Data Interpretation for CAT questions PDF

Data Interpretation for CAT questions
Data Interpretation for CAT questions

Data Interpretation and Logical reasoning is the second section in CAT exam. DI (Data Interpretation) section consists of around 16 Questions from 4 sets. Each set will have 3 to 5 questions. Sometimes the data from one questions will be asked to use for the next question. The majority of the questions will be based on Tables and Chart diagrams. Many times 2 or 3 table will be given covering data over year or segments and we need to analyse the given tables and figure the relationship between each diagram. The tables will be of line charts, bar graphs, pie charts sometimes with a missing data in them.

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Most CAT aspirant will feel that Data Interpretation is the most difficult section in CAT. So we are giving a list of Important Data Interpretation solved questions for CAT. This questions and answers will be useful to understand the level of difficulty, various techniques to apply and best approach to solve CAT DI questions.

How to solve data interpretation questions for CAT:

First analyse the given data and the connection between the given different data sets. Also Apply Data Interpretation Basics for CAT and various Data Interpretation tricks for CAT to improve your speed and accuracy of solving this problems. If you find this section so difficult, please remember that you doesn’t to attempt every set. Find 2 or 3 sets that are relatively easy and first try attempting them to boost your confidence level.

Download Data Interpretation for CAT questions and answers PDF:

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning set-2

Games and Tournaments Questions for CAT

Data Interpretation Questions Set-2– March 19th, 2018

DI-LR Questions – March 11th, 2018

Pie chart questions set-2 – 24th February, 2018

Previous year Data Interpretation Questions – 15th February, 2018

Line and Graph questions

Data sufficiency 

Pie Chart questions

Data Interpretation questions

Cumulative DI

Data Over Years Questions for CAT

Line Graph Questions For CAT

CAT level Data Interpretation set

DI Practice questions PDF

Tables with missing values

Pie – Charts Questions for CAT

Bar Graphs Questions 

Strategy on how prepare for CAT data Interpretation:

  1. Solve 3-4 sets on daily basis
  2. Try the questions on your own, before going to the given solutions
  3. Solve previous Data interpretation CAT questions
  4. Improve your Calculation speeds
  5. Learn Approximation techniques

Hope you find this data interpretation for CAT questions with solutions very useful, also try our quantitative aptitude CAT questions and Verbal Ability questions for CAT.

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