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Download the latest CAT exam syllabus PDF for 2023 is given here. CAT syllabus is almost the same every year. Covers the complete & detailed CAT syllabus PDF (updated) using the button below.

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CAT Syllabus 2023 Overview

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is India's most popular management entrance test to get admission into PGP, FPM, and FABM programmes at the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and over 1,200 B-Schools in India.

Around 2.30 lakh applicants take the CAT exam every year, which is usually held on November the last Sunday. IIM Lucknow is expected to conduct the CAT 2023 exam will likely be held on the 26th of November 2023 (expected date), and online registration will commence in the first week of August 2023. Before starting the CAT preparation, getting familiar with the topics is essential.

Here, we provide complete CAT Syllabus PDF that includes the following information, prepared by our CAT experts:

  • An overview of the complete CAT Syllabus.
  • CAT Exam Pattern & Eligibility
  • Section-wise breakdown of the CAT Syllabus
  • Section-wise weightage assigned to topics in the CAT syllabus
  • CAT Score vs percentile & changes in exam pattern

The CAT Syllabus PDF is divided into three Sections: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Ability (QA). Further, each section of the CAT 2023 Syllabus has been divided into sub-topics for better understanding and preparation. Evaluating the CAT syllabus topics and sub-topics from QA, VARC, and LRDI can help you prepare for the exam. Watch the excellent and detailed video below on the latest CAT syllabus (along with section-wise & topic-wise weightage) by Sayali Ma'am, CAT 99.97%iler (IIMA Alumna).

Watch the Video on Detailed CAT Syllabus 2023

Download the latest CAT syllabus PDF by clicking the link below 👇

CAT 2023 Exam Pattern

CAT 2023 Exam pattern

Earlier CAT exam used to be 3 hours, but since 2020, the exam has moved to a 2-hour format. The expected exam pattern for CAT 2023 is as follows.

There will be three sections:

  1. Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
  2. Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (LRDI)
  3. Quantitative Ability (QA)

Each correct answer is awarded three marks, and each wrong answer carries a penalty of -1 mark. Some questions are Type-in-the-answer (TITA) questions. The marking scheme for TITA questions is +3 marks for the correct answer and NO negative marks for the wrong answer. Also, there is no negative marking for Unattempted questions. Checkout more details on Negative marking in CAT exam.

Each section has a sectional time limit of 40 minutes, and candidates are not allowed to switch between the sections. Candidates are expected to perform well in all the sections, and most institutes accepting CAT scores for admission have sectional and overall cut-offs.

The below table shows the exam pattern expected for CAT 2023 (the following pattern is based on the previous year's exam pattern):

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
40 minutes


Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning40 minutes


Quantitative Ability40 minutes


Total120 minutes


CAT 2023 Exam Eligibility

What is the eligibility for CAT 2023?

CAT Exam Eligibility Criteria:

The CAT is an exam conducted by the IIMs and is held nationwide, so the candidates must fulfil specific eligibility criteria. The requirements to satisfy the CAT exam eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. The applicant should have a bachelor's degree (3 years or 4 years).
  2. Candidates in the final year of graduation can also apply.
  3. The applicant must have a minimum of 50% in graduation (45% for SC/ST/PWD categories) or an equivalent CGPA.

Educational Qualification:

Candidates must have a Bachelor's degree in any discipline from a recognized university.

The applicant must have a minimum of 50% in graduation (45% for SC/ST/PWD categories) or an equivalent CGPA.

    Age Limit:

    There is no maximum age requirement to take the CAT exam.


      Indian nationals are eligible to apply for CAT.

      Non-Indian nationals may also be eligible to apply. It is recommended to check the official CAT website for specific details regarding the eligibility of non-Indian students.

        Final Year Students:

        Candidates appearing for the final year of their Bachelor's degree/equivalent qualification or awaiting results are eligible to apply for CAT.

        Such candidates, if selected, will be allowed to join the respective program provisionally only if they submit a certificate from the Principal/Registrar of their college/institution stating that the candidate has completed all the requirements for obtaining the Bachelor's degree/equivalent qualification on the date of issue of the certificate.

          Apart from the entrance test, the selection process for various management programs may involve additional components such as written ability tests (WAT), group discussions (GD), personal interviews (PI), and academic performance. The criteria for selection may vary between different institutions.
          Candidates interested in applying for CAT are advised to regularly check the official CAT website or the respective IIM websites for updates and detailed information regarding the eligibility criteria and the application process for the specific year in which they plan to appear for the exam.

          CAT Exam Section-wise Weightage

          CAT Exam Section-wise Weightage

          In last year's CAT papers, VARC had 24, DILR had 20, and Quant had 22 questions each. In the VARC section, RC will have the most weightage. There will be a sectional cut-off for most of the IIMs. So, it's essential to focus on all the sections.

          cat exam section wise weightage

          CAT 2023 Syllabus: Key Topics In Each Section

          The CAT syllabus is vast and contains various sub-topics within each section. It is advisable for candidates to thoroughly understand the syllabus and focus on building a strong foundation in each topic.

          CAT 2023 Syllabus (Section-wise Topics)
          Seating arrangement 
          (facing inwards
          & Proportion
          Para SummaryTruth - liar conceptTime, Work, 
          Speed and 
          Para Jumbles2D/3D Space LRsLCM 
          and HCF
          Out Of Context 
          & Quant-based LR
          Profit and Loss,
          Para-insertionLR based 
          on picking coins
          Mixtures and 
          Games and 
          Mensuration & 
          Selection with conditionsVenn diagrams
          Line charts, 
          Bar charts 
          & Pie charts
          Linear & 
          DI based on growth
           over years
          Surds and 
          Venn diagramsPermutation 
          and Combination, 

          CAT Syllabus For VARC Section

          CAT Syllabus For Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

          cat varc syllabus pdf

          There are 24 questions in the verbal ability and reading comprehension segment, with five being TITA-based. Out of the 24 questions, 16 questions are from RCs coupled with eight verbal ability questions. The majority of the questions are about reading comprehension. Some key syllabus topics for the CAT VARC part are listed below.

          1. Reading Comprehension Passage-Based Questions
          2. Parajumbles - OOC and TITA
          3. Para Summary
          4. Sentence Completion & Correction
          5. Odd Sentences
          6. Others - Not coming from the past few years (Fill in the blanks, Vocabulary Based, etc.)

          CAT VARC Topic-wise Weightage

          The VARC topic-wise marks distribution for each sub-topic is clearly mentioned in the CAT syllabus PDF based on recent CAT previous year papers.

          Some CAT exam questions include applying two or more topics from two or more groups. As a result, after practicing the questions topic by topic, it is necessary to take an adequate number of mock exams to develop the skill of applying the concepts in the appropriate contexts.

          In addition, many strategies for answering the same question may exist, and applicants must choose the method that saves the most time.

          Please keep in mind that the themes are only illustrative and not exhaustive. After reviewing the previous papers, we discovered that most of the questions fall under the areas covered in this syllabus.

          CAT VARC Topic-wise Weightage

          CAT VARC Topic-wise Weightage

          No. of questions in the
          CAT Exam
          Reading Comprehension16 


          Odd-one Out1-2
          Sentence Correction or Correction, 
          Fill in the blanks, Vocabulary based, etc

          CAT VARC Sub Topic-wise Weightage

          CAT VARC Sub Topic-wise Weightage

          No. of questions in the 

          CAT exam

          Inferences, Statements, Arguments

          3-4 Questions

          Main idea in the RC Passage

          1-2 Questions

          Author’s assumption

          1-2 Questions


          2-3 Questions

          Meaning of the phrase

          2-3 Questions

          Para Summary

          2-3 Questions

          Jumbled paragraphs

          2-3 Questions

          Pick Out of Context Sentence

          1-2 Questions

          Error Correction in Sentences

          1-2 Questions

          Sequence of sentences

          1-2 Questions

          Fill in the blanks

          1-2 Questions

          Completion of Paragraph

          1-2 Questions


          1-2 Questions

          Critical Reasoning

          2-3 Questions

          Sentence Completion

          1-2 Questions

          Irrelevant Statements

          1-2 Questions

          Vocabulary usage

          1-2 Questions

          cat varc topic-wise weightage, varc topic-wise weightage

          CAT Syllabus For LRDI Section

          CAT Syllabus For Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)

          cat dilr syllabus pdf

          The CAT logical thinking and data interpretation section contains 20 questions, with 6 TITA-based questions. There are 4 sets comprised of 2 sets of 6 questions each and 2 sets of 4 questions each.

          Questions from the seating arrangement, blood relations, syllogisms, direction sense exam, and other puzzles are presented in the logical part.

          The data interpretation section presents tables, graphs & charts, and caselets.

          CAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus:

          CAT Data Interpretation Syllabus:

            Download CAT Data Interpretation Questions PDF

            CAT LRDI Topic-wise Weightage

            The LRDI topic-wise marks distribution for each topic is mentioned in the CAT LRDI syllabus PDF based on recent CAT previous year papers.

            CAT LRDI Topic-wise Weightage

            Please note that the recent CAT exam sets are a mix of Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation.

            CAT Logical Reasoning Topic-wise Weightage

            Logical Reasoning for CAT

            Number of questions in CAT 2022

            Type of Questions

            Problem Set-1: 


            Rankings/Team Formation


            Seating arrangement, Ranks, and different types of team formation. A lot of conditions are placed to confuse you to put the logical sequence

            Problem Set-2: 

            Quantitative Reasoning/



            Based on Arithmetic, Geometrical data, various puzzles on words, letters, arrangements, seating etc.

            Problem Set-3:


            Logical Deduction


            Questions based on statements, arguments,

            Problem Set-4: 

            Venn Diagrams/

            Binary Logic


            Questions on set theory and network diagrams are included - difficult and need more practice.

            Total Questions


            MCQs & Non-MCQs

            CAT Data Interpretation Topic-wise Weightage 

            Data Interpretation for CAT

            Number of questions in CAT 2022

            Type of Questions

            Problem Set-1: Tables & Charts


            Comparison of Data of various years, ages etc.

            Problem Set-2: Graph, Bar diagram


            Data Analysis, comparison of various years, classes, groups etc.

            Problem Set-3: Tables, Pie chart


            Decoding and finding out the data of missing period, taking clues, interpreting the missing links

            Problem Set-4: Graphs, Charts


            Making analysis of data and coming to a conclusion, making future projections

            Total Questions


            MCQs & Non-MCQs

            cat lrdi topic-wise weightage, cat exam syllabus, topic wise weightage, cat lrdi syllabus pdf

            CAT Syllabus For Quant Section

            CAT Syllabus For Quantitative Aptitude

            cat quant syllabus pdf

            There are a few topics in the quantitative aptitude part that are extremely important and are repeated every year in the CAT exam. This section has 22 questions, 8 of which are TITA-based. The following are some of the most important topics for the Quant syllabus for CAT 2023.

            1. Number systems:

            • Number systems
            • Factors
            • Properties of numbers
            • Type and classification of numbers
            • Divisibility rules
            • HCF and LCM
            • Cyclicity and base theorem
            • Remainders and remainder theorems
            • Binomial theorem
            • The highest power of a number in a factorial.
            • Series and Progressions
            • Types of series - AP, GP AND HP
            • Special series

            2. Arithmetic:

            3. Algebra:

            4. Geometry and mensuration:

            • Triangles
            • Similarity, congruence
            • Quadrilaterals and other polygons
            • Properties of quadrilaterals
            • Cyclic quadrilaterals
            • Concave and convex polygons
            • Circles
            • Properties of circles
            • 3D geometry - cubes, cuboids, cones, cylinders, spheres and other shapes
            • Volumes and surface areas of 3D shapes
            • Development of 3D shapes
            • Cutting and colouring problems on 3D shapes.

            5. Modern math:

            • Permutation (arrangement)
            • Combinations (selection)
            • Arranging similar and distinct objects in similar and distinct groups
            • Circular permutation and necklace problems
            • Logarithms
            • Probability and Combinatorics etc.,

            Download CAT Maths formulas PDF

            CAT Quant Topic-wise Weightage

            The Quant topic-wise marks distribution for each topic is clearly mentioned in the CAT Quant syllabus PDF based on recent CAT previous year papers.

            CAT Quant Topic-wise Weightage

            Quant Topics

            No. of Questions in CAT 2022


            Modern Math3-4

            Number Systems

            Venn Diagrams1

            CAT 2023 Quant Sub Topic-wise Weightage (Expected)

            Syllabus Sub Topics in Quant Section

            No. of Questions in CAT 2022

            Averages; Ratio & Proportion

            1-2 Questions

            Speed, Time and Distance; Time and Work

            1-2 Questions

            LCM and HCF

            1-2 Questions

            Percentages, Profit and Loss

            1-2 Questions

            Interest (Simple and Compound)

            1-2 Questions

            Number System

            2-3 Questions


            2-3 Questions


            4-5 Questions

            Venn diagrams and other topics

            1-2 Questions

            Linear Equations; Quadratic Equations Complex Numbers

            1-2 Questions

            Logarithm; Progressions

            1-2 Questions

            Binomial Theorem

            1-2 Questions

            Surds and Indices; Inequalities

            1-2 Questions

            Permutation and Combination

            1-2 Questions

            Probability Functions

            1-2 Questions

            Set Theory; Mixtures and Alligations

            1-2 Questions

            Co-ordinate Geometry

            1-2 Questions


            1-2 Questions

            cat quant topic-wise weightage, cat quant syllabus pdf

            Download CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions PDF

            Latest Changes In CAT Exam

            Latest Changes In CAT Syllabus & Exam Pattern

            Over the past two years (due to covid pandemic), the CAT 2022, 2021 exam pattern has been changed. Earlier CAT was conducted in a 3-hour pattern with 1 hour for each section.

            But, since 2020, the exam moved to a 2-hour format. Check out the CAT exam pattern changes mentioned below in CAT 2022, CAT 2021, CAT 2020, and CAT 2019.

            Also, check out the score required for CAT 100%iler, CAT 99%ile & Above.

            CAT Exam YearCAT 2022

            Exam Pattern

            CAT 2021

            Exam Pattern

            CAT 2020

            Exam Pattern

            CAT 2019

            Exam Pattern

            No. of Questions666676100
            Marks Per Question3333
            Total Score198198228


            Exam Duration

            120 Minutes120 Minutes120 Minutes180 Minutes
            Score to get
            100 Percentile


            (Maruti Sir,
            Co-founder of Cracku)


            (Maruti Sir,
            Co-founder of Cracku)


            (Maruti Sir,
            Co-founder of Cracku)
            Score to get 
            99 Percentile
            [No. of Questions]



            [No. of Questions]



            [No. of Questions]


            Which IIMs have conducted the CAT exam for the past 16 years?

            CAT Exam YearConducted By
            CAT 2023IIM Lucknow (Expected)
            CAT 2022IIM Bangalore
            CAT 2021IIM Ahmedabad
            CAT 2020IIM Indore
            CAT 2019IIM Kozhikode
            CAT 2018IIM Calcutta
            CAT 2017IIM Lucknow
            CAT 2016IIM Bangalore
            CAT 2015IIM Ahmedabad
            CAT 2014IIM Indore
            CAT 2013IIM Indore
            CAT 2012IIM Kozhikode
            CAT 2011IIM Calcutta
            CAT 2010IIM Lucknow
            CAT 2009IIM Ahmedabad
            CAT 2008IIM Ahmedabad
            CAT 2007 IIM Bangalore

            Key Points About CAT Exam Syllabus PDF

            Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC): The CAT syllabus for VARC section focuses on the candidate's English language skills. It includes reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, sentence correction, para-jumbles, and para-completion.

            Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR): The DILR section of CAT syllabus evaluates the candidate's ability to analyze and interpret complex data and make logical deductions. This section covers data interpretation & sufficiency, logical and analytical reasoning.

            Quantitative Ability (QA): The CAT QA section tests the candidate's mathematical and problem-solving skills. It covers arithmetic, algebra, geometry, number systems, percentages, ratios, probability, permutations, and combinations.

              As each of these sections significantly influences the final score and percentile after the CAT exam, it is crucial for CAT applicants to fully comprehend and prepare for each section. Your chances of getting a good outcome will increase if you set aside enough time to study and practice.

              How to Prepare For CAT 2023 As Per CAT Syllabus?

              Preparing for CAT 2023 as per the CAT syllabus requires a structured and strategic approach. Here are some steps you can follow:
              1. Understand the CAT syllabus thoroughly before creating a study plan.
              2. Gather comprehensive study material and resources aligned with the CAT syllabus.
              3. Develop a structured study plan for CAT preparation, allocating time for each section and topic.
              4. Focus on building a strong conceptual understanding of each topic.
              5. Practice regularly with a variety of question types and difficulty levels.
              6. Take CAT mock tests to simulate the exam environment and assess your performance.
              7. Manage your time effectively and practice solving questions under time constraints.
              8. Analyze your performance, identify weaknesses, and improve them.
              9. Regularly revise the topics to reinforce understanding and retention.
              10. Stay updated with the latest CAT trends, stay motivated, and believe in your abilities.

              CAT Score Vs Percentile

              CAT 2022 Score vs Percentile - Overall & Sectional Percentiles

              Are you planning to score 99%ile in CAT 2023? Check out the CAT 2022 overall & sectionals in score vs percentile. IIM Bangalore conducted CAT 2022 for a total number of 198 marks.

              CAT 2022 Overall Score Vs Percentile

              CAT 2022 Overall ScoreCAT 2022 Overall Percentile
              (Maruti Konduri, founder of Cracku)



              CAT VARC Section - Score Vs Percentile

              CAT 2022 VARC ScoreCAT 2022 VARC Percentile

              CAT DILR Section - Score Vs Percentile 

              CAT 2022 DILR ScoreCAT 2022 DILR Percentile

              CAT Quant Section - Score Vs Percentile 

              CAT 2022 Quant ScoreCAT 2022 Quant Percentile

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              Published on: May 29th, 2023, 15:05 IST

              Frequently Asked Questions

              The CAT syllabus consists of three major sections: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LRDI), and Quantitative Ability (QA). Topics covered in the CAT syllabus include arithmetic, algebra, geometry, English grammar, coding-decoding, reading comprehension, para summary, para jumbles, puzzles, arrangements, venn-diagrams, graphs, and more. To understand the CAT 2023 syllabus can check the free CAT mock test to know the latest CAT exam pattern.

              The CAT exam is considered relatively difficult compared to other MBA entrance exams, but it is not impossible to crack. Candidates who are thorough with the fundamentals of the CAT syllabus and practice consistently can ace the exam.

              A good score in CAT depends on many factors (such as your academic diversity, the category you belong to, etc.). For IIMs, a score of 97-98 percentile is considered good, while for other top B-schools, a score of 90-95 percentile is also good. Moreover, there are many B-schools that accept candidates who have CAT scores even in the 80-90 percentile range.

              The CAT syllabus does not change every year. Over the past few years, the Syllabus has remained more or less the same. Only the CAT exam pattern has changed over the past two years.

              12th marks do not matter for taking the CAT exam. However, they may be considered during the selection process for IIMs.

              The CAT 2023 syllabus will cover topics such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, percentage, graphs, English grammar, coding-decoding, and series completion. Candidates can refer to the latest CAT syllabus PDF or take free CAT mock tests to understand the syllabus better.

              Start your CAT preparation by checking the CAT 2023 syllabus PDF, then create a day-wise schedule. Also, you can check out the detailed study plan by made CAT experts. Check CAT previous year's question papers to understand the type of questions asked and practice regularly. Take free CAT mock tests. Analyze the mock, watch video solutions, make a study plan, and take more CAT mocks for regular practice.

              You can also download CAT 2023 syllabus PDF from Cracku Website.

              The duration of the CAT exam is 2 hours. Till the year 2019, the CAT was conducted as a 3-hour exam. But, due to the Covid pandemic, the exam has changed to a 2-hour pattern.

              Generally, the old Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs)define the syllabus for CAT. To know more about the topics that are important for CAT, you can check the syllabus here

              The Syllabus for CAT and other MBA entrance exams is very similar. The CAT syllabus includes 3 sections (VARC, LRDI, QA). Most other MBA entrance exams also have English Grammer, Sentence corrections, General Knowledge & General Awareness, Innovation and Entrepreneurship sections.

              Cracku is one of the best CAT online coaching institute in India  and other MBA exams (such as XAT, IIFT, SNAP, CMAT, MAH-CET, etc.). The content is prepared by IIM Alumni who have taken CAT multiple times and know how to ace the exam. We receive many testimonials regularly that our videos were genuinely beneficial and that our CAT mocks were the closest to actual CAT.

              There is no significant difference in the Syllabus for both exams.CAT Syllabus is based on Comprehension, Quant, and Logical Reasoning, whereas the GMAT Syllabus is majorly based on English, Quant, and Data Insights.


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