IIM Colleges: The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are a group of premier management institutes in India known for their excellence in business education and research. These are top-tier B-Schools that stand for excellence, commitment and competition.

These institutes attract the best of the talent, the best of the companies and the best of the faculty. IIM Calcutta was the first to be established in the year 1961 followed by IIM Ahmedabad in the same year. These two institutions were set up with the assistance of renowned international management institutions - IIM Calcutta with the support of MIT Sloan School of Management, and IIM Ahmedabad with the support of Harvard Business School.

The top IIMs have consistently ranked high, not just in India but in the QS World Ranking as well.

List of IIM Colleges in India 2024

IIMs are the top-tier of management institutes in the country. An Post Graduation or Fellowship from any of these colleges ensures a satisfactory placement and career growth.

Some of these IIMs - IIM A, IIM B, IIM C are amongst the highest ranked institutes in the world, ensuring a place in the top 60 rankings. Because of factors such as this, immense brand value and high competition - IIM Selection criteria is tough.

The selection criteria goes beyond CAT scores and some colleges include marks in class 10th as well.

Name Year of Establishment NIRF Ranking
IIM Ahemdabad 1961 1
IIM Bangalore 1973 2
IIM Kozhikode 1984 3
IIM Calcutta 1961 4
IIM Lucknow 1984 6
IIM Mumbai (NITIE) 1963 7
IIM Indore 1996 8
IIM Raipur 2010 11
IIM Rohtak 2009 12
IIM Udaipur 2009 16
IIM Kashipur 2011 19
IIM Tiruchirappalli 2011 22
IIM Ranchi 2010 24
IIM Shillong 2008 26
IIM Vishakhapatnam 2015 29
IIM Jammu 2016 41
IIM Nagpur 2015 43
IIM Amritsar 2015 51
IIM Bodh Gaya 2015 53
IIM Sambalpur 2015 58
IIM Sirmaur 2015 98

IIM Mumbai was earlier known as NITIE and the college has recently been granted an IIM Status. To know more, continue reading the blog below.


Top IIM Colleges In India

IIM Colleges can be categorized based on the year of their establishment. The colleges mentioned below are "Older IIMs"

These are the top IIM Colleges in India, rank-wise. Their rank, typically, is influenced by their order of establishment. These are the top IIM Colleges in India. These attract the top-brass of the nation and therefore, also attract the top companies of the nation.

The value of being an alumni of one of these colleges is immense.

Name Ranking (NIRF 2023) Year of Establishment

IIM Ahemdabad

1 1961

IIM Bangalore

2 1961

IIM Kozhikode

3 1997

IIM Calcutta

4 1973

IIM Lucknow

6 1984

IIM Mumbai

7 1963

IIM Indore

8 1996

Top 10 IIMs in India

The top IIMs in India are amongst the best colleges in the worlds. These are -

1. IIM Ahmedabad

The best management institution in the country, IIM Ahmedabad is one of the toughest IIMs to get into. This is so because of its high brand value. The alumni of this institution are leading the best of the companies in the world. In fact, former RBI Governor Dr. Rajan is an alumna of this institution. The institution boasts of 100% placements, very high internship stipend and an average CTC of over 30LPA.

World Ranking Fees Average CTC Overall Cutoff
53 26 L 36.14 LPA 99.5+

2. IIM Bangalore
IIM Bangalore Fees for MBA 2021 - MBA Rendezvous

The third oldest IIM in the country, IIM Bangalore offers a unique networking opportunity because of its locational advantage. Being in Bangalore, the college provides you exposure to a very different culture - a startup ecosystem. It also offers great networking benefits. The majority of the crowd in IIM B is youngsters and therefore the college manages to fosters a risk-taking ability.

World Ranking Fees Average CTC Cutoff
48 24.7 L 35.92 LPA 99+

3. IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta Placements 2019: Proud moment! 100% placed - Check salary packages | Zee Business

The oldest management institutes in the country, IIM Calcutta is very tough to get into. This is because they do not shy away from selecting engineers and have very few reservation points.

IM Calcutta is one of only three triple accredited business schools in India, and the first to get the recognition.

Triple accreditation (Triple Crown) refers to the simultaneous accreditation of a business school by three international accreditors: the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (United States), the Association of MBAs (United Kingdom), and EFMD Quality Improvement System (Belgium).

World Ranking Fees Average CTC Cutoff
59 27 L 35.07 LPA 99+

4. IIM Lucknow

Home | Official Website of Indian Institute of Management,Lucknow

Recognized as an "Institution of Excellence" by India's Ministry of Human Resource Development. IIM Lucknow also acts as a mentoring institute for a lot of Baby IIMs. It is also amongst the most premier institutes for finance in the country.

The locational advantage is a little bit different here - it extends to food here, in the city of Nawabs. Keeping that aside, the institute is notorious for preferring students from unique backgrounds such as law, medicine etc. and then giving them an education in finance that is the best in the country.

World Ranking Fees Average CTC Cutoff
151-200 20.75 L 30 LPA 99+

5. IIM Kozhikode

IIM-K: LSM and Finance Programs | The CAT Writer

Ranked #3 by NIRF in 2023, IIM Kozhikode has rapidly increased its ranking and if an institute manages to do so, it is doing something right. It was the first institute in India to offer a learning program for management executives.

The institute boasts of a serene campus but also boasts of their start-up culture. Maybe that is the reason why NIRF has ranked IIM K higher than even IIM C. The institute has an alumni funded fellowship so that students can pursue their dreams. Aside from this, it also hosts one of the largest B-School Entrepreneurship summits with invitations extending to even VCs!

World Ranking Fees Average CTC Cutoff
- 21 L 28.05 LPA 99+

6. IIM Indore

IIM Indore Admission Criteria 2024-26: PI Shortlisting Started; Check Process and CAT Cut Offs

Ranked#8 by NIRF in 2023, IIM I was the first institute in India to offer an Integrated Program to undergraduate students. The program started in 2014. Because of this, the college manages to foster a great deal of healthy competition and therefore, attracts top-end companies.

IIM Indore, as mentioned, hosts an IPM program as well. Because of this, the batch size is larger than originally anticipated. Because of this, IIM Indore is amongst the toughest institutes to get into. Because it attracts the best of the talents, it manages to host the best of the companies. The highest CTC in IIM I has exceeded 1Cr during the placement drive in 2024.

World Ranking Fees Average CTC Cutoff
151-200 22.5 L 25.68 LPA 99+

7. IIM Mumbai

What are some of the best campus pics of NITIE, Mumbai? - Quora

Formerly known as NITIE - National Institute of Industrial Engineering. This recently formed IIM is, technically speaking, one of the old IIMs. It was established as a college in 1963 and has recently been named as an IIM.

Even as "NITIE" - the institute amongst the top-10 in the country. Given the tag and the fact that IIM Mumbai, is technically, an old IIM. It is, but natural, to understand that it is amongst the best institutes in the nation now - arguably in the top 5. Further, it is one of the best college in the nation for operations and supply-side management.

World Ranking Fees* Average CTC of top 50% batch Cutoff
- 24 L + 33.84 LPA + 98 +

*The fees and CTC for IIM Mumbai is not available. It is so because it is a recent IIM and the data isn't clear as of now. This amount mentioned is what is expected. This figure has been calculated based on the figures last year and a margin has been added to it.

8. IIM Raipur

IIM Raipur – (Indian Institute of Management Raipur)

Ranked #11 by NIRF in 2023, IIM Raipur. IIM R is one of the newer IIMs and still has managed to get ranked so high by NIRF. This means that the college is doing something right. The institute is known for experimentation and has managed to create a niche for itself.

World Ranking Fees Average CTC Cutoff
- 17 L 17.3 LPA 95+

9. IIM Rohtak

IIM Rohtak starts PGP in Management registration at; important dates, fee

IIM Rohtak is ranked #12 by NIRF. IIM Rohtak is a little different from other institutions because it has a 3 to 1 female to male student ratio. The alumni of this institute serves as successful CEOs of various companies.

The percentile required for IIM Rothak fluctuates a lot. While some might believe it is a bad thing, we have seen students at 99%ile getting rejected and those over 92%ile getting selected. This goes to show that the institute looks at students profiles very deeply and thus, manages to secure great talent.

World Ranking Fees Average CTC Cutoff
- 18.3 L 19.27 LPA 96+

10. IIM Udaipur

My MBA Journey: IIM-Udaipur | The CAT Writer

Ranked #72 by Financial Times Global Rankings, it is the youngest B-School in India to get featured in Global Rankings. This also explains why it has been ranked #16 by NIRF.

As mentioned above for IIM Rohtak, getting an admission in IIM Udaipur isn't a cakewalk. We have seen students at 99.3%ile struggling for admissions here. However, this is not something that should discourage you if you have a strong profile and an ambitious personality. Because of its profile-focused evaluation criteria - the institute has managed to get highly ranked even on an international parameter.

World Ranking Fees Average CTC Cutoff
151-200 (QS) 20.4 L 20.32 95+

Baby IIMs in India

Baby IIMs are those IIMs that were established after 2011. Since they are the youngest bunch of IIMs, they are clubbed together and called "Baby IIMs"

These institutes are mentored by the top 6 IIMs with regards to their placements, the curriculum etc.

1. IIM Amritsar

IIM Amritsar currently provides a Post Graduate Programme in Management. This programme has been created to give world-class management education that meets the needs of businesses. The Institute uses the same pedagogy as the other members of the distinguished IIM fraternity. With numerous facilities such as cutting-edge IT-enabled classrooms and a digital library that provides access to the most relevant national and international business and management periodicals.

Fees Cutoff Average CTC
16 L 93 + 16.5 LPA

2. IIM Bodhgaya

Aside from the traditional classroom setting, IIM Bodh Gaya places an emphasis on practical learning, with students participating in case studies, talks with industry experts, live projects, and so on. The institute's emphasis on relevant research is obvious in the credentials and accomplishments of its faculty, who have published in ABDC and Scopus-listed journals of renown. In a short period of time, IIM Bodh Gaya has enhanced its position in the corporate sector, with its students contributing to famous commercial organisations around the country.

Fees Cutoff Average CTC
15.5 L 93 + 14.9 LPA

3. IIM Kashipur

The institute has established three centres of excellence, which are intended to serve as the junction of scholarship, education, training, research, and consulting, placing a groundbreaking multidisciplinary approach at the disposal of students, government, and corporate enterprises. These centres of excellence promote multidisciplinary programmes and research. Currently, there are three centres of excellence: the Centre of Excellence on Public Policy and Government (COEPPG), the Design Innovation Centre (DIC), and the Foundation for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (FIED). Each centre is dedicated to cutting-edge research, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and sustainability, while also assisting the ecosystem in achieving the institute's strategic goals.

Fees Cutoff Average CTC
17.3 L 94.5 + 18.1 LPA

4. IIM Trichy

One of the fastest growing baby IIMs in the nation, IIM Trichy promotes a culture of creativity, leadership, and critical thinking among its students. The institute boasts a world-class faculty that bring substantial expertise and industry experience to the classroom. IIM Trichy's cutting-edge infrastructure, which includes contemporary classrooms, a well-stocked library, and excellent research facilities, creates an ideal setting for academic and research activities.

Fees Cutoff Average CTC
21 L 96 + 20.5 LPA

5. IIM Nagpur

IIM N, as a new generation IIM, strives to develop value-driven leaders, global managers, and entrepreneurs with strong conceptual underpinnings and analytical approaches to enable them be the best in their chosen area. The goal is to serve the demands of modern India in an innovative manner, connecting aspirations and reality in order to achieve internationally recognised benchmarks. IIM Nagpur is gradually expanding its array of activities to meet these aims.The institute's curriculum was established by management education specialists.

Fees Cutoff Average CTC
18 L 93 + 16.7 LPA

6. IIM Sambalpur

One of India's best management schools, IIM Indore, is a mentor to IIM Sambalpur, one of the country's newest colleges of management. This implies that a large number of IIM Indore faculty members attend classes at IIM Sambalpur, and that the curriculum and pedagogy of the two institutions are comparable, mirroring the esteemed reputation of the Indore-based university.

Fees Cutoff Average CTC
13 L 93 + 16.6 LPA

7. IIM Sirmaur

The Institute aspires to seamlessly integrate management education with local and global goals in an enabling environment. It argues that management education is about more than just finding the most competitive job prospects; it is also about learning to fulfil socioeconomic problems through ethical and visionary corporate governance. It aspires to focus on indigenous areas and new techniques in order to build sensitive corporate leaders and entrepreneurs for the future.

Fees Cutoff Average CTC
15.75 L 94 + 14.5 LPA

8. IIM Visakhapatnam

The Institute is committed to meeting the global excellence standards enshrined in the IIM Act 2017 through high-quality academic, research, consulting, and capacity building initiatives, while also gaining and maintaining the trust and confidence of students, parents, faculty, business, government, and the general public.

Fees Cutoff Average CTC
17.5 L 94 + 16.6 LPA

9. IIM Jammu

The Government of India founded the Indian Institute of Management (IIM Jammu), the newest member of the IIM brotherhood, in Jammu & Kashmir in 2016. IIM Jammu provides PG, PhD, and executive programmes in management to students, and it does it with high standards for exceptional value-based quality education, executive education, high-quality research, and strong business connections.

Fees Cutoff Average CTC
17.2 L 94.5 + 16.5 LPA

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