Lecture Videos
Name of SessionSubject
Introduction to Geometry - TrianglesQuant
Approach to RCVerbal
Logical representation of informationDI LR
Geometry - CirclesQuant
ArrangementDI LR
Introduction to Para JumblesVerbal
Number systems: factorsQuant
Profit and LossQuant
Introduction to Paragraph SummaryVerbal
CAT notification and preparation tipsGK
Remainder theoremsQuant
Remainder theorems 2Quant
Permutation, Combination basicsQuant
Permutation and Combination 2Quant
Main idea/ Purpose of the passageVerbal
Venn diagramsQuant
Table with missing valuesDI LR
Time and workQuant
Mixtures and AlligationQuant
Games and tournamentsDI LR
Introduction to Progressions and SeriesQuant
Time, Speed and DistanceQuant
Identifying Connectors in Para jumblesVerbal
Logarithms and SurdsQuant
SchedulingDI LR
Relative velocityQuant
Out of context para-jumblesVerbal
Next topic of discussion in RCVerbal
Games and tournaments - Multi stage tournamentsDI LR
Progressions and series 2Quant
Races, Boats and EscalatorsQuant
Coordinate geometryQuant
2D space LRsDI LR
Routes and networksDI LR
Venn diagram based LRsDI LR
Author's opinionVerbal
Inferences from passageVerbal
Data sufficiencyQuant
Quadratic equations - Maxima and minimaQuant
Critical reasoningVerbal
Square, complex arrangementDI LR
VARC revisionVerbal
LRDI revisionDI LR
Quants revision - Part 1Quant
Quant Revision - Part 2Quant
CAT 2019 OverviewQuant
Verbal OverviewVerbal
LRDI OverviewDI LR
Quant OverviewQuant
Ratio and Proportions_revisionQuant
Approach to Reading Comprehension revisionVerbal
DI approximation techniques revisionDI LR
Revision Video (Profit and Loss)Quant
Revision Test Video: DI BasicsDI LR
Revision Test Video: Alligation (3 mixtures)Quant
Revision Test Video: Informative RCVerbal
Revision Video - Approach to RCQuant
Revision Video - Successive percentage changeQuant
Revision video - Scientific RCVerbal
Revision video - Sarcastic and Satirical RCVerbal
Revision video - Time and work, Pipes and CisternQuant
Revision video - Persuasive RCVerbal
Revision video - Logical representation of information and Team selectionDI LR
Revision Video - Introduction to Time, Speed and DistanceQuant
Revision Video - Main Point of the PassageVerbal
Revision Video - Time, Speed, Distance and Relative VelocityQuant
Revision video - Faulty balances and Fraudulent shopkeepersQuant
Revision video - Games and Knockout TournamentsDI LR
Revision video - ClocksQuant
Revision video - Circular tracksQuant
Revision video - Multi stage tournamentsDI LR
Revision video - Relative velocityQuant
Revision video - Races and HeadstartsQuant
Revision Video - Introduction to Interest, AverageQuant
Revision Video - Races, Boats and EscalatorsQuant
Revision Video - Inferences from PassageVerbal
Revision Video - ArrangementDI LR
Revision Video - Triangles 2Quant
Revision Video - Congruency and SimilarityQuant
Revision video - 2D space LRs (Overview)DI LR
Revision Video - Basics of TrigonometryQuant
Revision Video - Heights and Distances, Applications of TrigonometryQuant
Revision video - Introduction to Geometry (triangles)Quant
Revision video - Routes and networksDI LR
Revision video- Chords and tangentsQuant
Revision Video - Properties of CirclesQuant
Revision Video - Next Topic of Discussion in RCVerbal
Revision Video - Ptolemy's TheoremQuant
Revision Video - Area chart, Pie Chart and Bubble ChartQuant
Revision Video - Alternate Segment TheoremQuant
Revision Video - Ratio of Areas of Inscribed figuresQuant
Revision Video - Circles (Overview)Quant
Revision Video - PolygonsQuant
Revision Video - QuadrilateralsQuant
Revision Video - Identifying tone and title of the passageVerbal
Revision Video - Coordinate GeometryQuant
Revision Video - SchedulingQuant
Revision Video - DI : Table with missing valuesQuant
CAT overviewQuant
Revision Video - Identifying Links using Transition Words, TITA ParajumblesQuant
Revision Video - DI data over the years, DI with connected data setsQuant
Revision Video - HCF and LCM, Number when divided by 3 numbersQuant
Revision Video- Out of context Para JumblesVerbal
Revision Video- Number Of Integral SolutionsQuant
Revision Video- Base SystemQuant
Revision video - DI bar and line charts, DI special chartsQuant
Revision video - Factors (overview)Quant
Revision video - Number of trailing zeroes in a factorial in different basesQuant
Revision video - Last non-zero digit of a factorialQuant
Revision video - Highest power of a number in a factorialQuant
Revision Video - Remainder Theorems 1Quant
Revision Video - Remainder Theorem 2Quant
Classroom Video - Revision - Truth Liar Concept, Truth Liar Seating ArrangementQuant
Classroom Video - Revision - Square Seating ArrangementQuant
Revision Video- Progression and SeriesQuant
Revision Video-Para SummaryVerbal
Revision Video-Para CompletionVerbal
Revision Video- Linear EquationsQuant
Revision Video-Weights and BalancesDI LR
Revision Video-DI based on rate of growthDI LR
Revision Video-Erdos NumberDI LR
Revision Video-Cumulative DIDI LR
Revision Video - Quadratic EquationsQuant
Revision Video - FunctionsQuant
Revision Video - Quadratic Equations-Maxima and MinimaQuant
CAT 100 Day Plan OverviewQuant
Revision Video - Blood RelationsDI LR
Revision Video - Functions OverviewQuant
Revision Video - Surds and IndicesQuant
Revision Video - LR on picking coinsDI LR
Revision Video - Shifting of graphsQuant
Revision Video - DirectionsDI LR
Revision Video - Factorizing polynomialsQuant
Revision Video - Cauchy's Functional EquationsQuant
Revision Video - Mean, Median, ModeQuant
Revision Video - Number of digits using logQuant
Revision Video - Logarithms and Surds (Overview)Quant
Revision Video - Identifying components in critical reasoningVerbal
Revision Video - Finding assumptions, identifying conclusionsVerbal
Revision Video - InequalitiesQuant
Revision Video - Selection and Arrangement with RepetitionQuant
Revision Video - Circular ArrangementsQuant
Revision Video - Role of bold faced partVerbal
Revision Video - Parallel ReasoningVerbal
Revision Video - Critical reasoningVerbal
Revision Video - Introduction to Data SufficiencyQuant
Revision Video - Data SufficiencyQuant
Revision Video - Evaluating extra InformationVerbal
Revision Video - Permutations and CombinationsQuant
Revision Video - Partioning, Number of Integral solutionsQuant
Revision Video - Flaw in the argument, strengthen or weaken the conclusionQuant
Revision Video - Permutations and Combinations OverviewQuant
Revision Video - Partioning OverviewQuant
Revision Video- ProbablilityQuant
Revision Video - Venn DiagramsQuant
Revision Video - Venn Diagram OverviewQuant
Revision Video - Poem and Dialogue RCVerbal
Revision Video - Venn Diagrams based LR'sQuant
Revision Video - CalendarDI LR
Revision : Geometry Revision Part 1Quant
Revision : Geometry + ArithmeticQuant
Revision: Reading ComprehensionVerbal
Revision : Verbal AbilityVerbal
Revision : Number Systems + Linear EquationsQuant
Revision : AlgebraQuant
Revision : Logical ReasoningDI LR
Revision : Data InterpretationDI LR

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