All Example Sets
Name of Sets Topic Done
Facts, Inferences and Judgements Miscellaneous
Properties of Triangles Geometry
Quadratic Equations Quadratic Equations
Para Jumbles Para Jumbles
Profit,Loss and Discount Profit, Loss and Interest
HCF and LCM Number Systems
Factors and Cyclicity Number Systems
Base System Number Systems
Seating Arrangement Arrangement
Time Speed Distance and Work Time, Distance and Work
Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary
Critical Reasoning Critical Reasoning
Chords and tangents of a circle Geometry
Circles & Polygons Geometry
Data Interpretation - Bar, Pie and Line Charts Charts
Maxima and Minima of Quadratic Equations Quadratic Equations
Simple and Compound Interest Profit, Loss and Interest
Remainder Theroem Number Systems
Para Completion Para Completion and Summary
Co-ordinate Geometry Geometry
Partitioning Probability, Combinatorics
Grammar-Tense and Subject Verb Consistency Grammar and Sentence Correction
Circular Permutations Probability, Combinatorics
Out of Context Para Jumbles
Games & Tournaments Games and Tournamnents
Mensuration Geometry
Para-Summary Para Completion and Summary
Number of Integral Solutions Probability, Combinatorics
Routes and Networks 2D & 3D LR
Bayes Theorem & Binomial Distribution Probability, Combinatorics
Strengthen & Weaken Critical Reasoning
Parallelism Grammar and Sentence Correction
Data Interpretation - Tables, Scatter and Radar Charts Special Charts
Functions Functions, Graphs and Statistics
Persuasive Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension
Analytical Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension
Averages Ratio and Proportion Averages, Ratio and Proportion
Boats and Escalators Time, Distance and Work
Inequalities Inequalities
Circular Tracks Time, Distance and Work
AP, GP and HP Progressions and Series
Alligation and Concentration Averages, Ratio and Proportion
Venn Diagrams - 3 Sets Venn Diagrams
Logarithms, Surds and Indices Logarithms, Surds and Indices
Pipes and Cisterns Time, Distance and Work
Clocks Time, Distance and Work
Blood Relations Puzzles
Number of Integral Points Inequalities
Linear Equations Linear Equations
Data Sufficiency Data Sufficiency

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