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NMAT exam is scheduled to be conduted from 10th Oct to 19th Dec 2023. Taking NMAT mocks that mimic the pattern of the actual exam is crucial to scoring well. A best NMAT mock test should be representative of the actual exam and should be a mixture of easy and difficult questions. Taking NMAT online practice tests will improve your speed & accuracy and to discover your strengths & weaknesses.

NMAT 2023 Mock Test Series

Each NMAT mock will provide detailed solutions and analysis. The solutions will help you to learn best method to answer a particular problem. The performance analysis and national level percentile will help you to identify where you stand among the other serious aspirants and work on your weak spots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get 99+ percentile in NMAT?

Getting a 99%ile takes a good deal of effort and dedication. It is not very tough if you stick to your study plan rigorously. Having basics, taking these Adaptive NMAT mock tests, analysing the tests well, working on the weak areas, and having a good exam strategy will help you get a 99+ percentile on the NMAT exam.

Is a calculator allowed in NMAT?

No, calculators are not allowed in the NMAT exam. The quant calculations are manageable; hence, the exam does not provide calculators

Do you get an NMAT score immediately?

Yes, your NMAT score is instantly available after the exam. You will get your official score report from the GMAC, within three days after your exam.

What is the highest NMAT score?

The NMAT exam is for a total of 360 marks. The exam includes three sections: Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning. The overall score range of the NMAT exam is 36-360.

Is NMAT a difficult exam?

The NMAT is not a very tough exam when compared to the other MBA exams, such as the CAT and the XAT. The ADAPTIVE nature of the NMAT test might make it a bit challenging for those not used to this particular test-taking format. Aspirants can take the Adaptive NMAT Mock tests here.

Is NMAT easier than SNAP?

NMAT and SNAP are considered easy when compared to MBA exams such as CAT & XAT. Hence, SNAP and NMAT would broadly have a similar difficulty level. However, the Adaptive nature of the NMAT exam might make it a bit challenging for those not used to this particular test-taking format. Hence, aspirants must take these Adaptive NMAT Mock tests.


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