Best Way To Prepare For CAT Online (Free Online Resources For CAT Preparation)

Best Way To Prepare For CAT Online
Best Way To Prepare For CAT Online

CAT is an entrance exam for admission to the top b-schools in India. Every year, around 2 lakhs of aspirants appear for the CAT exam to secure a seat in the top MBA institutes, such as the top 20 IIMs and other top MBA institutes in India. In recent years, online learning has gained immense popularity and also many aspirants prefer to prepare for the CAT exam online. There are many online resources for CAT preparation. Some of them are free some of them are paid. One must have to check them carefully before investing your money and time in them. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to prepare for CAT online and will provide you with the info regarding the best free and paid online resources for CAT preparation.

Best Free Resources For CAT Preparation

There are many online free resources that can help aspirants to prepare for the CAT exam without going to any coaching classes. Have a look at the following most helpful online free resources for CAT preparation.

CAT 2023 Study Plan PDF

A well-structured study plan is essential to manage your time effectively. Especially if you are a working professional, you must need a preparation schedule to manage your work and also the CAT preparation. Cracku provides you with the best CAT 2023 study plan PDF, which is designed by the CAT all-time topper. This is a flexible study plan for both working professionals as well as college students, and also, it is designed to cover the entire CAT 2023 syllabus. One can also check out the sample images from Cracku’s CAT 2023 study plan PDF below.

CAT 2023 Study Plan PDF Sample Image
CAT 2023 Study Plan PDF Sample Image

Download CAT 2023 Study Plan PDF

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Free CAT Mock Test

Mock tests play a very crucial role in CAT preparation. By taking CAT mock tests, you can understand your strengths and weaknesses. Taking CAT mock tests will help you to understand the actual CAT exam environment. Not only taking the mock tests, one must make an analysis of their performance after taking the mock test. Cracku provides you with a free national-level CAT mock test for free with detailed video solutions for every question. Additionally, you will be getting the free analysis for the mock test. The link to take the free CAT mock test is given below.

Take Free CAT Mock Test

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Free CAT Previous Question Papers PDFs

CAT previous years’ papers are one of the best free resources available online. Solving the previous CAT question papers is the best practice for aspirants who are trying to ace the CAT exam. By solving past CAT question papers, one can understand the level of questions that appear in the actual CAT examination, and also one can identify their weak and strong areas in the CAT syllabus. Cracku provides you with free CAT previous years’ question papers PDFs for Free with detailed video solutions for each and every question in the PDF. The past papers PDFs from the year 1990 to 2022 are available on the official website of Cracku. Click on the link below to check out the CAT previous years papers with video solutions PDF.

Download CAT Previous Papers PDFs

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Cracku Youtube Channel

As we all know, youtube is the most widely used platform for video content sharing. Cracku is one of the channels which provides you with free CAT preparation videos, live sessions, questions solving videos, CAT preparation tips and strategies and many more, including the MBA entrance exams updates. This is one of the best online resources for CAT aspirants to prepare for CAT and also other MBA entrance exams. One can also check out the excellent CAT 2023 preparation Youtube video by Sayali Ma’am (CAT 99.97%iler). You can also find more CAT preparation videos on this Cracku youtube channel.

Best Paid Resources For CAT Preparation

As mentioned before, there are many free resources that are available online to prepare for CAT. Now, look at some of the best-paid resources that are provided for CAT preparation by Cracku.

Cracku CAT 2023 Online Course

This is an online comprehensive course for CAT 2023 preparation. You can learn and revise concepts using the video series and practice to improve your speed and accuracy using the study room provided by Cracku. Also, you can gauge your performance using the national-level mock tests by Cracku, which are closest to the actual CAT. Check out what you will get in Cracku’s CAT 2023 Online Course, which is listed below.

  • 1000+ Videos covering the entire CAT Syllabus (from Basics to Advanced)
  • 17,500 Excellent Questions with detailed solutions
  • 30 Live Interactive CAT classes
  • 20 CAT Mocks and 45 Sectional Tests
  • 100 Concept Notes and Solved Example sets
  • Day-wise schedule and weekly revision
  • Daily Targets tests with Video solutions
  • Doubt-solving by exam experts
  • Around 30 Previous CAT-solved papers
  • Take the test in the actual exam interface
  • Get detailed solutions & analysis for each mock

Cracku CAT Mock tests

One of the best ways to test where you stand is by taking mock tests. Cracku’s DashCAT Mock Tests are the closest to the actual CAT and are taken by thousands of CAT aspirants. Taking mock tests will help you to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Along with these mocks, you will be getting detailed video solutions for every question and also a detailed analysis of your performance for every mock that you have taken. Click on the link below to take the CAT mock tests by Cracku.

Take CAT Mock Tests

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