Economic and Social Issues (Static- Phase II) PDF Notes – Study material for RBI Grade B and NABARD Grade A

esi for rbi grade b
esi for rbi grade b

Economic and Social Issues (Static- Phase II) Study material PDF for RBI Grade B and NABARD Grade A exam Notes MCQs 2018:

This Article covers Economic and Social Issues (Static- Phase II) for RBI Grade B PDF objective questions useful for UPSC prelims (Civil services), CS executive for RBI Grade B Exam and NABARD Grade A Exam and other competitive exams.

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Question 1: Washington Consensus was coined by which of the following economists that were considered policy reforms for addressing the issues of Crisis-driven American countries in 1989?

a: John Williamson
b: Paul Krugman
c: Ronald Coase
d: Gary Becker

Question 2: Which of the following is the addition of Income from Abroad factor to Gross Domestic Product?

a: Net Domestic Product
b: Gross National Product
c: Net National Product
d: Foreign National Product

Question 3: What is the effect of Depreciation on the Per Capita Income of a Nation?

a: No effect
b: Increase in Depreciation, Per Capita Income Decreases
c: Increases in Depreciation, Increases the Per Capita Income
d: Decrease in Depreciation, First Increases and then Decreases the Per Capita Income

Question 4: Which of the following is not one of the forms of Income of a person from a macroeconomic perspective?

a: Disposable Income
b: Nominal Income
c: Digital Income
d: Real Income

Question 5: Which of the following Options is correct?

a: National Income (at factor cost) = NNP at market cost – Indirect Taxes
b: NNP = GNP + Income from abroad
c: NDP = GDP – Depreciation
d: NNP = GNP + Depreciation

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Question 6: Who among the following has developed the First Human Development Index in 1990?

a: Paul Krugman
b: Mahbub Ul Haq
c: Daniel Kahneman
d: Joseph Stiglitz

Question 7: Which was the last five Year plan before the dissolution of planning commission in 2014 to be replaced by NITI Aayog?

a: 12th Five Year Plan
b: 17th Five Year Plan
c: 10th Five Year Plan
d: 15th Five Year Plan

Question 8: Which of the following is not one of the four phases in a business cycle in which economies alternate?

a: Recovery
b: Recession
c: Boom
d: Gearing

Question 9: What is the minimum Net Owned Funds to be maintained by an Asset Reconstruction Company mandatorily as per the instructions given by Reserve Bank of India?

a: 50 Crore
b: 75 Crore
c: 100 Crore
d: 25 Crore

Question 10: Small Finance Banks are required to extend how much percentage of their ANBC – Adjusted Net Bank Credits to the sectors eligible for classification as priority sector lending by Reserve Bank?

a: 37%
b: 18%
c: 75%
d: 25%



Question 01: A
Question 02: B
Question 03: B
Question 04: C
Question 05: C
Question 06: B
Question 07: A
Question 08: D
Question 09: C
Question 10: C

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