All Example Sets
Name of SetsTopicDone
Data Interpretation BasicsData Interpretation
Properties of TrianglesGeometry
Profit,Loss and DiscountProfit, Loss and Interest
Data Interpretation - Bar, Pie and Line ChartsData Interpretation
Phrasal VerbsVocabulary
Facts, Inferences and JudgementsMiscellaneous
Para JumblesPara Jumbles
HCF and LCMNumber Systems
Factors and CyclicityNumber Systems
Base SystemNumber Systems
Quadratic EquationsQuadratic Equations
Critical ReasoningCritical Reasoning
Seating ArrangementLogical Reasoning
Time Speed Distance and WorkTime, Distance and Work
Chords and tangents of a circleGeometry
Circles & PolygonsGeometry
Simple and Compound InterestProfit, Loss and Interest
Pie ChartsData Interpretation
PartitioningProbability, Combinatorics
Co-ordinate GeometryGeometry
Remainder TheroemNumber Systems
Para CompletionPara Completion and Summary
Maxima and Minima of Quadratic EquationsQuadratic Equations
Grammar-Tense and Subject Verb ConsistencyGrammar and Sentence Correction
Out of ContextPara Jumbles
Games & TournamentsLogical Reasoning
Circular PermutationsProbability, Combinatorics
Para-SummaryPara Completion and Summary
Number of Integral SolutionsProbability, Combinatorics
Routes and NetworksLogical Reasoning
Bayes Theorem & Binomial DistributionProbability, Combinatorics
Strengthen & WeakenCritical Reasoning
ParallelismGrammar and Sentence Correction
Data Interpretation - Tables, Scatter and Radar ChartsData Interpretation
FunctionsFunctions, Graphs and Statistics
Persuasive Reading ComprehensionReading Comprehension
Analytical Reading ComprehensionReading Comprehension
Boats and EscalatorsTime, Distance and Work
Circular TracksTime, Distance and Work
AP, GP and HPProgressions and Series
Alligation and ConcentrationAverages, Ratio and Proportion
Blood RelationsLogical Reasoning
Logarithms, Surds and IndicesLogarithms, Surds and Indices
Data SufficiencyData Sufficiency
Venn Diagrams - 3 SetsVenn Diagrams
Number of Integral PointsInequalities
ClocksTime, Distance and Work
Linear EquationsLinear Equations
Pipes and CisternsTime, Distance and Work
Averages Ratio and ProportionAverages, Ratio and Proportion

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