IIFT 2016 Question Paper Question 13


On the basis of the information provided, answer the questions below.

A, B, C, E, F, G and H are 7 employees in an organisation working in different departments of Administration, Finance and Logistics. There are at least two employees in each department. Out of these 7, 3 are females and one is in each department. Each employee gets a different salary. F works in Administration and his only other colleague G earns the maximum. C, the least earner works in Finance. B and E are brothers and are not in the same department. A, husband of H, works in Finance and earns more than F, B and E. The wife in the couple earns more than the husband.

Question 13

Which of the following statement is true?


Atleast two out of seven work in one of the three departments, which implies that almost three work in a department.

F is in administration and his only other colleague is G, implies F has only one colleague. Thus the administration department comprises only two persons.

A, in finance, is the husband of H. C, lowest earner, works in finance. B and E are brothers. we now know B, E, A and F are male. H,C (in finance) and G (in administration) are females. Thus H has to be in Logistics. One of the brothers of B and E work in the logistic department. The other must work in finance department.

G is the highest earner and C is the lowest earner. H earns more than A. A earns more than F, B and E. The relation between salaries of F, B and E are not given.

Salaries: G>H>A>_>_>_>C

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