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Watch the free CAT online preparation videos by Sayali Kale mam (IIMA Alumni) and discover the smarter way to prepare for CAT 2019. These excellent CAT video lessons will cover the entire syllabus in great detail. Please Enroll for more video tutorials.

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How to prepare for CAT 2019

Being disciplined with the preparation process is crucial to cracking CAT. Learn how our comprehensive CAT course provides a structured and exhaustive preparation plan through this free CAT preparation tutorial.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension accounts for 24% of the total marks allotted in the exam. Learn how to develop a structured approach and understand the chain of thought in the passage to ace RC questions through this video.

Triangles for CAT

Geometry is one of the few topics from which one can expect over 5 questions in CAT. From the feasibility of 3 sides forming a triangle to the proportionality theorem, this free video lecture will help you a lot in mastering the basics of triangles.

Games and Tournaments

Games and tournaments is one of the most important topics in the LRDI section. Go through this excellent CAT video lecture to know how to approach a set and tackle the tricky questions on games and tournaments.

Logical Representation of Information

A well-represented set is half-done. Though the Logical Representation section has become tough over the years, representing the information the right way helps a lot in cracking the logic. Learn how to represent the given information methodically by going through this free CAT video lecture.

Seating Arrangement

Seating arrangement questions frequent CAT and other management entrance tests. The simplicity of the topic and the availability of excellent representation techniques makes this topic a must-do one. Go through our free CAT video tutorial to know how to nail these questions.

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What Our Students Say

Cracku's online classes were instrumental for scoring well in CAT 2018. They helped me immensely in building my knowledge base right from the basics. The numerous practice questions and mocks also gave a boost to my preparation. I thank sayali ma'am for her excellent classes and guidance.

Pillarisetti Bhargav
CAT 2018 - 99.76%le

It was my first attempt . And my goal was to score higher than 95 percentile . Cracku helped me immensely with it . It was a one stop solution to all doubts regarding preparation i had . All material had been systematically designed and online classes were just amazing . There were huge amount of questions available here for practice with step by step approach so there was no need to be confused  . And level was just perfect to what to be expected in CAT . I am extremely grateful to this platform.

Misha Garg
CAT 2018 - 97.86%le

Cracku has really helped me prepare for my examination. With its app , i could practice when i was travelling as well. The video content is really good and helped me understand difficult concepts.

CAT 2018 - 98.09%le

I was using Cracku Daily quotient and mocks for preparation. I was also using the Booster course. The content of the videos and the quality of mocks is really good.

Karan Shah
CAT 2018 - 98.32%le

The video lectures on quant and the small 15mins tests were very useful. I owe my quant performance to cracku's test series and sectional mocks.

Shivam chandra
CAT 2018 - 98.48%le

The test series by CrackU greatly help me. The whatsapp preparation groups as well as the online classes by CrackU helped me overcome the difficult concepts with peer learning as well as important guidance. A special thanks to Sayali Kale ma'am. The concepts of geometry, PNC, Remainder theorems etc which are quite difficult to grasp, were quite elegantly and effectively explained by her in the online classes.

Abhijeet Kothiyal
CAT 2018 - 98.59%le

The cracku videos by the IIMA was tremendously helpful. Added to that was the daily quiz in the app- which helped me be up to date with the content. You guys have done a great job!

Yadhu Gopal
CAT 2018 - 99.1%le

Great videos, lrdi sectional mocks are also great.

Pritish Mohanty
CAT 2018 - 99.16%le

Cracku was really helpful for providing real test like mock tests and concept videos. It has helped me a lot in revising and clearing fundamentals.

Sravan Reddy
CAT 2018 - 99.38%le

The number of tests and their quality, the periodic concept and strategy videos, the clarity of the solutions to the mocks and the grading of complexity of each question really helped figure out the level of difficulty that could be expected from the paper. Thank you!

Rohit Dinakar
CAT 2018 - 99.53%le

I want to say Cracku has helped me a lot in cracking CAT. Your content especially in DILR is outstanding. The approaches discussed in the videos help students in solving difficult and different patterns of questions quickly and efficiently.

Sashank Sharma
CAT 2018 - 99.84%le

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