Answer the questions based on the following information.

Five women decided to go for shopping to South Extension, New Delhi. They arrived at the designated meeting place in the following order: 1. Aradhana, 2. Chandrima, 3. Deepika, 4. Heena and 5. Sumitra. Each of them spent at least Rs. 1000. The woman who spent Rs. 2234 arrived before the woman who spent Rs. 1193. One of them spent Rs. 1340 and she was not Deepika. One woman spent Rs. 1378 more than Chandrima. One of them spent Rs. 2517 and she was not Aradhana. Heena spent more than Deepika. Sumitra spent the largest amount and Chandrima the smallest.

Question 8

The lady who spent Rs. 1193 is:


If Chandrima spent 1193, then there would be one woman who spent 1193 + 1378 = 2571. Since 2571 is the highest spent amount, Sumitra will spend 2571. Also, Aradhana will spend 2234 as 2234 is spent before 1193. Now, since Deepika spent less than Heena, Deepika will spend 1340, but as Deepika cannot spend 1340, this is not a valid case.

Thus, Sumitra will spend 2517. Since Chandrima cannot spend 1193, she will spend 2517 - 1378 = 1139. Also, as Deepika cannot spend 1340, she will spend either 2234 or 1193. Since Deepika spent less than Heena, she will spend 1193. Also, as 2234 is spent before 1193, Aradhana will spend 2234.

Thus, the correct option is C.

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