Geometry Formulas For CAT [PDF]


    Geometry & Mensuration CAT Formulas PDF

    Geometry is one of the important sections for CAT. Most aspirants find mensuration formulas for CAT difficult due to large number of concepts. So, here we are providing a large number of mensuration formulas and tips of geometry covering the concepts of coordinate geometry, lines, triangles, various theorems and areas, volumes and of different geometrical figures. Please share mensuration formulas of CAT with other aspirants.

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    Outline of various topics covered in Geometry & Mensuration formulas for CAT PDF:

    • Quadrant system
    • Collinear and concurrent lines
    • Distance between two lines
    • Slope of a line
    • Equations of a line
    • Equation of circle
    • Supplementary angles, complementary angles
    • Transversal theorems
    • Various types of angles, obtuse angle, acute triangle and right angle
    • Various types of triangles acute angled triangle, right angled triangle, obtuse angled triangle
    • what is median, altitude, perpendicular bisector, angular bisector
    • what is orthocentre, centriod, circumcentre, and their properties with respective various triangles.
    • Theorems like Pythagoras theorem, Apollonius theorem, Midpoint theorem, Basic proportionality theorem, internal angular bisector theorem and exterior angular bisector theorem and their explanations.
    • Cyclic quadrilateral, its properties and formulas
    • Area of an equilateral and isosceles triangle
    • Similar and congruent triangles.
    • Formulas for areas of a triangle
    • special triangles (like 30º, 60º and 90° triangle and 45°,45° and 90° triangle)
    • Circumradius and inradius
    • Various properties and formulas of circles and theorems like Inscribed angle theorem,
    • Area of a sector and segment
    • Direct and transverse common tangents and their formulas
    • Regular polygon, number of diagonals and its internal and external angles
    • Area and formulas for regular hexagonal polygon
    • Areas of triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, parallelogram, square, rhombus, kite
    • Volume, total surface area and lateral surface are of different solids like cube, cuboid, pyramid, prism, cylinder, cone, cone frustum, sphere and hemi-sphere

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