Nicknames of Indian States and Cities PDF

nicknames of indian states and Cities pdf
nicknames of indian states and Cities pdf

Nicknames of Indian States and Cities PDF consists of Cities and States Nicknames and other important information related to other names of places.

Many cities and states have nicknames along with the main names. This nicknames will be asked very often in Banking exams. Take a free Online mock test for SBI Clerk to know how the questions will be asked in this exams this year. Solving Previous SBI clerk Questions papers will tell you that questions like “which city is called Pink city” and “which city is known as Manchester of India?” are very often asked in the GK section.

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Nicknames of Indian States and Cities PDF

# Nickname Indian States/Cities Other details on Nicknames of Indian states ad Cities
1. Egg bowl of Asia,

Rice-Bowl of India, Kohinoor of India

Andhra Pradesh


Largest producer of Eggs, Rice. Kohinoor Diamond is a large, colorless diamond that was found near Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India, in the 13th century.
2. Land of Sunrise,

Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains

Arunachal Pradesh
3. God’s Own Country,

Spice Garden of India

4. Land of Five Rivers,

Granary of India,

India’s bread basket

Punjab The word Punjab is formed by the combination of two words that are ‘Punj’ means five and ‘Aab’ means water. Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, and Beas.  The region is ideal for Wheat-growing, Rice, sugar cane, fruits and vegetables.
5. Milk Pail of India Haryana Murrah buffalo, which is known as the best breed of buffalo for producing finest quality milk originally belongs to Haryana.
6. All Seasons’ State,

Apple State

Himachal Pradesh It is called ‘Apple State’ of India because country’s first apples were cultivated here, also the first state to process potatoes.
7. Soya Region Madhya Pradesh
8. Manchester of India Ahmedabad Manchester in England is famous for its cotton textiles all over the world. In the same way  Ahmedabad in India is also hub for several Textile Industries.
9. Paradise of the Botanists Sikkim
10. City of Golden Temple Amritsar
11. City of Dawn Auroville (Puducherry)
12. Garden City of India,

Electronic City of India,

Silicon Valley of India,

Space City of India,

Science city of India

Bangalore It has a huge concentration of firms specializing in research and development (R&D), electronics and software production.
13. Temple city of India,

Cathedral City of India

Bhubaneswar The word Bhubaneswar means ‘God’s World’. The City still preserves over 500 of India’s finest temples, around which the religious life of the city revolves.
14. Manchester of South India Coimbatore Due to concentration of  more than 30,000 small, medium, large Industries and Textile Mills Coimbatore is known as Manchester of South India.
15. Pearl of the Orient in India Goa  “Pearl of the Orient” or the “Tourist Paradise” Goa boasts of many beaches for its tourists.
16. Hi-Tech City,


City of Pearls,

City of Nizams

World Capital of Biryani


17. Pink City Jaipur Every building within the walled historic Centre is painted a terracotta “pink” color as it historically represents welcoming and hospitality. The paint was produced from a calcium oxide compound and is extremely durable in the arid conditions of Jaipur.
18. City of Rallies New Delhi
19. City of Weavers Panipat It produces textiles and carpets.
20. Deccan Queen Pune
21. Pearl City of India Tuticorin Thoothukudi is known as “Pearl City” due to the pearl fishing carried out in the town.
22. City of Bangles


Firozabad Firozabad is a city in India, in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
23. Scotland of the East Shillong
24. Diamond City Surat Surat polishes over 90 percent of the world’s rough diamond.
25. The City of Blood in India Tezpur,


It is Known as the Blood city for its mythical legendary battle between Hara and Hari centuries ago.
26. Paradise on Earth,

Switzerland of India

27. Steel City of India,

Pittsburgh of India

Jamshedpur(Tatapur) The first Steel Plant in India is set up by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata in Jamshedpur on 16 February 1912 in Jamshedpur in the present state of Jharkhand.
28. Sun City

Blue City

Jodhpur The city is known as the “Sun City” for the bright and sunny weather it enjoys all the year round and “Blue City” because of the blue colors that decorate many of the houses in the old city area.
29. Mini-Switzerland in India Khajjar (Himachal Pradesh)
30. Queen of the Arabian Sea,

Garden of Spices

Kochi It is known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, because of spice trading Centre on the west coast
-of India from the 14th century onward, and maintained a trade network with Arab merchants from the pre-Islamic era.
31. Venice of the East Alappuzha(or Alleppey)
32. City of Palaces,

City of Castles,

City of Joy

33. City of Nawabs,

Constantinople of the East

34. City of Festivals,

Athens of the East,

Sleepless City

35. Jewel of India Manipur
36. City of Seven Islands,

Hollywood of India,

Financial Capital of India,

City of Dreams,

Gateway of India

Mumbai The original island of Mumbai was only 24 km long and 4 km wide from Dongri to Malabar Hill (at its broadest point) and the other six were Colaba, Old Woman’s island, Mahim, Parel, Worli, Mazgaon.
37. Queen of Hills Mussoorie
38. Sandalwood City Mysore
39. City of Oranges Nagpur
40. City of Statues Trivandrum
40. Evergreen City of India Trivandrum
41. White City of India,

City of Lakes

42. Brown City of India,

Golden City of India

43. City of Prime Ministers,

Abode of the God

44. Land of Black Diamond West Bengal
45. The Silk City of India Bhagalpur,


46. Gateway of South India

Detroit of Asia

Auto Hub of India

Health Capital of India

Motor city of India

47. The Coal Capital of India Dhanbad
48. Tea City of India Dibrugarh,  Assam
49. Green city Gandhinagar, Gujarat
50. Leather City Kanpur,

Uttar Pradesh

51. Cashew Capital of the World Kollam, Kerala
52. City Of Destiny


53. The City Beautiful Chandigarh
54. Cradle of Indian Banking Karnataka Seven of the country’s leading banks, Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank, Corporation Bank, Vijaya Bank, Karnataka Bank, Ing Vysya Bank and the State Bank of Mysore originated from this state.
55. City of Sages,

Yoga City


56. Sorrow of Assam Brahmaputra
57. Sugar Bowl of India Uttar Pradesh
58. Religious capital of India

Spiritual capital of India



59. Land Of Warriors Zunheboto (Nagaland)
60. City of Chilies Guntur

(Andhra Pradesh)


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