IIFT 2008 Question Paper Question 9


Answer the questions based on the following information.

In a motor race competition certain rules are given for the participants to follow. To control direction and speed of the motorists, guards are placed at different signal points with caps of different colour. Guard with red cap indicates the direction of participant’s movement and guards with green cap indicates the speed of the participant’s movement. At any signal point presence of three guards, two guards and one guard with red cap means the participant must stop, turn left and turn right respectively. Signal points with three guards, two guards and one guard with green cap means the participants must move at 10, 4 and 2 km/hour respectively.

Kartikay, one of the participants, starts at a point where his car was heading towards north and he encountered signals as follows: at start point one guard with green cap; after half an hour two guards with red cap and two guards with green cap at first signal; after fifteen minutes one guard with red cap at second signal; after half an hour one guard with red cap and three guards with green caps at third signal; after 24 minutes two guard with red cap and two guards with green cap at fourth signal; after 15 minutes three guard with red cap at fifth signal. (Time mentioned in each case is applicable after crossing the previous signal).

Question 9

Total distance travelled by Kartikay from starting point till last signal is:


The significance of guards:

Red colour caps:

I Guard: Right turn

2 Guards: Left turn

3 Guards: Stop

Green colour caps:

I Guard: 2km/hr

2 Guards: 4 km/hr

3 Guards: 10 km/hr

Now, the journey of Kartikay:

Start to 1st signal: 1 Km North

1st to 2nd signal: 1 Km left

2nd to 3rd signal: 2 Km right

3rd to 4th signal: 4 Km right 2

4th to 5th signal: 1 km left

Total distance = 1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 1 = 9km

Thus, the correct option is A

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