List of Volcanoes in the World & India PDF

List of Volcanoes in the World & India PDF
List of Volcanoes in the World & India PDF

List of Volcanoes in the World & India PDF gives you the list of famous and important volcanoes in the world and list of volcanoes in India.

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List of Volcanoes in the World:

# Volcano Location
1. Mount Vesuvius Naples, Italy
2. Krakatoa Indonesia
3. Mount St. Helens Skamania County, Washington, U.S
4. Eyjafjallajokull Iceland
5. Mount Pinatubo Philippines
6. Mount Etna Sicily, Italy
7. Mount Tambora Indonesia
8. Mauna Loa Hawaii
9. Mount Pelee Situated between Puerto Rico and Venezuela
10. Cotopaxi Ecuador
11. Santorini Greece
12. Nevado del Ruiz Colombia
13. Popocatepetl Mexico
14. Mount Mayon Philippines
15. Mount Fuji Japan
16. Kilauea Volcano Hawaii


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List of Volcanoes in India:

  • Barren Island – Andaman Islands (India’s only active Volcano)
  • Narcondam – Andaman Islands
  • Baratang – Andaman Islands
  • Deccan Traps – Maharashtra
  • Dhinodhar Hills – Gujarat
  • Dhosi Hill – Haryana

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