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The best way to prepare for CAT is to test -> assess -> remedy and repeat. The best way to test where you stand is by taking a free CAT mock test in the latest pattern (2 Hours). Cracku's DashCATs are closest to the actual CAT and are taken by thousands of students. CAT 2023 exam is scheduled to be conducted on 26th November, 2023. With not long to go for the exam, take the CAT 2023 free mock today to kickstart your preparation.


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CAT Mocks 2023

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CAT Full Mock Test Pattern

Cracku CAT mock series are made very similar to previous CAT papers in terms of difficulity level, topics and type of the questions.

CAT Mock Test PatternVARCDILRQuantTotal

No. of Questions


Time alloted

40 Minutes40 Minutes40 Minutes2 Hours

CAT Mock Section-wise Weightage

Each CAT mock might vary in terms of number of questions asked per topic, last two of CAT papers provide some rough info on what can be expected in this test series.

CAT Mock VARC Weightage

The number of VARC questions that can be expected can depend on previous year papers. For example you can checkout CAT 2022 slot-1, slot-2 & slot-3 papers VARC topics below.

Reading Comprehension (RC)16 (4 sets with 4 questions each)16 (4 sets with 4 questions each)16 (4 sets with 4 questions each)
Para Jumbles (PJ)333
Para Completion222
Para Summary333
Odd One Out000

CAT Mock DILR Weightage

The number of data interpretation & logical reasoning questions that can be expected in each CAT mock can depends on CAT 2022 slot-1, slot-2 & slot-3 papers.

Set-1Games and TournamentsQuant based DISpecial Charts
Set-2Venn Diagram/Quant based DIRoutes and NetworksTable with missing values
Set-3Quant based LRSpecial ChartsQuant based DI
Set-4PuzzlesVenn Diagram/Quant based DITable with missing values/Games and Tournaments

CAT Mock Quant Weightage

The number of quantitative aptitude questions that can be expected in each CAT mock can be depend on CAT 2022 slot-1, slot-2 & slot-3 papers.

Key TopicsSub-topicsSlot-1Slot-2Slot-3
ArithmeticAverages, Ratio and Proportion555
Profit, Loss and Interest311
Time, Distance, Speed and Work125
AlgebraQuadrilaterals, Polynomial Equations112
Progressions and Series131
Linear Equations and Inequalities223
Modern MathLogarithms, Surds and Indices011
Functions and Graphs321
Probability and Combinatorics (Permutations & Combinations)111
Number SystemsNumber Systems111
Venn DiagramsVenn Diagrams100

Which is a best CAT test series?

A best CAT mock test is one which fulfills all of the conditions below

  • Similar to actual exam pattern
  • Similar level of difficulty of the mock (with slightly above that of the CAT exam) 
  • Should not be too difficult (demoralizing aspirants from appearing for CAT)
  • Should contain easy, doable and difficult questions
  • Should teach how to not miss low hanging fruits
  • Contain detailed explanations
  • Should be made by exam experts

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Free CAT 2023 Mock Test With Solutions

All the mocks provide answers and solutions at the end of each test. You can learn new methods of answering the given questions by viewing the solutions. These online CAT mocks free attempt will test your ability and will provide you AIR (All India Rank) for each mock based on your performance. CAT mock test time duration is 2 hours. These tests serve as the best CAT sample test online papers with detailed text explanations.

We provide a total of 50+ full-length national level mocks - 1 Free CAT 2023 mock test, 20 Premium CAT mocks, five mocks each for XAT, IIFT, NMAT, TISSNET, SNAP, CMAT and MAH MBA CET Mocks. All the mocks are closest to the actual exam in terms of difficulty and exam pattern. Practice free mock test for CAT 2023, which gives you AIR and percentile to improve your speed & accuracy and to discover your strengths & weaknesses.

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Best CAT Online Test Series

CAT 3 Sectional Tests - Section-wise Mock Tests

Many students who enrolled for the DashCAT Test series scored well in the actual CAT exam and Cracku's mock series is rated as the best online CAT mock test series. You can also attempt individual sectional mocks besides CAT full-length mocks. Take CAT sectional tests (test time duration is 40 minutes) to improve your performance in the sections you are weak in.

DashCATs - MBA-CAT Mocks By IIM Alumni

We, at Cracku, put in a great deal of effort to ensure that we get the mix right. Each mock is crafted with the result in mind. Every CAT exam mock is tested rigorously to ensure that it stays true to the pattern of the exam. The level of difficulty of each question is decided with great care to ensure that when put together, the questions form a harmonious mock.

Each CAT mock test paper is provided with a sophisticated interface that lets you analyze your performance in great detail. The all India rank and percentile will be available immediately on completing the mock test. The interface does a SWOT analysis based on your performance in the mock test. This, in turn, will help you to identify and work on your weak spots.

All these tests have been crafted having the level of the corresponding exams in mind. We believe that the combination of all these features puts us in a good stead to contend for the best online CAT mock test series title.

Students Ratings & Reviews view all

Kshitij Kumar 

good interface and level of questions

Siva Sankaran 

Good initiative and superb analysis.

Vaishali K 

This is my first attempt. Paper was nicely made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mock test is best for CAT /  Which mocks are better for CAT?

Many students find Cracku CAT mocks as the closest to the actual exam in terms of difficulity level, interface, topics and type of the questions. Also the Video solutions and Video analysis by toppers make Cracku DashCATs as the best CAT mocks.

How many mocks are enough for CAT?

Take at least 15-20 full-length CAT mock tests. There is no set number of CAT mocks that you should take, but at least 15-20 CAT exam mocks are recommended during your CAT preparation.

Is CAT easier than mocks?

The actual CAT can be considered slightly easier than the mocks. The difficulty level of the Cracku mocks is slightly above that of the CAT exam. At the same time, the toughness of the mocks should not demoralize aspirants from appearing for CAT. Cracku mocks are made by experts with utmost effort and diligence. They involve a hybrid mix of easy, doable and difficult questions in the correct proportion so that students develop the ability to pick on the low-hanging fruits.

Where can I get free CAT mock test?

Cracku website will provide free mock for CAT with detailed video solutions, Video analysis, all India percentile and also your topic-wise strengths and weaknesses.

Are mocks enough for CAT? / Can I crack CAT by only giving mocks?

Taking CAT mocks is extremely important during your preparation. However, you should also be thorough with the fundamental concepts tested in the CAT. If you’re someone who is well versed with the concepts tested in the CAT, then you can just take the Mock Tests & Sectional Tests, analyze them, and work on your weak areas. If you’re not good with fundamentals, then it is recommended that you cover the basics of the core concepts and take the mocks intermittently to test your understanding of concepts. Once the basics of the core concepts are covered, you can focus entirely on the mocks.

Are Cracku CAT mocks good?

Cracku CAT 2023 mocks are closest to the actual CAT. Many students who enrolled for the Cracku DashCAT Test series scored well in the actual CAT exam, and Cracku's Mock Series is rated as the best online CAT mock test series. You can check out our CAT Students Success Stories here. You can visit our official Youtube channel where you can watch the video interviews given by many of our students who cracked CAT and made it to the top B-schools in the country.

When should I start taking CAT mocks?

There is no perfect time to start the mocks. It would be best to start taking the CAT mocks alongside your regular preparation. Many aspirants make this mistake of starting the mocks after completing the syllabus. Remember that one must not wait until the syllabus gets over. If you did not finish your syllabus, try to take at least 2 mocks every month. If you have already completed the syllabus, you can take 1-2 mocks per week. Also, you must start taking the mocks at least 4-5 months prior to the exam.

Is a calculator allowed in the CAT examination?

A virtual onscreen calculator is available during the CAT examination. So, you are not allowed to bring your own calculator to the exam hall. Only the onscreen calculator given on the test page has to be used. You can check out the replica of the same here

How many hours should I study for CAT?

If you have a decent grasp of the fundamentals, you can achieve a good percentile even if you start 4–5 months before the exam. If you are a working professional or a final year graduate student, you must spend a bare minimum of 2 hours every day for CAT prep. So, it is imperative to spend at least 2 to 3 hours preparing during the week and at least 6–7 hours during the weekends.

Is the CAT Crash course enough for the CAT exam?

The Crash Course would suffice if you have a decent grasp of the fundamentals. It would help you quickly cover the important topics in less time. On the other hand, if you’re starting from scratch and if you’re weak in two or more sections, it is recommended that you enroll in the complete CAT course and start your preparation early.

Which is the easiest exam for MBA? / Which MBA exam is the toughest?

No MBA exam is considered too easy or too tough.


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