IIFT 2016 Question Paper Question 14


On the basis of the information provided, answer the questions below.

A, B, C, E, F, G and H are 7 employees in an organisation working in different departments of Administration, Finance and Logistics. There are at least two employees in each department. Out of these 7, 3 are females and one is in each department. Each employee gets a different salary. F works in Administration and his only other colleague G earns the maximum. C, the least earner works in Finance. B and E are brothers and are not in the same department. A, husband of H, works in Finance and earns more than F, B and E. The wife in the couple earns more than the husband.

Question 14

In descending order of income, H is at which position?


Atleast two out of seven work in one of the three departments, which implies that almost three work in a department.

F is in administration and his only other colleague is G, implies F has only one colleague. Thus the administration department comprises only two persons.

A, in finance, is the husband of H. C, lowest earner, works in finance. B and E are brothers. we now know B, E, A and F are male. H,C (in finance) and G (in administration) are females. Thus H has to be in Logistics. One of the brothers of B and E work in the logistic department. The other must work in finance department.

G is the highest earner and C is the lowest earner. H earns more than A. A earns more than F, B and E. The relation between salaries of F, B and E are not given.

Salaries: G>H>A>_>_>_>C

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