National Emblems Of Famous Countries
National Emblems Of Famous Countries

Download the List of National Emblems of Famous Countries PDF. This is the list of all National Symbols of Famous Countries PDF very useful for UPSC, BANKING & SSC EXAMS PDF general knowledge useful for all competitive exams.

National Emblems of Famous

Countries PDF:

Download the list of National Emblems of Famous Countries PDF

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Country Emblem
Australia Kangaroo
Afghanistan Image of a mosque with a mihrab and minbar, or pulpit, within.
Argentina Son of May at the top, spike under the Phygian Cap & shaking hands
Austria A black eagle with broken chains around its legs, and a sickle and hammer in its talons
Bangladesh Water lily bordered on two sides by rice sheaves , at the top are four stars and three connected jute leaves
Bhutan Double diamond-thunderbolt (dorje) placed above a lotus, surmounted by a jewel and framed by two dragons
Brazil Southern Cross in a blue circle sorrounded by a ring of 27 stars
Belgium A golden lion against a black shield, with the royal crown resting on top.
Bahrain A shield depicting the design of the country flag, and is surrounded by red and white mantling
China Tianamen Gate in a red circle
Canada Maple leaf
Chile A Shield having Condor on the right & left is a huemul
Colombia An Andean condor perched on the shield, holding an olive crown & a  national flag draped on both sides of the shield
Cambodia Royal Arms of Cambodia
Denmark Three crowned lions facing left, surrounded by nine red hearts, all placed atop a golden shield. The crown on the shield is the crown of King Christian V
Egypt Eagle of Saladin holding onto a golden scroll
France Wide shield with, on the one end a lion-head and on the other an eagle-head, bearing a monogram “RF” with a laurel & oak branch
Germany Black eagle with a red beak, a red tongue and red feet on a golden field
Greece A blue escutcheon with a white cross totally surrounded by two laurel branches
Ghana  A blue shield divided into four parts by a St George’s Cross with a golden edge
Hongkong A white, stylised, five-petal Hong Kong orchid tree (Bauhinia blakeana) flower in the centre of a red field
India Lion Capital of Sarnath
Iran The Lion and Sun motif
Iraq A golden black eagle looking towards the viewer’s left dexter
Italy White Five-Pointed Star And a Thin Red Border Superimposed upon a five-Spoked Cogwheel, sorrounded by an Olive Branch to the left side and an oak Branch to the right Side.
Israel A menorah surrounded by an olive branch on each side
Indonesia Garuda Pancasila
Japan The Imperial Seal of Japan, also called the Chrysanthemum Seal
Jordan black eagle standing on top of a bronze shield supported by two flags of Jordan, spears, swords and bows and arrows.
Kenya Two lions holding spears and a traditional East African shield
Kuwait Shield of the flag design in color superimposed on a golden falcon with wings displayed
Mexico A Mexican Golden Eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus eating a snake
Malaysia A shield (as the escutcheon), two tigers (as supporters), a yellow crescent and a yellow 14-pointed star (as the crest or helm), and a banner (as the motto)
Myanmar Two chinthe (mythical lions) surrounded by a floral design.
Maldives coconut palm, a crescent, and two criss-crossing National Flags with the traditional Title of the State.
Mauritius A Dodo Bird and Sambur Deer supporting sugar cane and a shield divided into four sections
Mongolia A tumen nasan encircles the emblem, representing eternity; the Cintamani situated above, represents the Buddhist Three Jewels.
Madagascar A map of the island set in a white circle with the head of a Zebu below and green and red rays emanating above
Nepal It consists of flag of Nepal, Mt.Everest, a garland of Rhododendron & a female & male shaking hands
Netherlands The royal coat of arms is placed on a mantle of ermine surmounted by a crown
Norway  An upright, yellow crowned lion rampant, holding a white and yellow axe on a red, triangle-shaped field
Newzealand Kiwi (unofficially)
North Korea The Sup’ung Dam under Baekdu Mountain with rice making up the border & a red ribbon below
Oman Khanjar superimposed on two crossed swords
Pakistan The green color of the flag, and the star and crescent symbols of Islam & a shield in the middle depicting cotton, jute , tea & wheat
Portugal Two olive branches and a green and red ribbon with a shield in the middle
Poland White eagle
Qatar Two bent swords having a ship near an island within, inside a yellow circle
Russia A double headed eagle within a rectangular red shield
Sri Lanka A golden lion in the center, surrounded by petals of gold representing the Blue Lotus flower
Syria Hawk of Quraish supporting a shield bearing the national flag of Syria
Spain A combination of Aragon, the House of Bourbon, Castile, Granada, Leon, and Navarre having the Pillars of Hercules on either side & atop the coat of arms is the royal crown of Spain.
Singapore A lion and a tiger standing upon stalks of rice and supporting a shield
SouthKorea The taeguk symbol (from the national flag) surrounded by five flower petals and a ribbon displaying the name of the country in Hangul characters
Sweden Three yellow or gilded coronets ordered two above and one below, placed on a blue background
SaudiArabia Two crossed swords with a palm tree in the space above and between the blades
Sudan Secretary bird bearing a shield
Scotland Thistle
Turkey The star and crescent( defacto symbols)
Thailand Phra Khrut Pha / Garuda
Taiwan Blue Sky with a White Sun
Tanzania Man and woman supporting a warrior’s shield divided into four sections
United States A bald eagle with its wings outstretched an olive branch on its right talon & 13 arrows in its left talon
United Kingdom  Shield supported by a crowned lion and a unicorn
Venezula The shield is divided into the colors of the National Flag ,the red, Yellow and two National Flags, which are tied by a branch of laurel, a wild white horse running free
Yemen Golden eagle bearing a shield with the Marib Dam and a coffee plant to the left and right of the eagle are Yemen national flags, and in the talons of the eagle is a scroll with the name of the country scripted in Arabic.
Zimbabwe Two kudus supporting a green shield standing on top of a mound composed of wheat, cotton and maize

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