Top 3 CAT Truth Lie Concept Questions With Solutions

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CAT 2001 Truth Lie Concept questions

Question 1

While Balbir had his back turned, a dog ran into his butcher shop, snatched a piece of meat off the counter and ran out. Balbir was mad when he realised what had happened. He asked three other shopkeepers, who had seen the dog, to describe it. The shopkeepers really did not want to help Balbir. So each of them made a statement which contained one truth and one lie.

. Shopkeeper number 1 said: “The dog had black hair and a long tail.”

. Shopkeeper number 2 said: “The dog had a short tail and wore a collar.”

. Shopkeeper number 3 said: “The dog had white hair and no collar.”

Based on the above statements, which of the following could be a correct description?

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CAT 1998 Truth Lie Concept questions

Question 1

P, Q, R and S are four statements. Relation between these statements is as follows.

I. If P is true, then Q must be true.

II. If Q is true, then R must be true.

III. If S is true, then either Q is false or R is false.

Which of the following must be true?

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CAT 1990 Truth Lie Concept questions

Question 1

Saira, Mumtaz and Zeenat have a ball, a pen and a pencil, and each girl has just one object in hand. Among the following statements, only one is true and the other two are false.
I. Saira has a ball.
II. Mumtaz does not have the ball.
III. Zeenat does not have the pen.

Who has the ball?

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