Importance Of Taking CAT Mock Tests For Preparation

Importance Of Taking CAT Mock Tests For Preparation
Importance Of Taking CAT Mock Tests For Preparation

Mock tests are an integral part of CAT preparation. They help aspirants to understand the exam pattern, manage their time efficiently, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and improve their overall performance. In this article, we will discuss the importance of mock tests for CAT preparation in 2023.

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Importance Of Taking Mock Tests During CAT Preparation

Better Understanding Of Exam Pattern

Mock tests simulate the actual CAT exam. They provide aspirants with a clear idea of the exam pattern, the number of questions, and the time duration of the exam. Aspirants get a chance to practice different types of questions and understand the level of difficulty. This helps aspirants to develop an exam strategy and plan their preparation accordingly.

Improves Time Management

Time management is a crucial factor in the CAT exam. Aspirants are required to solve 66 questions in 120 minutes, which is a daunting task. Mock tests help aspirants to practice time management skills. They learn to prioritize the questions, manage their time efficiently, and avoid wasting time on difficult questions. With regular practice, aspirants can improve their speed and accuracy, which is essential for the CAT exam.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Mock tests help aspirants to identify their strengths and weaknesses. By analyzing their performance, aspirants can understand which topics they are good at and which ones they need to work on. They can focus more on the topics they are weak at and practice more questions. This helps in improving their overall score and ensures that they don’t miss out on easy marks.

Improving Performance

Mock tests provide aspirants with an opportunity to practice different types of questions. They can learn new techniques and strategies to solve questions quickly and accurately. They can also analyze their mistakes and learn from them. Regular practice and analysis help in improving their performance and increasing their confidence level.

Mock tests are an essential part of CAT preparation in 2023. They provide aspirants with a realistic experience of the CAT exam and help them to develop an exam strategy. Regular practice of mock tests helps aspirants to improve their time management skills, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and improve their overall performance. Aspirants should aim to take as many mock tests as possible and analyze their performance to ensure success in the CAT exam.

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How To Take A CAT Mock Test? (CAT Section-wise Mock Taking Strategy)

Mock Test-taking strategy varies for all three sections in CAT. Let us have a look at the strategies that can be applied for each of the sections of the CAT exam in detail.

Mock Strategy for CAT – VARC

When it comes to the mock strategy for the VARC section of CAT, it is very important to decide what to attempt first, either Reading comprehension (RC) or Verbal Ability (VA). And if you start with the RCs, then make sure to know which RC questions you are going to attempt and try to answer them. Then proceed with the verbal ability questions. This is the most used strategy and also works for many aspirants. One can also start with Verbal ability questions, but the mock-taking strategy for this section varies from person to person. So, it is advised to take a good number of mocks, experiment by applying various strategies, and decide which strategy works for you.

Mock Strategy for CAT – DILR

As we all know, the DILR is one of the hard sections in the CAT exam. There is no particular strategy for this section. The only key is to attempt all the question which feels more familiar, as many aspirants cannot solve all the questions in this section. So, it is better to read and understand all the questions and make sure to solve the question which is familiar.

Mock Strategy for CAT – Quant

The quantitative aptitude section is among the most scoring sections, as many of the aspirants target to score as high to get a good percentile. There are many mock-taking strategies to ace this section. Among those, the rounds approach is one of the most commonly used strategies and also works for many CAT aspirants in this section.

In this mock-taking strategy, one can proceed with the first round by solving all the easy questions by skipping moderate-difficulty questions, which are to be attempted for the second round. After completing all the easy questions, one can proceed with the second round to attempt moderate-type questions and skip the hard questions for the third round. And finally, there will be some time and spend the rest of the time solving the remaining problems.

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