CAT Quant Topic-wise Weightage 2024, Check Yearly Weightage

by Tanaya Ahirrao Fri 14 Jun 2024 02:10 PM 2516

The Quantitative Ability (QA) section of CAT has a well-defined syllabus which it sticks to. Since less than two months are left for the examination, this article focuses on CAT Quant Marks Distribution so that you are aware of which topics need more attention than others. In this article, we will take a look at the last years' papers and try to generalise the distribution of various topics in the quants section. We will break down the entire quant syllabus into smaller concepts such as Profit-Loss-Interest, Number Systems and analyze which areas need more focus.

In the QA section, there are a few topics are extremely crucial & repeated every year in the CAT exam. Some of the most important syllabus topics for CAT 2024 with their weightages in previous year CAT exams are given below.

CAT 2023 Quant Distribution:

Topic NameSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3
Average Ratio & Proportion233
Profit and Loss, Interest231
Time, Distance and Work423
Quadratic & Polynomial Equations221
Linear Equations & Inequalities334
Logarithms, Surds & Indices211
Number Systems232

CAT 2022 Quant Distribution:

Key TopicsSub-topicsSlot-1Slot-2Slot-3
ArithmeticAverages, Ratio and Proportion555
Profit, Loss and Interest311
Time, Distance and Work125
AlgebraQuadrilaterals, Polynomial Equations112
Progressions and Series131
Linear Equations and Inequalities223
Modern MathLogarithms, Surds and Indices011
Functions and Graphs321
Probability Combinatorics111
Number SystemsNumber Systems111
Venn DiagramsVenn Diagrams100

CAT 2021 Quant Distribution:

Topics2021 - Slot 12021 - Slot 22021 - Slot 3
Averages, Ratios, Percentage, Mixtures454
Profit, Loss and Interest211
Time, Distance and Work333
Functions, Graphs and Statistics-11
Progression and Series221
Linear Equations212
Quadratic Equations121
Logarithms, Surds and Indices111
Number Systems1--
Probability and Combinatorics111
Venn Diagrams---

CAT 2020 Quant Distribution:

Topics2020 - Slot 12020 - Slot 22020 - Slot 3
Averages, Ratios, Percentage, Mixtures433
Profit, Loss and Interest222
Time, Distance and Work454
Functions, Graphs and Statistics213
Progression and Series-1-
Linear Equations112
Quadratic Equations111
Logarithms, Surds and Indices414
Number Systems113
Probability and Combinatorics21-
Venn Diagrams-1-

CAT Quant TITA vs Non-TITA

Question Paper SlotTITANon-TITA
2023- Slot 1814
2023- Slot 2814
2023- Slot 3814
2022 - Slot 1814
2022 - Slot 2814
2022 - Slot 3814
2021 - Slot 1814
2021 - Slot 2814
2021 - Slot 3814
2020 - Slot 1818
2020 - Slot 2818
2020 - Slot 3818
If we categorize the topics into Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Modern Maths, we can see that Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry form an important portion of the paper. You can not score well in this section if you are not thorough with the fundamentals of these subsections.

Quants Topic-wise Weightage: FAQs

What is the easiest topic in quants?

Arithmetic is one of the easiest and very importantĀ topics in QA section in CAT. If someone wants to score high then he/she should target this topic.

Can I skip Geometry for CAT?

Skipping any topic is not at all a good idea because CAT is very unpredictable exam. So I would suggest to not skip any topic entirely. You should at least get your basics concepts cleared, so that you don't miss out on easy questions.

Do quants use a lot of math?Ā 

Maths in CAT quants is not very calculation intensive, rather it is more of a logical in nature. One needs to be very thorough with the basic concepts to get good score in quants section.

How do I start preparing for Quant?

If you want to start preparing for I recommend you to go through this blog, (How to prepare for CAT quants) it will give you better insight. Also, go through the syllabus before starting your preparation.

Which topic is the most difficult in CAT Quants?

Generally, modern maths is considered to be the toughest topic in quants section of the CAT exam.

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