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CMAT 2024 is expected to be conducted in April-May 2024. Taking CMAT mocks that mimic the pattern of the actual exam is crucial to scoring well. A best CMAT mock test should be representative of the actual exam and should be a mixture of easy and difficult questions. Taking CMAT online practice tests will improve your speed & accuracy and discover your strengths & weaknesses.

CMAT 2024 Mock Test Series

Each CMAT mock will provide detailed solutions and analysis. The solutions will help you to learn the best method to answer a particular problem. The performance analysis, percentile and AIR (All India Rank) will help you to identify where you stand among the other serious aspirants and work on your weak spots.

CMAT 2024 Mock Tests

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which mocks are best for CMAT

Cracku CMAT Mocks are closest to the actual CMAT. They involve a good variety of questions on all the key topics and mimic the real exam experience. Many students who enrolled for the Cracku CMAT Mock series scored well in the actual CMAT exam.

Is CMAT easier than the CAT exam?

The CMAT exam is considered easier when compared to the CAT exam. If you’re well-versed with the basics tested in the exam, good with General Awareness (GK), and take enough mock tests and analyse them well, you can crack the CMAT exam.

What is the eligibility of CMAT?

Students who have a recognized bachelor's degree (in any discipline) are eligible to write the CMAT exam. Students in the final year of graduation can also apply. The candidate must be a citizen of India. There is no age restriction for taking the CMAT exam.

Is CMAT tough or easy?

The CMAT exam is considered easy, when compared to other MBA exams such as CAT and XAT. The General Awareness (GK) section is usually considered a deciding factor by many. If you follow the Current Affairs regularly, and are well-versed with the basics of all other sections of the exam, and practice well, you can crack the exam.

Can I crack CMAT in 1 month?

Cracking the CMAT in one month is not very tough, if you stick to the Study plan rigorously. If you have a good grip over the basics, uptodate with the GK section, and if you take mocks seriously and analyse them well, you can crack the CMAT in one month.

Where can I get free CMAT mocks?

Cracku offers a Free CMAT Mock test with detailed solutions. You can take the Free CMAT Mock here.

How are the Cracku CMAT mock tests?

Cracku CMAT Mock tests are designed by experts and are closest to the actual exam, and will be extremely beneficial during your CMAT preparation. The mocks come with detailed solutions and analysis.

What are the benefits of attempting the CMAT mock test 2024?

Attempting mock tests is an extremely important part of your preparation. Mocks allow you to get a feel of the actual exam. Analysing your mistakes and practicing them will help you improve your scores, and achieve your target score in the exam.

What is the benefit of solving sectional CMAT mock tests?

The topic tests are highly useful to improve in a specific topic. If you’re particularly weak in any topic, taking the topic tests and analysing the solutions will help you improve in that topic.


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