Time, Speed, Distance and Work Formulae for CAT (PDF)


    All the important formulae in the topic Time, Speed, Distance and Work for CAT. Please download the pdf and share it with your friends. This formula sheet covers many shortcuts, concepts and tips related to time and work topic. Learn concept

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    Download Time & Distance formulas PDF

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    Outline of various things covered in the time and work formulas pdf are

    • Formulas for Time, speed and distance
    • Ratios of speeds, time and distance
    • Average speed formulas
    • Total distance
    • Constant distance and constant time
    • Circular tracks (meeting at a point for the first time and number of meeting points and time for meeting)
    • Two persons coming from two ends and meeting at a point formulas
    • Shortcuts for time calculations in special cases
    • Trains crossing each other
    • Work-days-hours concepts
    • Boats and Streams (Upstream and downstream formulas)
    • Pipes and Cisterns (Time taken to fill a tank)
    • And some other tricks and tips for time, speed distance and work

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