Agriculture and Rural Development Questions and Answers Notes PDF – Set-11

nabard quiz set 11
nabard quiz set 11

Agriculture and Rural Development Questions and Answers Notes for NABARD and UPSC Set-11

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Question 1: Who is the current Chairman and MD of Food Corporation of India?

a: Rajnish Kumar
b: Rajesh Kumar Singh
c: Yogendra Tripathi
d: Sanjiv Singh

Question 2: Foods stocks are maintained by the government of India for which of the following purposes?

a: For Market Intervention to augment supply so as to moderate open market prices.
b: Meeting Prescribed buffer stock norms for food security
c: Monthly release of food grains through public distribution system
d: All of the Above

Question 3: Operation Flood is associated with the increasing production of which of the following in India?

a: Milk and Milk Products
b: Fruits and Vegetables
c: Oil Seeds
d: Meat

Question 4: How many states have been selected by the NITI Aayog for the ambitious project “Aspirational Districts” to be transformed into developed districts in various parameters?

a: 115 Districts
b: 97 Districts
c: 75 Districts
d: 137 Districts

Question 5: NITI Aayog in partnership with which of the following state governments has created a dashboard for monitoring the real time progress of the districts?

a: Andhra Pradesh
b: Gujarat
c: Uttar Pradesh
d: Karnataka

Question 6: Which of the following district has topped the ranking for March 2018 calculated by NITI Aayog baseline ranking for 101 Aspirational Districts?

a: Ramanthapuram, Tamilnadu
b: Osmanabad, Maharashtra
c: Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh
d: Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh

Question 7: NITI Aayog will be considering how many Indicators for Ranking the Aspirational Districts on a monthly basis?

a: 12 Indicators
b: 5 Indicators
c: 49 Indicators
d: 101 Indicators

Question 8: NITI Aayog in collaboration with CII its recent report “Action Plan for the Biomass Management” has recommended a fund for air pollution as a measure to provide Viability Gap Funding for longer gestation periods, what is the name of the fund?

a: National Air Pollution Fund
b: National Air Quality Improvement Fund
c: Clean Air Impact Fund
d: Tackling Air Pollution Fund

Question 9: Who is often considered as the father of Indian Agriculture Economics, who chaired the first commission on Minimum Support Price (MSP)?

a: Dr Varghese Kurian
b: Prof M L Dantwala
c: Prof M S Swaminathan
d: R Pankaja Reddy

Question 10: National Food Security Act has been passed in which of the following Years?

a: 2013
b: 2015
c: 2009
d: 2002



Question 01: C
Question 02: D
Question 03: A
Question 04: A
Question 05: A
Question 06: D
Question 07: C
Question 08: C
Question 09: B
Question 10: A

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