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General Knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams PDF blog gives you the study material (PDF) to download and the GK PDFs questions and answers ebooks. General awareness is needed for all exams and interviews. So, please go through these frequently asked questions from these topics.

To solve the General knowledge questions and answers for MBA Exams such as IIFT, TISSNET, CMAT, XAT, etc, and also for the Competitive exams like IBPS PO and clerk mains, SBI, SSC, Railways and other exams, the following latest General Knowledge, General Awareness, Banking Awareness and Current Affairs PDF are necessary. Take SBI Clerk free mock test for online practice test.

Try to solve GK Questions from Banking previous papers and also solve Banking related GK from online tests for bank exams.

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Download General Knowledge for Competitive exams pdf (GK PDF):

India States and Capitals, Cities:

GK PDF: List of Indian States and their Capitals, CM’s pdf

Tricks PDF: Tricks to remember Indian states & capitals

Nicknames of Indian States and Cities PDF

List of Old and New Names of Cities in India PDF 

List of National Highways in India PDF

Countries and their currencies:

Important Countries and their Capitals and Currencies PDF

Countries with Dollar Currency list PDF 

Countries with “Pound” & Countries with “Rial

Countries with “KRONE” and countries with “PESO” as their currency

Countries with “dinar”, Countries with “Rupee” in their currencies”

Countries having Franc as their currency

List of Countries with Euro as Currency PDF

Indian Presidents & Prime Ministers & Cabinet Ministers:

List of Prime Ministers of India PDF

List of Indian Presidents PDF

Indian Ambassadors To Foreign Countries 2018 PDF

List Of Current Office Holders In India 2018 PDF

Cabinet ministers of India 2018 PDF

Important Days:

Important National and International Days PDF

Festivals of Indian States PDF

Important Dates related to Agriculture & Rural development

Books & Authors:

Famous books and Authors list PDF


Agriculture and Rural development Quiz

Crop Seasons and Soils in India – Agriculture in India PDF

Agriculture and Rural development Notes-2

Agriculture and rural development questions Notes-3


Indian National Movement Notes PDF

History Short Notes

Modern Indian History notes

Medieval Indian History notes

Ancient Indian History notes

List of Revolutions in India pdf

Indian Dynasties and their Founders and their Capitals

Complete List Of Indian National Congress Annual Sessions PDF

List Of Governors General & Viceroys Of India PDF

Banking Related General Knowledge:

List of Banks, headquarters, taglines and their chairman’s 2018 pdf

Bank Headquarters remembering Tricks

History of Banking in India PDF

Banking Structure in India PDF

All You Need to Know About Section 7 Of the RBI Act, 1934

List of Central Banks of Different countries

Indian Constitution:


National Symbols of India PDF

List of State Symbols of India PDF

About CBI:

Central Bureau Of Investigation


Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad seats of all states and UTs PDF

Loksabha and Rajyasabha seats state and UT wise PDF

Indian Polity:

Indian Polity – Constitution of India PDF

Indian Polity Study material Notes-2

Indian Constitution Age Limits and Tenures

Emergency Provisions In Indian Constitution Notes PDF

Directive Principles Of State Policy PDF


Types Of Elections In India PDF

Polices & Scheduled Languages:

Writs in the Indian Constitution PDF

List of 12 Schedules of Indian Constitution PDF

List of the Scheduled languages & Official languages of states & UTs PDF

Indian Economy:

RBI Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement December 2018 PDF

Fiscal Policy in India PDF

Monetary Policy In India PDF

Government related:

Indian Govt. Schemes Set-2

Indian Govt. Schemes

List of all schemes of Indian government pdf

List of Political Parties in India & their Current Leaders PDF

Impact of GST on Indian Economy PDF

Committees or Commissions in India and their heads PDF

Economic Survey Abbreviations 2017-18 PDF

Economic and Social issues

Indian Geography:

Important Indian Rivers And Their Tributaries PDF

Indian Geography Important Questions & Answers PDF

List Of Biosphere Reserves in India pdf

List of Tiger Reserves in India pdf

List of National parks in India pdf

Indian Rivers Origin and Destination pdf

Lakes & Hills:

List of Lakes in India PDF

List of Hill Stations & Mountains in India PDF

List of Indian Cities on River Banks PDF

Seaports, Airports, Stadiums, Dams:

List of Seaports in India PDF

List of Airports in India pdf

List of Stadiums in India PDF

Dams in India PDF List

India & Culture:

Different Dance forms of India with States PDF

List of First in India PDF

List of Indian Newspapers and their Editors and Founders PDF

Famous Indian Places:

List of Famous Gardens in India

List of Famous Bridges, Statues, Stupas in India PDF

List of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Elements of India

List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India PDF

List of Famous Palaces in India PDF

List of Museums in India

List of Important Beaches, Caves and Zoos in India

List of Famous Mosques and Mausoleums in India

Famous Temples in India list PDF

Power Plants in India:

List of Nuclear Power plants in India pdf

List of Thermal Power plants in India with Capacity pdf

Indian Industries:

List of Oil Refineries and Steel Plants Industries in India PDF

World & Indian Economy:

IMF & World Bank

Growth Estimates of India by different organisations

List of Stock Exchanges in the World PDF

Facts of Ease of Doing Business Rank 2018 PDF

Important Facts Of Census 2011

Important Regional Groupings Around The World PDF

International & National Awards & Recognition:

Important Awards & Honours India & World July-October 2018 Q&A pdf

Nobel Prize Winners From India PDF

List Of Bharat Ratna Award Winners PDF

List Of Nobel Prize Winners 2018 PDF

Complete List of Raman Magsaysay Award Winners From India PDF

International Summits:

Everything About G20, G7 & G4 PDF

India & World GK:

Complete List Of UPSC Chairmans 2018 PDF

List Of Chief-Justices Of High Courts 2018 PDF

List Of Vice-Presidents Of India 2018 PDF

UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 PDF

National Emblems of Famous Countries PDF

14 Very Interesting Facts About The Statue Of Unity

List Of Regulatory bodies in India pdf

Largest, Longest & Highest in the World & India pdf

List Of CMs & Governors Of Indian States & UTs

List of countries and their rankings in different indexes

Important Countries and their Capitals and Currencies PDF

List of National & International Organizations & Headquarters and Heads

List of Countries and their parliaments name

List of Famous Waterfalls in the World & India PDF

List of Famous Deserts in India and World PDF

World Geography:

List of Volcanoes in the World & India PDF

List of International Boundary Lines PDF

List of Famous Cities on River Banks in the World PDF

Famous Archaeological Sites in the World

Railways GK:

Indian Railways GK PDF

RRB General knowledge notes


Sports Current Affairs June-October 2018 PDF

Sports Cups and Trophies List PDF

Important Sports Terminology GK PDF

Science & Technology:

List Of Scientific Instruments & Their Uses PDF

Vitamin Deficiency Diseases PDF

Important Inventions and Discoveries PDF

List of Space Research Centers in India

List of Space Research Centers and Space Agencies of the World

List of Fathers of various fields of science & technology

Famous Personalities:

List Of Brand Ambassadors 2018 PDF

Nicknames of Famous Personalities of India and World PDF

List of Famous Sports Personalities in the World PDF 

Indian & World Military:

List Of Joint Military Exercises Of India June-October 2018 PDF

List of Countries and their Military Strength PDF

Military Exercises of India with Other Countries 2017 PDF

List of Indian Missiles and their Range PDF

 Monthly GK Updates

Important GK Updates Important GK Updates
Monthly GK Updates (August 2022)

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Download Daily Current Affairs Capsule & Quiz PDF

After you have gone through the GK PDF’s you downloaded, try to answer the questions below.

List of some important GK Questions with answers:

The Questions that can be asked from this General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams pdf are:

 GK Questions  Answers
 The capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is  Port Blair
 The Capital of Chhattisgarh is Raipur
 who is the Chairman of SBI ?  Rajnish Kumar
 Who is the finance minister of India?  Arun Jaitley
 First finance minister of independent India?  R. K. Shanmukham Chetty
 Make in India was launched by?  Narendra Modi
 What is the Oldest National Park in India?  Jim Corbett National Park
 What is the Second Longest River in India ?  Godavari
 What is the highest capacity Nuclear power plant in India ?  Kudankulam Nuclear Power plant
 Which Airport in India completely runs on Solar Power?  Cochin International Airport
 For Evolving a Composite Development Index of Indian States which committee was made?  Raghuram Rajan Committee
 Raghuram Rajan Committee is formed for which purpose?  Education Loan Scheme
 Who is the Father of the Nation?  Mahatma Gandhi
 Who is the father of the Pink revolution?  Durgesh Patel
 What is the Round Revolution is for?  Potato Production
 Formerly known as Tuticorin Port is also known as?  V.O.Chidambaranar Port
 What is the largest natural port of India?  Mumbai Port
 What is the Classical Dance Form of Andhra Pradesh?  Kuchipudi
 Garba is the classical dance form of which state?  Gujarat
 What is the Folk Dance of Jharkhand?  Karma
 Where is Golden Temple is located?  Amritsar, Punjab
 Where is Lotus temple located?  New Delhi
 Where is Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium?  Hyderabad
 The Arena Stadium in Ahmedabad is famous for which game?  Kabbadi
 What is the only UNESCO Mixed World Heritage site in India?  Khangchendzonga National Park
 What is the full form of FERA?  Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
 What is the purpose of Rangarajan Committee?  Computerization in Indian Banks
 What is the first bank in India which introduced ATM’s?  HSBC
 RBI was formed under which Act?  Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
 What is the largest and oldest bank in existence in India?  SBI (State Bank of India)
 National Calendar of India?  Saka Calendar
 Who is the US ambassador to India? Kenneth Just
Who is the CEO of UBER?  Dara Khosrowshahi
The Carnival festival is celebrated in which Indian State?  Goa
What is the minimum age to become M.L.A?  25 years
What is the tenure of the Vice-President of India?  6 years
 Where is coin museum located in India? Nashik
 Where is Archeological site Harappa is located?  Sahiwal District, Pakistan
 What is the Capital of Gupta Dynasity?  Pataliputra
Micheal Jordan, famous basket ball player belongs to which country? U.S

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