IIFT 2008 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Three children won prizes in the ‘Tech India Quiz’ contest. They are from three schools: Lancer,
Columbus and Leelavati, which are located in different states. One of the children is named Binod. Lancer school’s contestant did not come first. Leelavati school’s contestant’s name is Rahman. Columbus school is not located in Andhra Pradesh. The contestant from Maharashtra got third place and is not from Leelavati School. The contestant from Karnataka did not secure first position. Columbus school’s contestant’s name is not Badal. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

Question 2

Mother Dairy sells milk packets in boxes of different sizes to its vendors. The vendors are charged Rs. 20 per packet up to 2000 packets in a box. Additions can be made only in a lot size of 200 packets. Each addition of one lot to the box results in a discount of one rupee an all the packets in the box. What should be the maximum size of the box that would maximize the revenue per box for Mother Dairy?

Question 3

All employees have to pass through three consecutive entrance doors to enter into the office and one security guard is deployed at each door. These security guards report to the manager about those who come to office after 10 AM. Ms. Rani is an employee of this office and came late on the annual day. In order to avoid report to the manager she had to pay each security guard half of the money she had in her purse and 2 rupees more besides. She found only one rupee with her at the end. How much money Ms. Rani had before entering the office on the annual day?


Answer the questions based on the following information. Director of an institute wants to distribute teaching assignments of HRM, Psychology, Development Studies, Trade policy and Finance to five of six newly appointed faculty members. Prof. Fotedar does not want any assignment if Prof. Das gets one of the five. Prof. Chaudhury desires either HRM or Finance or no assignment. Prof. Banik opines that if Prof. Das gets either Psychology or Trade Policy then she must get the other one. Prof. Eswar insists on an assignment if Prof. Acharya gets one.

Question 4

Which of the following is valid faculty - assignment combination if all the faculty preferences are considered?

Question 5

If Prof. Acharya gets HRM and Prof. Chaudhury gets Finance, then which of the following is not a correct faculty-assignment combination assuming all faculty preferences are considered?


Answer the questions based on the following information.

Five women decided to go for shopping to South Extension, New Delhi. They arrived at the designated meeting place in the following order: 1. Aradhana, 2. Chandrima, 3. Deepika, 4. Heena and 5. Sumitra. Each of them spent at least Rs. 1000. The woman who spent Rs. 2234 arrived before the woman who spent Rs. 1193. One of them spent Rs. 1340 and she was not Deepika. One woman spent Rs. 1378 more than Chandrima. One of them spent Rs. 2517 and she was not Aradhana. Heena spent more than Deepika. Sumitra spent the largest amount and Chandrima the smallest.

Question 6

What was the amount spent by Heena?

Question 7

Which of the following amount is spent by one of the women?

Question 8

The lady who spent Rs. 1193 is:


Answer the questions based on the following information.

In a motor race competition certain rules are given for the participants to follow. To control direction and speed of the motorists, guards are placed at different signal points with caps of different colour. Guard with red cap indicates the direction of participant’s movement and guards with green cap indicates the speed of the participant’s movement. At any signal point presence of three guards, two guards and one guard with red cap means the participant must stop, turn left and turn right respectively. Signal points with three guards, two guards and one guard with green cap means the participants must move at 10, 4 and 2 km/hour respectively.

Kartikay, one of the participants, starts at a point where his car was heading towards north and he encountered signals as follows: at start point one guard with green cap; after half an hour two guards with red cap and two guards with green cap at first signal; after fifteen minutes one guard with red cap at second signal; after half an hour one guard with red cap and three guards with green caps at third signal; after 24 minutes two guard with red cap and two guards with green cap at fourth signal; after 15 minutes three guard with red cap at fifth signal. (Time mentioned in each case is applicable after crossing the previous signal).

Question 9

Total distance travelled by Kartikay from starting point till last signal is:

Question 10

What would be the final position of Kartikay if one guard with red cap and two guards with green caps were placed at the first signal point after the starting point?

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