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CUET is scheduled to be conducted from March 11th to March 28th, 2024. The exam duration will be 105 minutes with 75 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Taking CUET PG mocks in the latest pattern, which mimic the actual level and type of questions, will help you score well. Mocks are a crucial part of preparation that aids in understanding the exam pattern, ultimately assisting you in performing well in the actual exam.

CUET PG COQP12 Mock Test Series 

All the mocks are as per the latest 2024 COQP12 pattern.  The questions are close to actual CUET exam and also each CUET mock will provide detailed solutions and analysis. The solutions will help you to learn the best method to answer a particular problem. The performance analysis and percentile will help you to identify where you stand among the other serious aspirants and work on your weak spots. Taking CUET online practice tests will improve your speed & accuracy and helps you to discover your strengths & weaknesses.

CUET PG Mock Tests 2024

  1. CUET PG Mock 1

  2. CUET PG Mock 2

  3. CUET PG Mock 3

  4. CUET PG Mock 4

  5. CUET PG Mock 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mock test is best for CUET PG?

We recommend Cracku's CUET PG Mock Tests because they are close to the actual exam. The pattern is adapted as per the latest COQP12 update. You could also take free CUET mock test and also, you could practice NTA free mocks on the official website.

How many sections are present in CUET PG MBA Exam?

There are four sections in the CUET PG exam. 

What is the marking scheme of CUET PG MBA Exam?

+4 marks for correct response, -1 marks for incorrect response and o marks for unanswered response.

When is the CUET PG Exam date?

The exam is going to be conducted from 11th March, 2024 to 28 th March, 2024. However, the specific dates for each exam are not released yet.

Where can a student get Free CUET Mock Test?

You can get a free mock test at Also, you can take the free mock by NTA on its official website.


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