CMAT Arrangement questions

CMAT 2023 Arrangement questions

Question 1

Abhishek, Bineeta, Manisha, Hari, Vaishali, and Gaurav are sitting around a circular table not necessarily in the same order. Some of them are facing the centre and the remaining are facing away from the centre.

(i) Gaurav sits immediate left of Bineeta
(ii) Only Abhishek and Bineeta face away from the centre
(iii) Vishali and Hari are sitting next to each other
(iv) There are two people between Hari and Gaurav
(v) Abhishek is the neighbour of both Manisha and Guarav

If Hari and Abhishek interchange their places (having same facing direction) then who among the following sits to the immediate left of Abhishek?

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Question 2

A 3$$\times$$3 matrix is filled with the numbers from 31 to 39 according to the following rules :
(a) 38 is above 39 and to the right of 32
(b) 33 is to the right of 37 and above 39 which is to the left of 34
(c) 32 is to the left of 35
(d) 37 is above 36 and 32
(e) 31 is above 35
'Above' and 'below' mean that they are in the same column while 'left' and 'right' mean that the numbers are in the same row.
What is the sum of the numbers in the middle row?

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