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CAT Percentile Required to get IIM Calls

Here you can get the answer to the question of "how much CAT percentile I need to score based on my profile.

What is CAT Percentile?

The CAT percentile is a metric used by MBA institutes in India to evaluate the relative performance of MBA aspirants who have taken the Common Admission Test (CAT). For example, if a candidate has scored in the 90th percentile, it means that they have scored more than 90% of the test-takers. MBA institutes use the CAT percentile to shortlist candidates for the next round of selection, i.e., group discussion and personal interview. A higher CAT percentile increases the chances of getting admission to a top B-school.

How is CAT Percentile Calculated?

CAT percentile is calculated using the Equipercentile method, which involves scaling the raw scores of each candidate to a standard scale based on the performance of all test-takers in a particular year. The percentile score represents the percentage of test-takers who scored below that particular score, ranging from 0 to 100. The formula used to calculate the CAT percentile score is:

$$Percentile\ score\ =$$ $$\frac{Number\ of\ candidates\ who\ scored\ less\ than\ the\ candidate}{Total\ number\ of\ candidates}\times\ 100$$

Cutoffs for the top MBA Colleges accepting the CAT score

The cutoffs for various b-schools vary depending on one's profile. If you're targeting the IIMs, the CAT cutoffs required to get a call will depend on your profile. On the other hand, eminent Non-IIMs such as FMS Delhi, MDI etc, focus more on your entrance test (i.e. CAT) score. These Non-IIM b-schools thus give more weight to the entrance score and less weight to your past academic performance. So, the cutoffs depend on the MBA college you are targeting. You can check out the cutoffs of the top MBA colleges here

Minimum Percentile to get a call from IIM

We have provided you with the minimum safe percentile you should score, to get a call from IIMs & Other Top MBA Colleges. Each IIM has different criteria and gives different weightage to the CAT score. So, you will get a good understanding of getting a call from your favourite B-school. This percentile calculator is based only on our experience.

Weightage of 10th, 12th, Undergraduate score & Work experience

The weightage given to academics by each IIM varies and based on your Class 10th, 12th graduation and your work experience, you can get a good understanding of what IIM Calls you can expect. These are the B-School's list we are covering: IIMA (Ahmedabad), IIMB (Bangalore), IIMC (Calcutta), IIMI (Indore), IIML (Lucknow), New IIMs, FMS, MDI, NITIE and SPJain.

Percentile based on your category

Based on your category (General/EWS/OBC/SC/ST) and your gender (Male/female), the chances of getting a call varies. IIMs promote gender diversity up to some extent in selection process.

CAT Overall Score Vs Percentile

To learn the latest CAT score vs. percentiles, look at the table below. The following table shows CAT scores in comparison with percentiles for each of the three slots for the last year.

Score Percentile
145.83 100%ile (Maruti Konduri, founder of Cracku)
109.9 99.9
92.87 99.5
83.64 99
73.88 98
59.75 95
48.44 90
41.32 85
36.02 80

CAT Section-wise: Score Vs Percentile

CAT VARC – Score Vs Percentile

The VARC section has Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability like Para Jumbles, Para Summary, etc. This section of the CAT exam had 24 questions, 16 from RC passages and the other eight from VA.

Scaled Score Percentile
57 100
48 99.8+
43 99.5
40 99+
35 98
29 95
24 90

CAT DILR –Score Vs Percentile

You can check the DILR scores vs the percentile for the previous year. This section contains four to five sets. You must have a solid plan for this segment and practice consistently to improve in this section.

Scaled Score Percentile
48 100
39 99.9
34 99.7
29 99
27 98
19 95
16 90

CAT Quant – Score Vs Percentile

The CAT exam Quant section is not very tough. Along with knowledge and practice, a student must also be in the right frame of mind to do well in this section. They should be able to gauge the question's difficulty and adjust their attention to the number of tries. If the segment is challenging, the accuracy and selection of easy questions should be prioritised.

Scaled Score Percentile
57 100
47 99.9
43 99.8
33 99
29 98
22 95
17 90
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Frequently Asked Questions

A good CAT percentile depends on the B-school you are aiming for and your overall profile. For admission to the top IIMs, a percentile of 99 or above is considered excellent. For a few other B-schools, a percentile of 90-95 or above is good

The CAT percentile required for an IIM call varies depending on factors such as the specific IIM, academic background, work experience, and the number of candidates appearing for the CAT exam that year. Typically, to receive a call from the top IIMs, such as IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Calcutta, you would need a CAT percentile of 99 or higher. However, each IIM has its admission criteria, so you should check the specific requirements of the IIMs you are interested in.

Yes, it is possible to get into an IIM with a 99 percentile in CAT. However, admission to IIMs depends on various other factors as well, such as academic background, work experience, and performance in the selection rounds. The specific IIM you target and the number of candidates who have applied that year also play a significant role. Therefore, a high percentile is necessary but insufficient to secure admission to an IIM.

Generally, to get admission to one of the top IIMs, a CAT percentile of 99 or above is required. However, for newer or smaller IIMs, the cutoff percentile may be lower. It is important to note that securing the minimum percentile required does not guarantee admission to an IIM, as other factors such as academic background, work experience, and performance in the selection rounds are also considered

Getting a 70 percentile in CAT is relatively easy. However, it requires consistent and diligent preparation to achieve this percentile. With the right study plan, practice, and guidance, a 70 percentile in CAT can be achievable.

Getting into an IIM with a 60 percentile in CAT is highly improbable. This is because the cutoff percentile for admission to IIMs is typically above 90, and even with reserved category candidates' relaxation, the cutoff percentile is still much higher than the 60 percentile.

Securing admission to an IIM with a low CAT score is difficult as IIMs generally have a high cutoff percentile. However, there are a few newer and smaller IIMs that accept CAT scores with relatively lower cutoffs compared to the top IIMs. Some of these IIMs include IIM Amritsar, IIM Nagpur, IIM Sambalpur, IIM Sirmaur, IIM Bodhgaya, IIM Jammu, IIM Kashipur, and IIM Ranchi.


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