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500 Must Solve CAT Questions and Answers practice platform. The platform contains very useful CAT level questions. Go through and learn from the topic-wise free CAT problems with solutions. These are the most repeated model problems picked from previous papers and CAT study material.

Decision Making  Quantitative Aptitude  Verbal Ability  Logical Reasoning and DI 

Free CAT Sample Questions

Given below are some of the important questions for MBA Entrance exams like IIFT, XAT, NMAT, CMAT, GMAT, SNAP, IBSAT, ATMA, MICAT, MAH-CET, IRMA, TISS, and CAT. Try to answer these CAT sample questions and go through the solutions.

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Decision Making

Go through our collection of XAT decision making questions to know how to make crucial decisions and become the person who calls the shots. 

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Solve all previous papers at your convenience by downloading PDFs. Every question has a detailed solution.

Quantitative Aptitude

How would you welcome an alien visiting Earth? 'Welcome to a world of inequalities'. Pun aside, have some fun solving our collection of questions on inequalities. 

Data sufficiency questions help to develop the ability to think critically. Go through these data sufficiency questions to cement your concepts in place.

Geometry is one of the most important topics for CAT. Solve these geometry questions to strengthen your understanding of triangles, circles, and polygons.

Solve these functions, graphs,and statistics to learn about odd and even functions, cauchy's functions, and shifting of graphs. 

Go through this excellent collection of questions to know how to approach questions based on Venn diagrams.

Solving these questions on permutations and combinations, and probability will significantly improve your chances of clearing CAT.

Though this topic might seem irrational at first, you'll fall in love with these logarithms, surds, and indices questions once your base is strong.

Power through these profit, loss, and interest questions to ensure that you never lose interest in the preparation process.

Ever wondered how long will it take to master the concepts tested in CAT ? Solve these time, speed, distance and time, and work questions to know the answer.

Practising these questions on ratios, proportions, and averages will help you to be a part of the aspirants who are not average.

Want to check how much you have progressed in your preparation? Going through this series of questions on progressions and series can help. 

Solving these quadratic equations questions without debating whether it is rational or irrational to do so will help to solve some real and complex issues. 

Learn how to solve questions on linear equations using various concepts such as introducing dummy variables by going through these questions.

Solve this incredible collection of number system questions to know how to understand the roots and address the factors of a problem.

Download all CAT Formulas, Theorems as PDF

Get all important formulaes, tips, tricks, theorems in the form of pdf for quick look-up

Verbal Ability

RCs account for nearly a quarter of the total marks in CAT. Develop your ability to read between the lines by going through these RC questions. 

Learn how to establish the chain of thought and use transition words, chronology, and enumeration to find out the order using these PJ questions.

Hate being verbose? Learn how to capture the essence of a paragraph in succinct lines by going through these para summary questions.

The number of questions from these topics are that not high. If the error in the previous sentence irks you, dive in to find some more in these grammar and sentence correction questions.

If meows and purrs sound sonorous to you, you'll love this collection of CAT vocabulary questions.

Who does not love a buffet? Have a go at our assorted questions from various verbal topics to satiate your verbal cravings.

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Logical Reasoning and DI

LRDI has been the gamechanger in the recent CATs. Learn how to develop the thought process and approach required by solving these LR sets.

Talk is cheap. Check whether you can let your numbers do the talking by going through these hand-picked data interpretation sets.


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