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Comprehensive CAT Prep with Concept Videos

Free CAT Concept & Revision Videos

Our Complete Video Series has 1000+ Videos covering the entire CAT portion from basics to advanced, consisting of 250+ Concept Videos, 150+ revision videos and 600+ Question Videos. Additionally, we are providing 10 Concept Videos available for free to try our Cracku CAT online preparation.

Cracku provides the best complete revision videos for all sections in CAT. We have over 10+ hours of free CAT revision videos as well for students who want to try online CAT prep. If you want to boost your preparation for CAT with the help of CAT experts, you can check out the CAT 2024 online course here.

Introduction to Triangles XAT Decision Making Introduction to Ratio and Proportion

Excellent free CAT preparation Mocks

3 Free CAT Mock Tests & 3 Free CAT Sectionals

Try CAT mock before actual CAT. We offer free CAT full-length tests in the latest pattern of the CAT 2024 exam covering all three sections VARC, Quant & LRDI.

Students looking for the free CAT online preparation should start with the free mocks and previous papers, as they will serve as an excellent ground to understand the actual exam. You will also get detailed analysis, including video solutions, All-India ranks & percentile and the time spent on each question. Also, here we provide free CAT sectionals for each of VARC, Quant & DILR. Also, previous papers can be downloaded as free CAT PDFs.You can also check our CAT Syllabus PDF

Top-rated Tests for Daily Practice

Free CAT Daily Tests with Video Solutions

We believe that little progress each day can give incredible results. So, we provide three free CAT tests every weekday with video solutions, and thousands of students across the nation take them. The best part of Cracku daily target is it's completely free (if you take it on the same day of release). These daily targets will provide important practice questions for CAT 2024 preparation covering all three sections VARC, Quant and DILR.

Daily CAT preparation tests are made by CAT toppers, Maruti Sir (CAT 100%iler) & Sayali ma'am (99.97%iler). Solving daily targets can be valuable, both for exposure to different question patterns and for learning various concepts from the explanations.

CAT Quant Formulas

Quant Formula PDF's

Quantitative Ability is one of the most important sections in all the MBA exams. We compiled the formulae PDFs for all the quant topics. These PDFs include the important formulae and also the important questions (with detailed video solutions) for practice. You can download the PDFs for Free.

You can also check out the formula handbook and other guides to cracking CAT & OMETs by online preparation.

500 Must Solve CAT Questions

Question Bank with Detailed Solutions

We have compiled 500 important CAT-level questions. Go through and learn from the topic-wise free CAT problems with solutions. These are the most repeated model problems picked from previous papers and CAT study material.

The Question Bank contains some of the important questions for MBA Entrance exams like XAT, NMAT, CMAT, GMAT, SNAP, IBSAT, ATMA, MICAT, MAH-CET, IRMA, TISS, and CAT. Try to answer these CAT sample questions and go through the solutions.

MBA Exam PDFs & Info

Free Exam prep Guides for cracking CAT and OMETS

Are you looking for reliable sources to prepare for CAT and other OMET exams? We have compiled all the relevant information like exam dates, notifications, pattern and syllabus about CAT and other OMETS.

We also compiled several formulae PDFs, books and other guides to cracking CAT & OMETs by online preparation.

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