Facts of Ease of Doing Business Rank 2018 PDF

Facts of Ease of Doing Business Rank 2018
Facts of Ease of Doing Business Rank 2018

Download the List Of Facts of Ease of Doing Business Rank 2018 PDF. This is the  Complete list of Facts of Ease of Doing Business Rank 2018 PDF regarding India Rank and more, very useful for UPSC, BANKING & SSC EXAMS PDF general knowledge useful for all competitive exams.

Ease of Doing Business Rank 2018 PDF:

Download the list of Facts of Ease of Doing Business Rank 2018 PDF

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Facts of Ease Of Doing Business Rank, 2018:

1.India’s rank for the year 2018 in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report, 2019 conducted across 190 Economies is 77 . It has improved 23 places from the previous year ranking of 100.

2.New Zealand topped the index followed by Singapore, Denmark &  Hongkong. United States is at the 8th place while China occupied the 46th place.

3.World Bank ranks the countries based on 10 parameters namely

1.Trading across borders

2.Protecting minority investors

3.Resolving insolvency

4.Starting business

5.Dealing with construction permits

6.Getting credit

7.Getting electricity

8.Enforcing contracts

9.Registering properly

10.Paying taxes

4.The rank is based on the survey of industries in 2 cities – Mumbai & New Delhi.

5.India has been recognised as one of  the top 10 improvers in the successive years 2017 & 2018. Previously it has improved from 130th rank in 2016 to 100th rank in 2017.

6.53 places jump in 2 years is the largest improvement by any large country since 2011.

7.India topped the list of South Asian countries in Ease Of Doing Business.

8.India is the first BRICS & South Asian country to be recognised as the top 10 improver in consecutive years.

9.India has improved in 6 parameters out of the 10 parameters.

Parameter 2017 Rank 2018 Rank
Construction Permits 181 52
Trading Across Borders 146 80
Starting a business 156 137
Getting Credit 29 22
Getting Electricity 29 24
Enforcing contracts 164 163

10.In dealing with construction permits, India has implemented an online single window system, introduced deemed approvals and reduced the cost for obtaining these permits.

11.In the electricity sector, the time taken for obtaining a new connection has reduced from 105 to 55 days.

12. Under risk based management, exporters can seal their containers electronically at their facilities & only 5% of shipments need to undergo physical inspections making trade across borders easier.

13.Starting a business was made easier by the consolidation of multiple application documents & introduction of Goods & Services tax . Access to credit is strengthened speeding up the credit reception.

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