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Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM A)

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Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad: Situated in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, IIM Ahmedabad has been a cornerstone of management education since its establishment in 1961. Renowned for its academic rigor, innovative pedagogy, distinguished faculty, and commitment to fostering holistic development, IIMA has been a pioneer in nurturing visionary leaders, fostering cutting-edge research, and shaping the global business landscape. IIMA continues to set benchmarks for excellence in management education, preparing students to tackle the challenges of the dynamic business world with confidence and competence.

As every dedicated CAT Exam aspirant hopes to secure admission at IIM-A, let's delve into the multifaceted offerings of this distinguished business school.

IIM Ahmedabad: Overview

IIM-A is one of the most sought-after B-schools for MBA aspirants. Here are the top highlights of the institute:

Institute NameIIM Ahmedabad
LocationVastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Year Of Establishment1961
NIRF Ranking (2023)1st
Official Website

IIM Ahmedabad: Courses

While every aspiring MBA candidate aspires to secure a spot in the prestigious MBA program at IIM-A, there certainly are other programs offering a chance to candidates to be a part of the prestigious institute. Here's a compilation of all the academic programs offered at IIM-A.

MBA (PGP): Postgraduate Program (PGP) at IIMA is a two-year course that has stood as the institute's premier offering, leading to a Master’s degree in Business Administration and consistently ranking among the world's top programs. The program successfully cultivates exceptional business leaders, managers, and notable entrepreneurs, showcasing their expertise in management across various fields and spanning across diverse sectors such as non-profits, government, research, and academia.

PHD: The Doctoral Program in Management at IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA) is one of India's pioneering doctoral programs in management and offers specializations in diverse areas such as Agriculture, Economics, Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Innovation and Management in Education, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Operations & Decision Sciences, Public Systems, and Strategy. The IIMA Doctoral program emphasizes multidisciplinary research and encourages students to explore various facets of management.

MBA-FABM: The Post Graduate Program in Food and Agri-Business Management (PGP-FABM) is a two-year management program specializing in agriculture, expanding to cover areas like food processing, marketing, and rural infrastructure management. Its curriculum offers insights into India's agriculture policies and finance, preparing managers with specialized skills. Graduates hold leadership roles in various organizations, including development institutions, food companies, and online ventures like

MBA-PGPX: The Post-Graduate Program in Management for Executives (PGPX) is tailored for ambitious executives seeking to elevate their career prospects, confidently handle senior roles, innovate, and adapt to a changing global economy. For many, the MBA-PGPX serves as a platform to launch their own ventures and establish global enterprises. Renowned for its 'Get-Ready-for-Top-Management' approach, the PGPX program has consistently topped the Financial Times Career Progression category for the past five years, including 2022.

Online MBA: The Online MBA program at IIMA is a two-year postgraduate program that combines online learning with occasional on-campus modules. This blended approach allows participants to balance their professional careers with academic studies. While the majority of the program is conducted online, it maintains IIMA's signature case-based teaching methodology, ensuring a robust learning experience for all participants.

ePGD-ABA: The ePGD-ABA program enhances professionals' skills for better organizational impact through comprehensive business knowledge and decision-making abilities. Its curriculum offers comprehensive exposure to various business domains suitable for analytical approaches It blends online and on-campus sessions to provide rigorous learning experiences, emphasizing case discussions, lectures, projects, and presentations.

FDP: The FDP continues to uphold its core principle of providing top-notch education and training to management educators and researchers, both within India and internationally. The impact of this commitment is evident in the alumni network of over 1000 members, who have emerged as improved teachers, researchers, and influential advocates of the IIMA brand.

AFP: The Armed Forces Programme at IIM Ahmedabad is tailored to prepare armed forces officers for a smooth transition into the corporate sector. This six-month residential program enhances participants' skills in operations, leadership, human resource management, strategy, infrastructure management, project management, supply chain management, and organizational behaviour, catering to their unique needs and experiences.


IIM-Ahmedabad: Accepting Exams

With a reputation for selecting the brightest minds, IIM-A considers various standardized tests, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation process. The following table represents the list of Exams accepted by IIM-A for their different student bodies. You could check on CAT Official Website for more details.

Domestic CandidatesOverseas Indian CandidatesForeign Nationals Candidates (Supernumerary quota)
Exams AcceptedCATGMAT Exam (NOT GMAT Exam - Focus Edition)GMAT Exam (NOT GMAT Exam - Focus Edition)

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IIM Ahmedabad: Fees Structure

Understanding the fees at IIM-A is crucial for aspiring students as delving into the fee structure unveils the value offered by the institute, reflecting its dedication to nurturing future leaders. Refer to the following infographic to understand the PGP 2023 Fees Structure at IIM-A.

Note: The program fee does not cover personal expenses such as travel, clothes, stationery, and laundry. The total program fees for the future batches will be announced later.

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IIM Ahmedabad: Scholarships

  • IIMA provides financial aid to eligible applicants appearing for PGP & PGP-FABM.
  • IIMA has set up a Need-Based Scholarship Scheme alongside industry and government scholarships.
  • Financial assistance is determined based on factors like family income, assets, and dependents.
  • Applications for Special Need-Based scholarships are accepted yearly in July/August.
  • Students can also explore educational loans from commercial banks and financial institutions.

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IIM Ahmedabad: Notable Alumni

One of the hallmarks of IIM Ahmedabad is its illustrious alumni network comprising trailblazers across various industries. From corporate titans to visionary entrepreneurs, to star figures in education, government, media, and journalism, IIM Ahmedabad alumni have made indelible marks on the global stage.

Here is a list of a few notable alumni from IIM-A.

Name of Alumni

Ajit RangnekarDean of Indian School of Business
Ashish NandaDirector, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Ajay Singh BangaPresident & Chief Executive Officer, Mastercard.
Sanjeev BikhchandaniFounder and Executive Vice Chairman, Infoedge &
Shikha SharmaMD & Chief Executive Officer, Axis Bank.
Arvind SubramanianChief Economic Adviser, Government of India.
Raghuram RajanFormer Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.
Chetan Bhagat97, author, columnist and speaker
Harsha Bhogle85, cricket commentator and journalist
From its diverse courses to esteemed faculty and illustrious alumni network, IIM Ahmedabad presents a plethora of opportunities for aspiring business leaders. So, seize the moment, unlock your potential, and embark on a journey of growth and success at IIM Ahmedabad by acing the CAT exam with Cracku.

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IIM Ahmedabad: FAQ's

What is IIM Ahmedabad famous for?
IIM-A is one of the top B-schools in India offering quality education in management. It's famous for its PGP course.

What CAT score is required for IIM Ahmedabad?
The minimum IIM Ahmedabad cutoff for General Category is 80 percentile overall while the sectional cut off is 70 in each section.

What is IIM age limit?
There is no age limit in IIM and CAT exam. The average age in IIM-A PGP program is 23-24 years.

What is the highest package of IIM Ahmedabad?
The highest package at IIM-A in2023 is 1.46 Cr.


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