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Quant Revision - Part 2
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Introduction to Geometry - TrianglesQuantMon, 09 Jul 9:00PM
Approach to RCVerbalWed, 11 Jul 9:00PM
Logical representation of informationDI LRFri, 13 Jul 9:00PM
Geometry - CirclesQuantMon, 16 Jul 9:00PM
ArrangementDI LRWed, 18 Jul 9:00PM
Introduction to Para JumblesVerbalFri, 20 Jul 9:00PM
Number systems: factorsQuantMon, 23 Jul 9:00PM
Profit and LossQuantWed, 25 Jul 9:00PM
Introduction to Paragraph SummaryVerbalFri, 27 Jul 9:00PM
CAT notification and preparation tipsGKMon, 30 Jul 9:00PM
Remainder theoremsQuantWed, 01 Aug 9:00PM
Remainder theorems 2QuantFri, 03 Aug 9:00PM
Permutation, Combination basicsQuantMon, 06 Aug 9:00PM
Permutation and Combination 2QuantWed, 08 Aug 9:00PM
Main idea/ Purpose of the passageVerbalFri, 10 Aug 9:00PM
Venn diagramsQuantMon, 13 Aug 9:00PM
PartitioningQuantWed, 15 Aug 9:00PM
Table with missing valuesDI LRFri, 17 Aug 9:00PM
Time and workQuantMon, 20 Aug 9:00PM
Mixtures and AlligationQuantWed, 22 Aug 9:00PM
Games and tournamentsDI LRFri, 24 Aug 9:00PM
Introduction to Progressions and SeriesQuantMon, 27 Aug 9:00PM
Time, Speed and DistanceQuantWed, 29 Aug 9:00PM
Identifying Connectors in Para jumblesVerbalFri, 31 Aug 9:00PM
ProbabilityQuantMon, 03 Sep 9:00PM
Logarithms and SurdsQuantWed, 05 Sep 9:00PM
SchedulingDI LRFri, 07 Sep 9:00PM
FunctionsQuantMon, 10 Sep 9:00PM
Relative velocityQuantWed, 12 Sep 9:00PM
Out of context para-jumblesVerbalFri, 14 Sep 9:00PM
Next topic of discussion in RCVerbalMon, 17 Sep 9:00PM
Games and tournaments - Multi stage tournamentsDI LRWed, 19 Sep 9:00PM
Progressions and series 2QuantFri, 21 Sep 9:00PM
Races, Boats and EscalatorsQuantMon, 24 Sep 9:00PM
Coordinate geometryQuantWed, 26 Sep 9:00PM
2D space LRsDI LRFri, 28 Sep 9:00PM
SolidsQuantMon, 01 Oct 9:00PM
Routes and networksDI LRWed, 03 Oct 9:00PM
Venn diagram based LRsDI LRFri, 05 Oct 9:00PM
Author's opinionVerbalMon, 08 Oct 9:00PM
QuadrilateralsQuantWed, 10 Oct 9:00PM
Inferences from passageVerbalFri, 12 Oct 9:00PM
InequalitiesQuantMon, 15 Oct 9:00PM
Data sufficiencyQuantWed, 17 Oct 9:00PM
Quadratic equations - Maxima and minimaQuantFri, 19 Oct 9:00PM
Critical reasoningVerbalMon, 22 Oct 9:00PM
Square, complex arrangementDI LRWed, 24 Oct 9:00PM
VARC revisionVerbalFri, 26 Oct 9:00PM
LRDI revisionDI LRMon, 29 Oct 9:00PM
Quants revision - Part 1QuantThu, 01 Nov 9:06PM
Quant Revision - Part 2QuantFri, 02 Nov 9:00PM

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