CAT 1998 Question Paper


The following table gives the quantities of apples (in tonnes) arriving at New Delhi market from various states in a particular year. The month in which demand was more than supply, the additional demand was met by the stock from cold storage. 

Question 1

What was the maximum percentage of apples supplied by any state in any of the months?

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Question 2

Which state supplied the maximum number of apples?

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Question 3

Which state supplied the highest percentage of apples from the total apples supplied?

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Question 4

In which of the following periods was the supply greater than or equal to the demand?

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Question 5

If the yield per tree was 40 kg, then from how many trees were the apples supplied to New Delhi (in millions) during the year?

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Question 6

Using the data in the earlier question, if there were 250 trees per hectare, then how many hectares of land was used?

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Answer the questions based on the following information. The following bar chart gives the growth percentage in the number of households in the middle, upper-middle and high-income categories in the four regions for the period between 1987-88 and 1994-95. 


(Number of households in thousands)

Question 7

Which region showed the highest percentage growth in number of households in all the income categories for the period?

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Question 8

What was the total household income in northern region for upper-middle class?

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Question 9

What is the percentage increase in total number of households for the northern region (upper-middle class) over the given period?

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Question 10

What was the average income of the high-income group in 1987-88?

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