.15%ile

Cracku helped me to build foundation for my preparation.

Tathagata Gope

CAT 2021 - 99.70%ile

The daily targets were pretty helpful to stay in the loop. Mocks were nice benchmarkers.

Gunraj Singh

CAT 2021 - 99.01%ile

I started with Cracku mocks and sectional tests during the initial part of my preparation. Even after solving two other mock test series for cat, I can confidently say that cracku had the most balanced outlook on questions and they were properly based on past cat trends. Great work Cracku!

Rohan Basak

CAT 2021 - 99.52%ile

Cracku has always been my sole motivator. The concepts from Maruti Sir and Sayali Ma'am, the Daily Targets along with the DASHCATS are the most comprehensive and best out there. Kudos to team Cracku for providing such high quality content at an affordable price.


CAT 2021 - 98.99%ile

CrackU has been of immense help throughout my preparation for CAT. The way entire course is structured in form of concept videos, concept tests and practice test helped me sail smoothly through sea of content.

Shanttam Jain

CAT 2021 - 99.93%ile

Daily Targets were my go-to for LRDI & QA practice and Dashcats were also designed pretty well. One thing I particularly liked was the quality of questions everywhere and the ease to ask questions in comments. Thank you for all the help and guidance.

Suprabhash Sahu

CAT 2021 - 99.92%ile

I found Cracku mocks to be really helpful in identifying my weaknesses and streamlining preparation accordingly. I was able to perform well and get a good score because I started taking mocks early and practicing using Cracku's study room.


CAT 2021 - 99.89

Cracku’s daily targets, mock tests, and live workshops were one of the best sources of questions I came across. They were incredibly helpful in making sure I was well prepared to face any difficulty.

Apoorv Koomar

CAT 2021 - 99.88%ile

The sectional tests and daily targets really helped me to stay on track with my preparation, and made me aware of working towards my shortcomings

Rushil Heda

CAT 2021 - 99.87

Cracku's dashcats set the tone for my performance in CAT 2021.

Arijit Mukherjee

CAT 2021 - 99.86%ile

Cracku had really great level mocks quite close in difficulty to the actual cat. Also the quality of questions in the daily targets, sectional tests were all of the level of actual cat questions thus providing a great practice platform all through the cat season

Pranjal Gole

CAT 2021 - 99.48%ile

I had scored 70 percentile last year and realized the need for a good coaching. My IIM Alum friends suggested to take Cracku subscription given that I work full time. Began my preparation with watching full length concept videos and bite-sized whenever I didn't have time. Doing daily target consistently ensured that I was never out of practice. In last two months, I gave a lot of sectionals and started with Mocks in last month. A week before D-day; I attended a live session by Maruti sir and Sayali mam. I followed the tips given in session and gave one mock everyday in the last week. I think that did the magic and I scored 99.48 percentile. I should say that Cracku website UI is the best among all online coachings.

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