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1 August 2022 Current Affairs PDF
2 September 2022 Current Affairs PDF
3 October 2022 Current Affairs PDF
4 November 2022 Current Affairs PDF
5 December 2022 Current Affairs PDF
6 January 2023 Current Affairs PDF
7 February 2023 Current Affairs
8 March 2023 Current Affairs

Static GK

1 Banking Structure in India
2 History of Banking in India
3 Committies or Commissions in India and their Heads
4 Crop Seasons and Soils in India
5 Dams in India
6 Different dance forms in India with states
7 Famous Archeological sites in the world
8 Famous books and authors list
9 Famous Sports Personalities in the World
10 Famous Temples in India list
11 Festivals of Indian States
12 Important Countries and their Capitals and Currencies
13 Important Inventions and Discoveries
14 Important National and International Days
15 Indias Ranking in Different Indexes
16 Indian Constitution Age Limits and Tenures
17 Indian Dynasties and their Founders and their Capitals
18 Indian Railways GK
19 Indian Rivers Origin and Destination
20 List of Airports in India
21 List of all schemes of Indian government
22 List of Cabinet Ministers of India
23 List of Central Banks of Different countries
24 List of Countries & their Military Strength
25 List of Countries and their parliaments name
26 List of famous cities on river banks in the world
27 List of Famous Deserts in India and World
28 List of Famous Gardens in India
29 List of Famous Mosques and Mausoleums in India
30 List of Famous Palaces in India
31 List of Famous Waterfalls in the World & India
32 List of First in India
33 List of Hill Stations & Mountains in India
34 List of Important Beaches, Caves and Zoos in India
35 List of Indian Cities on River Banks
36 List of Indian Missiles and their Range
37 List of Indian Newspapers and their Editors and Founders
38 List of Indian States and their Capitals
39 List of International Boundary Lines
40 List of Lakes in India
41 List of Museums in India
42 List of National & International Organizations and their Headquarters and Heads 2023
43 List of National Highways in India PDF
44 List of National parks in India
45 List of Nuclear Power plants in India
46 List of Oil Refineries and Steel Plants Industries in India
47 List of Old and New Names of Cities in India
48 List of Revolutions in India
49 List of Seaports in India
50 List of Stadiums in India
51 List of State Symbols of India
52 List of Stock Exchanges in the World
53 List of Thermal Power plants in India with Capacity
54 List of Top Companies and their CEO's in World
55 List of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Elements of India
56 List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India
57 List of Volcanoes in the World & India
58 Military Exercises of India with Other Countries 2022
59 National Symbols of India
60 nicknames of famous indian personalities and world's
61 Nick Names of Indian States and Cities
62 Political Parties in India and their Current Leaders
63 Sports Cups and Trophies List
64 List Of CMs & Governors Of Indian States & UTs
65 Famous Bridges, Statues, Stupas
66 Impact of GST on Indian Economy

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