History Study Material PDF Notes Set-2

daily gs/ga update 21-03-2018
daily gs/ga update 21-03-2018

General Awareness/General Science is an Important section in any competitive exam and in Railways exams it plays a crucial role. It is not difficult to learn basic General Awareness/General Science if we plan wisely. Cracku brings to you daily General Awareness/General Science Twenty-20 updates covering one subject, starting from 20-03-2018. Learn and try to remember only so much that is provided in our capsule every day and we are sure, you will master General Science Section before the exam.

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History Study Material PDF Set-2

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History 20 Important One Liners

Longest Ruling Emperor of Mughal Dynasty Aurangzeb
Popularly known as the “King Makers” of the Indian History Sayyid Brothers
Founder of Independent State of Hyderabad Nizam Ul Mulk
Battle fought between Marathas and Ahmed Shah Abdali Third Battle of Panipat
Founder of City of JAIPUR Raja Jai Singh II
The Introducer of The Policy of Doctrine of Lapse. Lord Dalhousie
Queen Victoria was proclaimed the empress of India at Durbar of Delhi in 1877
Founder of Khilji Dynasy Jalal Ud Din Firuz Khilji

Biology PDF Notes

Founder of Agra City Sikandar Lodi
Fort referred to as the
Gateway of Eastern India
Chanur Fort
Battel fought between Mughals (led by Bairam Khan) and Afghan Forces (led by Hemu) Second Battle of Panipat
New Land measurement system known as Zabti was introduced by Akbar
Jizyah a tax collection system only for non-muslims was abolished by Akbar

“Haindava Dharmoddhaarak” title was conferred on

Chhatrapati Shivaji
Battle fought between Vijayanagara Empire and Deccan Sultanate Battle of Bannihatti
Buddhism is born in 563 BC at Lumbini, Nepal
Gupta ruler credited with the founding of Nalanda University Kumaragupta I
Founder of Pala Dynasty around 770AD Gopala
Founder of Mauryan Empire Chandragupta
Indian poet often referred to as the “Shakespeare of India” Kalidasa

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