Central Bureau Of Investigation Pdf
Central Bureau Of Investigation Pdf

Learn about the Central Bureau of Investigation general knowledge useful for competitive exams. Download Central Bureau of Investigation in India 2018 PDF very useful for UPSC, BANKING & SSC EXAMS PDF.

Download Central Bureau of Investigation PDF:

Download Central Bureau of Investigation PDF

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Central Bureau of Investigation:

The Central Bureau of Investigation was established on the recommendation of Santhanam Committee on prevention of corruption in 1963. It was initially under the Ministry of Home Affairs later it was transferred to Ministry of Personnel.The CBI is the main central government investigating agency . The CBI is not a statutory body as it derives its powers from the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act .

CBI Headquarters: New Delhi

CBI Director: M. Nageswara Rao

Motto: Industry, Impartiality, Integrity.

Mission: To uphold the constitution of India & to be a nodal agency for improvising cooperation in interstate & international law enforcement.


1.Combat corruption, curb economic & violent crimes.

2.Combat cyber & technology crime.

3.Plays main role in combating national & international organised crime.

4.Evolving effective systems for investigation.

5.In relation to investigation, to support state police organisations  & international law enforcement agencies .

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1.Investigate cases related to breach of economic & fiscal laws.

2.Investigate cases of corruption, misconduct of central government employees.

3.Maintain criminals & crimes statistics.

4.It takes up any case of public importance of a state , if requested by the state government.

5.Coordinates anti- corruption agencies.

6.It takes up conventional crimes like kidnap, murder, rape etc, if directed by the supreme court or High courts or on request by the state government.

7.It acts as the ” National Central Bureau ” of interpol in India.

8.It also provides the assistance to Central Vigilance Commission.

Composition of CBI:

The CBI is headed by the Director. Director is assisted by a Special Director or an Additional Director. Additionally it has a number of Joint Directors, Deputy Inspector Generals, Superintendents of Police.

Appointment of the Director of the CBI :

The Director of the CBI is appointed by the committee consisting of the Central Vigilance Commissioner as chairman, the Vigilance Commissioners, the secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs & the secretary, Coordination & Public Greivances.

Tenure of the Director of the CBI:

The Director of CBI has security of 2 year tenure by the Central Vigilance Committee Act, 2003.

Divisions in CBI:

1.Anti-Corruption Division

2.Economic Offences Division

3.Special Crimes Divison

4.Administration Division

5.Directorate of Prosecution

6.Central Forensic Science Laboratory

7.Policy & International Police Cooperation Division

CBI Academy

1. The CBI Academy is in Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh.

2.The vision of the CBI Academy is ” Excellence in Training in the Fields of Crime Investigation, Prosecution & Vigilance Functioning”.

3.Regional training centres are at Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai.

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