Central Idea of the Passage | CAT Reading Comprehension By IIMA Alumni

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CAT 2023 Results


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99 Percentile and above



Unnat Akhouri

CAT 2023 - 99.96%ile

Excellent resources for CAT Preparation

I am writing this message to inform students of one of the most underrated yet excellent resources for CAT. The concept videos at Cracku dealt with everything from absolute fundamentals, and it was a legit treat to witness the magical problem-solving skills of Maruti Sir and Sayali Ma'am. Please take advantage of the study room of Cracku, wherein one gets tons of quality questions. These questions are so innovative that they forced me to think about many concepts. While we need help to get hands-on with some quality RCs or LR sets to practice, the study room has over 500 RCs and around 600-700 LRDI sets, which are more than sufficient for the preparation. The DashCATs were of supreme quality, which absolutely matched the actual exam. The RCs used to have extraordinarily tricky yet logical options, LR sets always posed challenges in selecting the right sets, and QA had a great mix of questions to pick from. Last but not least, the faculty was constantly in touch to help with all the academic and non-academic queries. Hence, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Cracku caters to every aspect smoothly and conveniently. If dedicated enough, an aspirant can extract immense value from the resources and mentorship the faculties gives.


Deveshwar Mandava

CAT 2023 - 99.92%ile

The extensive question bank based on difficulty level helped me practice a lot based on the areas where I was struggling and what level of questions were those.


Priyadarshini Das

CAT 2023 - 99.91%ile

Best CAT Mock Test Series

Cracku helped me to maintain regularity with their daily tests. The materials and sectional tests helped to brush up my concepts. The mock tests are also at par with the level of questions in the actual exam and solving and analysing these mock tests helped to improve my score.


Rishab Ram

CAT 2023 - 99.89%ile

Cracku had some of the best test material and the dash cat test series was the most accurate to the actual cat and prepared me in the best way, and not to mention the daily target question quality was really very good and it helped me keep up on a daily basis.


Rishabh Sethi

CAT 2023 - 99.89%ile

I was enrolled in the 100 day Crash Course which helped me crack CAT with a great percentile in the 1st attempt itself with just 100 day preparation.


Vaisakh PJ

CAT 2023 - 99.84%ile

I did my CAT preparation while i was working. It was extremely challenging for me to balance my cat preparation along with my work under limited time available. The structured learning material curated by Cracku made my journey immensely easy. Especially the daily targets and the study room. The mocks provided by Cracku was top notch and conditioned me to give my best on the D day. The live streams and the motivation by Maruti sir and Sayali mam helped me very much during my cat journey. I thank Cracku for helping me crack cat.


Bhaswanth Apuru

CAT 2023 - 99.73%ile

I felt I started preparing for CAT a bit late, but the way material is structured in Cracku helped me in starting my preparation right away. The practice questions and the questions in the mocks are really good with very well balanced difficulty which is on par with actual CAT style. I would like to that the whole cracku team, as I know the result I got would not have been possible without the assistance from cracku.


Siddhant Samyak

CAT 2023 - 99.75%ile

Converted IIM Ahmedabad

Cracku is best for CAT preparation. The Dashcat mocks level was at par with the CAT. The mocks were very well designed by the faculty keeping it up to date with the CAT's trend. Difficulty level of questions of daily targets, sectional and study room were very well thought of video solutions and mock attempts by Maruti Sir and Sayali Ma'am were really helpful, as i formed my paper attempting strategy learning from them. In short CRACKU is best in the business.


Mohmmed Aaquib Jawed

CAT 2023 - 99.65%ile

I started my preparation early with Cracku by enrolling for the Daily Target + Dashcats course. The Daily Targets helped me by keeping me in touch with every topic, including "Odd One Out" question type in VARC, which to everyone's surprise came in the exam. The DILR sets were really good and the regular practice of a variety of sets eventually helped me score 99.83%ile in the section.


Uttank Jha

CAT 2023 - 99.65%ile

When I first started preparing for CAT, I was completely unaware of the exam pattern as well as the syllabus. But Cracku's well-curated 125-day crash course provided a very targeted approach for my preparation. The tutors and mentors were able to explain topics and solve my doubts quite clearly, and I found the mocks to be very consistent and accurate as per the actual CAT level of difficulty.


Tirtharaj Choudhury

CAT 2023 - 99.64%ile

Mocks Closest To Actual CAT Exam

Cracku is basically a one-stop shop for CAT. And is by far the most inexpensive coaching out there. And it gets better, because the mocks are the closest to the real exam among all other major coaching institutes, the interface is just like CAT, and the analysis is brilliant. Cracku prepared me for the worst of scenarios, which led me to this performance.


Aditya Dev

CAT 2023 - 99.59%ile

A gamified learning experience with gimmick-free problem-solving strategies that rely on just basic concepts. The Daily practice problems were all I could do some days considering my hectic work schedule. The cherry on the cake was the mock test quality. The questions were slightly tougher than previous CAT papers and helped me stay calm during the Quant section in 2023 and the innovative problems in DILR helped me crack 2 sets in DILR as well.


Ashish Pant

CAT 2023 - 99.54%ile

I only referred to cracku material and it greatly helped me achieve this score.


Anirudh Suresh

CAT 2023 - 99.51%ile

Cracku helped me get done with my basics initially, then it was helpful in providing me with sectionals and most importantly study room which was very helpful throughout my cat journey, as I could pick up any weak topic and practise for that topic exclusively which is a top notch feature of cracku. Finally cracku helped with Dashcats, which were designed very close to cat or I would say a bit tougher, however doing well in dashcats could easily reflect in your actual CAT. I would like to thank Maruti Sir and Sayali ma'am for mentoring me throughout the CAT journey with the help of recorded videos. Thank you cracku.


Akshay Narendran

CAT 99.49%ile

Cracku was very helpful in terms of the videos and tests. It was the only source I referred to for preparation.


Shiladitya Bhadra

CAT 2023 - 99.38%ile

Cracku was instrumental in my CAT journey. I was skeptical and confused before joining but realized very early that this is the best decision I could have made. I think the daily targets, the level of mocks and video solutions are simply the best that is available out there. Confidence was key and that came from such a well designed preparation plan. I went to the exams knowing that I can score around 99.9 and that's why despite not having the best day I could manage 99.3+. I would like to end my thanking Maruti sir and Sayali ma'am for the entire journey. Hopefully this isn't the end. More exams to come.


Vishal Jain

CAT 2023 - 99.37%ile

During recent years the difficulty of CAT has increased significantly. Any serious aspirant should anticipate further increase in difficulty in upcoming years and prepare accordingly. Hence, aspirants must always practice questions of higher difficulty level. This exactly where cracku’s study rooms helped me. In cracku’s study rooms there is around 3800 QA questions each being high level. Anyone who practices everything can easily cross 99 percentile. The same can be said for DILR and VARC. Something I personally liked about cracku is the value for money. We get much questions to practice at affordable price.


Trisha Awari

CAT 2023 - 99.33%ile

I am very grateful for Sayali ma'am and Maruti sir's course videos and livestreams; they helped me strengthen my concepts and build confidence. Dashcats, daily targets and the extensive study material ensured that I was prepared for whatever the exam threw at me.


Ubaidullah Kazi

CAT 2023 - 99.27%ile

Cracku splits its content into doable daily tasks, which motivated me to log in and build upon my existing knowledge base or learn something new every day.


Vaishnavi Patil

CAT 2023 - 99.25%ile

I had completely relied on Cracku for my CAT preparations. Their video lectures, study room problems and DashCat mocks really helped me in my journey for CAT preparation.


Sajal Swapnil

CAT 2023 - 99.23%ile

Cracku has been really helpful in providing the most structured and optimised study plan for CAT according to me. The Daily Targets and the Study Rooms have really helped maximise productivity in solving as many questions as one can. The Mocks have also been super helpful.


Omkar Sahoo

CAT 2023 - 99.14%ile

I extend my heartful gratitude for the exceptional support in my CAT 23 journey. The meticulously handpicked study material which was at par with the CAT 23 Level, facilitated with adaptive learning, transitioning seamlessly from easy to challenging concepts. The timer based practice honed my speed and accuracy for real exam. The incorporation of daily targets ensured consistency and discipline in my preparation.


Om Adarsh

CAT 99.98%ile

My First Step To CAT Coaching

Cracku was my first step to CAT coaching. I had no clue where to start, but with the regular daily tests, sectional tests and full length mock tests I assessed my strengths and weaknesses and worked on them. The live videos organized periodically were also of great help. At the end I would like to thank cracku and would recommend it highly to students seriously preparing for CAT or other MBA exams.


Vikram Aditya Sharma

CAT 99.95%ile

Just What Is Needed For Working Professionals

As a working professional in a busy job who had not taken the CAT before, Cracku's offerings were just what I needed. The bite-sized lessons were concise yet easy to follow, and the daily targets ensured I was able to get some practice in before or after work on most days. The platform has been gamified and organised really well, which makes the learning experience seamless and a lot of fun. Really appreciate the efforts Maruti sir, Sayali ma'am and the entire Cracku team have put into building the platform and content - it's really high quality stuff!


Bhumika Mittal

CAT 99.99%ile

Really Helpful For My CAT Preparation

Cracku sectional and full length mocks are really helpful. It gives an idea about attempt strategy and time management.


Sai Teja

CAT 100%ile

I signed up for the CAT Crash Course

My initial preparation was solely based on taking mocks. Not preparing in a structured manner meant that there were glaring gaps in my understanding of a few concepts. So, I signed up for the Crash Course. The concise concept videos helped me fill these gaps in a short period of time. I also benefitted a lot from sectional tests which allowed me to try out different test-taking strategies. I appreciate the effort put in by your extremely self-driven and passionate team.


Aravind Muralidharan

CAT 99.87%le

Best CAT Online Coaching

Cracku is definitely one of the best when it comes to CAT. Maruti and Sayali have done a wonderful job with the video series and the DashCAT solutions are very well made. When it comes to preparation for Quant, I can safely say that Cracku is the most comprehensive and the best out there. Kudos for providing quality content at an affordable price-point.


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