Top 8 CAT Data Interpretation Questions With Solutions

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CAT 2021 Data Interpretation questions

Question 1

Which of the following statements is/are true?

I: The total project-month was the same for the four employees.
II: The total employee-month was the same for the five projects.

Question 2

Which employees did not work in multiple projects for any of the months in 2020?

Question 3

The project duration, measured in terms of the number of months, is the time during which at least one employee worked in the project. Which of the following pairs of the projects had the same duration?

Question 4

The list of employees in decreasing order of annual completion index is:

Question 5

How many days between Sep 1 and Sep 14 (both inclusive) had no booking from this client considering all the above categories?

Question 6

What was the average processing time of all orders in the categories which had only one type of ship mode?

Question 7

The sequence of categories -- Art, Binders, Paper and Phones -- in decreasing order of average processing time of their orders in this period is:

Question 8

Approximately what percentage of orders had a processing time of one day during the period Sep 1 to Sep 22 (both dates inclusive)?


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