IIFT 2016 Question Paper Question 15

Question 15

The diagram below, explains which of the given relationship


Let us evaluate the options.

Option A:

Judge, thief, criminal

All thieves are criminals. Therefore, the circle representing thieves must be completely present within the circle representing criminals. No such circle is present in the given image. Therefore, we can eliminate option A.

Option B:

Tea, coffee, beverages

Tea and coffee are beverages. Tea and coffee must be represented by 2 non-intersecting circles. These 2 circles must be present completely within a larger circle. Therefore, we can eliminate option B as well.

Option D:

Cabinet, minister, home-minister

Ministers are present in the cabinet. Home-minister is minister who holds a particular portfolio (looks after internal affairs). Therefore, option D should be represented by 3 concentric circles. We can eliminate option C as well. 

Option C:

Males, Fathers, Doctors

All fathers must be males. Therefore, the circle representing fathers must be present entirely within the circle representing the males. Some males and some fathers are doctors. Males, who are not fathers, can be doctor as well. Females can be doctors as well. Therefore, the circle representing doctors should intersect the circles representing both males and fathers. These things are represented perfectly by the given diagram and hence, option C is the right answer. 

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