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Cracku Student Success Stories & Reviews


Om Adarsh

CAT 2022 - 99.98%ile

My First Step To CAT Coaching

Cracku was my first step to CAT coaching. I had no clue where to start, but with the regular daily tests, sectional tests and full length mock tests I assessed my strengths and weaknesses and worked on them. The live videos organized periodically were also of great help. At the end I would like to thank cracku and would recommend it highly to students seriously preparing for CAT or other MBA exams.


Vikram Aditya Sharma

CAT 2022 - 99.95%ile

Just What Is Needed For Working Professionals

As a working professional in a busy job who had not taken the CAT before, Cracku's offerings were just what I needed. The bite-sized lessons were concise yet easy to follow, and the daily targets ensured I was able to get some practice in before or after work on most days. The platform has been gamified and organised really well, which makes the learning experience seamless and a lot of fun. Really appreciate the efforts Maruti sir, Sayali ma'am and the entire Cracku team have put into building the platform and content - it's really high quality stuff!


Nitin Mangla

CAT 2022 - 99.89%ile

One Stop Destination For CAT Prep

Cracku has been one stop destination for my prep. It provided me with excellent video course and practice materials which helped me to cover all topics and strength my concepts. Study room helped me improving my weak sections, daily targets kept me in habit of solving questions in time constraint and Dashcats were at par with cat level and helped in actual CAT exam.


Meenakshi Saji

CAT 2022 - 99.97%ile

Cracku questions and revision videos allowed me to brush up concepts and fill in any conceptual gaps.


Sai Teja

CAT - 100%ile

I signed up for the CAT Crash Course

My initial preparation was solely based on taking mocks. Not preparing in a structured manner meant that there were glaring gaps in my understanding of a few concepts. So, I signed up for the Crash Course. The concise concept videos helped me fill these gaps in a short period of time. I also benefitted a lot from sectional tests which allowed me to try out different test-taking strategies. I appreciate the effort put in by your extremely self-driven and passionate team.


S Chandra

CAT - 99.99%ile

Really happy with the Quality

I enrolled myself for Cracku mock test series. I was really happy with the quality of the questions in mocks as well as sectional tests. The questions and difficulty level of each mock were very well thought of. Thank you team for providing such content.


Bhumika Mittal

CAT 2022 - 99.99%ile

Really Helpful For My CAT Preparation

Cracku sectional and full length mocks are really helpful. It gives an idea about attempt strategy and time management.


Aravind Muralidharan

CAT - 99.87%le

Best CAT Online Coaching

Cracku is definitely one of the best when it comes to CAT. Maruti and Sayali have done a wonderful job with the video series and the DashCAT solutions are very well made. When it comes to preparation for Quant, I can safely say that Cracku is the most comprehensive and the best out there. Kudos for providing quality content at an affordable price-point.


Arvind Malav

CAT - 99.82%le

My only source of CAT Preparation

Cracku was my one and only source of preparation. I didn't waste any time elsewhere looking for multiple videos on same topics or books for same. I also didn't go on a crusade to collect all possible testseries by all possible sources. Cracku fulfilled all my requirements at one place in terms of material, mocks and previous year papers. Cracku's daily targets and daily tasks helped me be that consistent. I religiously did all daily targets and mocks. My daily study time was very rarely above 3 hrs but the consistency in my preparation which Cracku provided me made a difference of day and night for me. Lastly, the doubts were also proactively answered by cracku guys within few days. One may at times differ to their provided answers but they never shied away from constructive discussion on the same. A very big heartily Thank you from my end to whole team of Cracku for their tireless efforts throughout the whole year.


Ashraya Maria

CAT 2022 - 99%ile

Best Resource for CAT Exam Preparation

This was my first CAT attempt and I was returning to math after years. Cracku helped me understand concepts thoroughly, added structure to my preparation, and kept me motivated throughout.



CAT 2022 - 99.06%ile

I joined Cracku in July 2022, and I give all my credits to Cracku, I loved the their way of teaching and content too, especially their strong point is that only sayali mam and maruti sir teaches, so this helps in maintaining a connection with teacher, newbies are for doubt solving only.


Siddhartha Chatterjee

CAT 2022 - 99.46%ile

Best CAT Mock Test Series

Cracku really provides excellent content. The videos by Sayali Ma'am and Maruti Sir are really good and the concepts are very well explained. The course is extensive and covers every area you can think of. Cracku leaves no stone unturned. Their mocks are also very useful, and they really teach you how to tackle the questions in the actual CAT exam.


Amujuru Maheswar

CAT 2022 - 99.39%

CAT Daily Targets Are Best!

cracku video series and daily targets are the best in market. Maruthi sir and sayali ma'am problem solving methods made me think novel strategies while attempting a question. I would definitely recommend cracku for a great percentile in cat.


Acharya Akshay Nitin

CAT 2022 - 99.35%ile

Having being given CAT 2021, I could not perform well in DILR and missed the sectional cutoffs with percentile at 56%le and overall percentile at 96.61%. Having learnt about Cracku through Youtube, I enrolled for their CAT 2022 course. The video explanations, the daily targets and the sectionals of DILR and VARC helped me in reaching a 99.89%le in VARC and 92%le in DILR and further 99+ %le overall.


Yash Vipulkumar Shah

CAT 2022 - 99.34%ile

Cracku was my go to preparation for CAT 2022. Not only did I rely on the videos, but the Study Room and the questions were very extensive. Sayali ma'am made all quant concepts seem simple.


Kumar Priyanshu

CAT 2022 - 99.34%ile

I enrolled in the daily plan course. It helped me a lot in maintaing consistency.

Harsh Agarwal

CAT 2022 - 99.24%ile

Really crisp material and the founders are amazing. So much to learn from them in acads and beyond. The difficulty and set up of mocks were appreciable.


Y Gokuldas Pawar

CAT 2022 - 99.16%ile

The course was immensely helpful in understanding the concepts. The practice questions in the study room helped in getting a strong grip over the concepts.


Antas Palash

CAT 2022 - 99.09%ile

Daily targets are really helpful!

Cracku helped my preparation a lot. The concept videos are very good and detailed, which I needed due to weak QA. Daily targets are an awesome feature. The schedule is a nice addition too, makes one accountable. It helped me in keeping the discipline intact throughout the prep journey.


Dhundiraj Prabhakar

CAT 2022 - 99.77%ile

CAT DILR Increased From 74 to 99.80%ile

I took the entire course.I enjoyed the process and course a lot. The videos were very helpful especially for QA and DILR. My DILR percentile improved from 74 to 99.80.


Parthesh Divesh Savla

CAT 2022 - 99.7%ile

Amazing Resources and Video Lectures.


Abhinav Jha

CAT 2022 - 99.70%ile

Mock tests, prep videos and topic tests along with the schedule helped me chart my preparation so that no topic is left underprepared.


Yatharth Chawla

CAT 2022 - 99.7%ile

Structured Learning, Good Mocks and Sectionals, Amazing Study Room


Sujay Subham

CAT 2022 - 99.67%ile

I have been a student of Cracku for last two years and it did help me a lot in my journey.


Swati Shai

CAT 2022 - 99.60%ile

Cracku has helped me immensely throughout my CAT journey. The daily target questions are amazing. This was my first attempt and it wouldn't have been possible without you. Thanks team CRACKU


Sundar Rajan K

CAT 2022 - 99.63%ile

I started my preparation two months before cat. I found Cracku's two months course and it's schedule apt for me. Day in day out, the video classes and the mock test series helped me shape up my score. I'm grateful.


Reddeppagari Khethan

CAT 2022 - 99.62%ile

I purchased the complete cracku course. Cracku helped me build up my basics. Owing to the unpredictability of CAT exam, crack mock tests helped me be prepared for the worst case scenario.


Abhishek Mishra

CAT 2022 - 99.59%ile

Cracku is best for cat preparation. Daily targets, Mocks, Sectionals, Live sessions etc. are just one of the best things that help me in my CAT preparation throughout the journey. Thank you Cracku


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