Lecture Videos
Name of SessionSubject
CAT 2019 OverviewQuant
Verbal OverviewVerbal
LRDI OverviewDI LR
Quant OverviewQuant
Ratio and Proportions_revisionQuant
DI approximation techniques revisionDI LR
Approach to Reading Comprehension revisionVerbal
Revision Video (Profit and Loss)Quant
Revision Test Video: Alligation (3 mixtures)Quant
Revision Test Video: Informative RCVerbal
Revision Test Video: DI BasicsDI LR
Revision Video - Successive percentage changeQuant
Revision Video - Approach to RCQuant
Revision video - Time and work, Pipes and CisternQuant
Revision video - Persuasive RCVerbal
Revision video - Scientific RCVerbal
Revision video - Sarcastic and Satirical RCVerbal
Revision Video - Introduction to Time, Speed and DistanceQuant
Revision video - Logical representation of information and Team selectionDI LR
Revision video - Relative velocityQuant
Revision Video - Time, Speed, Distance and Relative VelocityQuant
Revision Video - Main Point of the PassageVerbal
Revision video - Time, speed and distance (Overview)Quant
Revision video - Circular tracksQuant
Revision video - Faulty balances and Fraudulent shopkeepersQuant
Revision video - ClocksQuant
Revision video - Games and Knockout TournamentsDI LR
Revision video - Relative velocityQuant
Revision video - Races and HeadstartsQuant
Revision video - Multi stage tournamentsDI LR
Revision Video - Introduction to Interest, AverageQuant
Revision Video - Inferences from PassageVerbal
Revision Video - Races, Boats and EscalatorsQuant
Revision Video - Triangles 2Quant
Revision Video - Congruency and SimilarityQuant
Revision Video - ArrangementDI LR
Revision Video - Heights and Distances, Applications of TrigonometryQuant
Revision video - 2D space LRs (Overview)DI LR
Revision Video - Basics of TrigonometryQuant
Revision video- Chords and tangentsQuant
Revision video - Routes and networksDI LR
Revision video - Introduction to Geometry (triangles)Quant
Revision Video - Ptolemy's TheoremQuant
Revision Video - Next Topic of Discussion in RCVerbal
Revision Video - Properties of CirclesQuant
Revision Video - Ratio of Areas of Inscribed figuresQuant
Revision Video - Area chart, Pie Chart and Bubble ChartQuant
Revision Video - Circles (Overview)Quant
Revision Video - Alternate Segment TheoremQuant
Revision Video - PolygonsQuant
Revision Video - QuadrilateralsQuant
Revision Video - Identifying tone and title of the passageVerbal
Revision Video - Coordinate GeometryQuant
Revision Video - DI : Table with missing valuesQuant
Revision Video - SchedulingQuant
CAT overview (6 month strategy)Quant
Revision Video - DI data over the years, DI with connected data setsQuant
Revision Video - Identifying Links using Transition Words, TITA ParajumblesQuant
Revision Video - HCF and LCM, Number when divided by 3 numbersQuant
Revision Video- Base SystemQuant
Revision Video- Out of context Para JumblesVerbal
Revision Video- Number Of Integral SolutionsQuant
Revision video - Last non-zero digit of a factorialQuant
Revision video - DI bar and line charts, DI special chartsQuant
Revision video - Number of trailing zeroes in a factorial in different basesQuant
Revision video - Factors (overview)Quant
Revision video - Highest power of a number in a factorialQuant
Revision Video - Remainder Theorems 1Quant
Revision Video - Remainder Theorem 2Quant
Classroom Video - Revision - Truth Liar Concept, Truth Liar Seating ArrangementQuant
Classroom Video - Revision - Square Seating ArrangementQuant
Revision Video - Progression and SeriesQuant
Revision - Introduction to Quadratic EquationsQuant
Revision - Relation between equationsQuant
Revision - Cumulative DIQuant
Revision - Range of Possible Values of Quadratic CoefficientsQuant

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