List Of Governors General & Viceroys Of India PDF

List Of Governors General & Viceroys Of India PDF
List Of Governors General & Viceroys Of India PDF

Download List Of Governors General & Viceroys Of India PDF. This PDF covers all the Governors-general & viceroys from 1773 to 1948 and also the important events took place during their rule very useful for UPSC, BANKING, SSC & all competitive exams.

Download List Of Governors General & Viceroys Of India PDF

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Governor-General Time Period Significant Events
Warren Hastings 1773-1785 Regulating Act 1773, Pitt’s India Act 1784, First Maratha war(1775-1782), Second Mysore War (1780-1784)
Lord Cornwallis 1786-1793 Third Mysore War(1790-92), Permanent Settlement of Bengal 1793
Sir John Shore 1793-98 Charter Act of 1793
Lord Wellesley 1798-1805 Introduction of Subsidiary Alliance System 1798, Fourth Mysore War 1799, Second Maratha War (1803-1805)
Sir George Barlow 1805-1807 Vellore Mutiny 1806
Lord Minto I 1807 – 1813 Treaty of Amritsar with Ranjit Singh 1809
Lord Hastings 1813-1823 Third Maratha War 1817-1819, Establishment of Ryotwari System by Thomas Munro, governor of Madras (1820)
Lord Amherst 1823-1828 First Burmese War (1824-26)
Lord William Bentick 1828-35 Abolition Of Sati(1829), Charter Act of 1833, Introduction of English as the Official language,
Lord Metcalfe 1835-36 New Press Law removing restrictions on the press
Lord Auckland 1836-1842 First Afghan War (1838-42)
Lord Ellenborough 1842-1844 Annexation Of Sindh
Lord Hardinge I 1844-48 First Anglo-Sikh War (1845-46)

Abolition of Female infanticide & Human Sacrifice

Lord Dalhousie 1848-56 Second Anglo Sikh War(1848-49), Introduction of Doctrine of Lapse, Wood’s Educational Despatch, Laying down of first railway line connecting Bombay and Thane in 1853, Widow Remarriage Act 1856.
Lord Canning 1856-57 Establishment of three Universities at Calcutta, Bombay & Madras, Revolt 1857



Viceroy Time Period Significant Events
Lord Canning 1858-62 Transfer of control from East India Company to the Crown, Government of India Act 1858, Indian Councils Act 1861
Lord Elgin I 1862-63 Wahabi Movement
Lord John Lawrence 1864-69 High Courts at Calcutta, Bombay &  Madras werw set up
Lord Mayo 1869-72 Establishment of Statistical Survey Of India, Department of Agriculture and Commerce
Lord Northbrook 1872-76 Kuka Movement in Punjab, Prince of Wales visit in 1875
Lord Lytton 1876-1880 Famine of 1876-78, Royal Titles Act 1878, The Vernacular Press Act 1878, The Arms Act 1878, The Second Afghan War (1878-1880)
Lord Ripon 1880-84 Repeal of the Vernacular Press Act (1882), Appointment of Education Commission under Sir William Hunter(1882), The Ilbert Bill Controversy (1883-84)
Lord Dufferin 1884-88 Establishment of Indian National Congress
Lord Lansdowne 1888-94 Indian Councils Act 1892, Setting up Durand Commission to define the Durand line
Lord Elgin II 1894-99 Two British officials assassinated by Chapekar brothers
Lord Curzon 1899-1905 Partition of Bengal, Indian Universities Act 1904, Calcutta Corporation Act 1899, Police Commission under Andrew Frazer
Lord Minto II 1905-1910 Split in the Congress in the annual session of 1907,Establishment of Muslim league by Agha Khan 1906
Lord Hardinge II 1910-16 Transfer of capital from calcutta to Delhi 1911, Coronation Durbar of King George V in Delhi 1911
Lord Chelmsford 1916-21 Formation of Home rule league by Annie Beasant and Tilak(1916), Lucknow Pact, GOI Act 1919, Rowlatt Act 1919, Jallianawala Bagh Massacre 1919, Death of Tilak Aug 1, 1920, launch of Non-cooperation & Khilafat Movement
Lord Readind 1921-1926 Chauri-Chaura incident, Kerala Mophla rebellion, Repeal of Rowlatt Act 1919, Establishment Of Swarajya Party by C.R.Das & Motilal Nehru 1922, Kakori train robbery, Holding of Simultaneous examinations for ICS both in Delhi and London from 1923
Lord Irwin 1926-1931 Simon Commission arrival to India, Murder of Saunders , the assistant superintendent of police of Lahore, Dandi March 1930, Gandhi-Irwin Pact 1931, 1st Round Table Conference
Lord Willingdon 1931-36 2nd & 3rd Round Table Conference, announcement of communal award 1932, Burma separated from India 1935.
Lord Linlithgow 1936-44 First General Elections 1936-37, formation of Forward Bloc 1939, August Offer 1940 by the Viceroy, Cripps Proposals, Quit India Movement.
Lord Wavell 1944-47 C.Rajagopalachari Formula, Cabinet Mission 1946, Announcement of end of British rule in India by Clement Atlee on Feb 20, 1947
Lord Mountbatten 1947-48 June third plan, Cyril Radcliffe Commission, Indian Independence Bill in the House of Commons

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