NMAT Crash Course

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Focused preparation for NMAT 2022 exam. This course will cover the entire syllabus, including Language skills, Quantitative skills and Logical Reasoning.

Get intensive daily schedule prepared by the experts, daily tasks and comprehensive concept videos with a lot of tests to practice. You can download the PDF of detailed daily schedule for free below.

Need advice? Talk to our experts


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Need advice? Talk to our experts


+91 630 323 9042

What Will You Get ?

Intensive Schedule

The course schedule is carefully designed to help you comprehensively cover the NMAT portion with 60-70 hours of concept videos.

Daily Tasks

Entire portion is broken down into easy to accomplish tasks of daily videos and tests. Along with this you will get 5 high-quality NMAT 2022 mocks.

Lots of Practice

This course contains 80 NMAT Concept videos, 80 NMAT Topic Tests & 5 NMAT All-India mocks (Adaptive) to ensure thorough preparation with ample amount of practice.


NMAT 2022 Crash Course

Rs 4999.00 Rs 1999.00
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NMAT 2022 Mocks

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NMAT Mock Tests 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Cracku NMAT Crash Course cover the entire NMAT Syllabus?

Yes, the Cracku NMAT crash course covers all the core concepts of the NMAT Syllabus. This will help you comprehensively cover the important topics (with 60-70 hours of concept videos). This NMAT course contains 85+ videos, 80+ tests & 5 ADAPTIVE national level mock tests to ensure thorough preparation with ample amount of practice.

Is there a combined crash course for NMAT & SNAP ? How can I enrol for NMAT & SNAP Crash Course together?

Yes,we also provide a combined crash course for NMAT & SNAP. The combined crash course is extremely useful for aspirants preparing for both exams, and it comes at a discounted price. You can check the full details of the NMAT+SNAP crash courses here.

Is 1 month enough for NMAT?

If you are well-versed with the core concepts tested in the exam, one month is sufficient for revision and mock tests. However, if you’re not very thorough with the basics, you would need more than a month to crack the NMAT exam.

How can I prepare for NMAT 2022?

The first step is to cover the basics/core concepts tested in the exam. You can check out the list of all the core concepts and detailed daily schedule above. Once you have covered the fundamental concepts, you need to take more Adaptive tests and analyse them well.

Is NMAT a difficult exam?

The NMAT is not a very tough exam when compared to the other MBA exams, such as the CAT and the XAT. The ADAPTIVE nature of the NMAT test might make it a bit challenging for those not used to this particular test-taking format. Aspirants can take the adaptive NMAT Mock tests here.

Does NMAT have GK?

No, the NMAT exam does not have a GK section.

How can I get 99+ percentile in NMAT?

Getting a 99%ile takes a good deal of effort and dedication. It is not very tough if you stick to the study plan rigorously. Having strong basics, taking adaptive mock tests, analysing the tests well, working on the weak areas, and having a good exam strategy will help you get a 99+ percentile on the NMAT exam.

Is NMAT easier than SNAP?

NMAT and SNAP are considered easy when compared to MBA exams such as CAT & XAT. Hence, SNAP and NMAT would broadly have a similar difficulty level. However, the Adaptive nature of the NMAT exam might make it a bit challenging for those not used to this particular test-taking format. Hence, aspirants must take these adaptive NMAT Mock tests.


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